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Publication numberUS1115016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1914
Filing dateMay 27, 1912
Priority dateJul 31, 1911
Publication numberUS 1115016 A, US 1115016A, US-A-1115016, US1115016 A, US1115016A
InventorsJohn Webster Pheils
Original AssigneeJohn Webster Pheils
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Garbage holder and strainer.
US 1115016 A
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APPLILATIUNTILBD MAY 11'], 1913. 1,1 15,0]. 6. Patented 001;. 27', 1914.

John. WY /IRZZ'S,



APPLIUA'HUN llLEIJ MAY 2 19111 1 l 1 5,01 6., :ztented Oct. 27, 914.


I 71ml;

INVENTOR ATTORNEY WITNESSES 7 iu/m Ila 1,12 lihll lh,

Original. application filled E1113. fill, lfii 1-.

The invention reln tm-z in ii lgnrlnwe hehler and strainer, mnl il 1% :r. division (if :m a ignieu'tien lilerl hy me on the $1 19.", (lay nil July, 19H, Serial Ne. fill i l.

The ohjeel; (if the presehl inventimi ii lie improve the uenritrurigien nl' grn'lmgge holders, and to provide a simple, mnrliieul :nnl mmmrativ vly in H iemive Military ejcu hngie homer and sitrzmnr, ullzipte l in (10 away will: all (filer, mill mpuhle hl' ernihl mr the liqniil Yl'lililill' in llrain ell zinrl i'fhe Ellillll unit-- ter if the gnrhugre in he llriell nml rersily :iml conveniently hzmrllei l lay (teilee'm-rh .Vlvjull spilling the euntenls 0f the gull-urge reeew tat l3.

Another object; 0i lhe invention if? Le PTO ride it p zurbnge hehler 'U'll'i 'Slll'il'lt :ir elf lhis (:hurnhhhr mlu 'iixerl ll) he l('1(21i)(2l below the snr'l'nee of the :irmmrlennl Se eonstrneteil that il', will not Freeze in winter :mi'l may he easily llnsheil ehl: m'nl rhmnerl when ilvsimgi.

With these urnl ether OlJjQCl'S-i in. View, the invenltien con in the eensstrneiiee liTHl novel nmnhimrtien ml par 3 hereimlhr fully (ilesrriherli, illnelrnlxm l in the in-runv pziiayiiig clrnwh 1 (int, in the 11ml l'l-ii ii'iif i claims herein uppencle l: ilh i 4" HZH'lLI'SliUUKl that various (fining-es in the l'jnrm, proper Lien, six: and minor ill-mile e'l ermslrllctien, within the surv ve 01' ll rlnires THH'V lw"resex-had hi Wlillllllll ile mrthi 'lreni the Jahiril, or sm-ril'ieihgg any 01? the :nl 'illll'HQM- hi the invention.

In. the ilrnwingger ll iiiz'hre .l is a, vertienl sectional view of :1 mnilxnrj gurhnge hulrlvr and strainer. uenstrurtwl in llCPfHTlflllfU with mew this invention. Fig. 2 iii 11 (lrtnil my live 'ViQW ef lhe garbage straining rec tzicle. Figs. :3 and -l are vertir'nl se tirmzil views of the garbage holders nml strainers, illustrating}: other forms; nil: llhe invention.

l iilate runner of reference (legs-i lillTO new respernlhigr pin-Ls in all the lliflll oi the drawings.

In the ueemn urrying (lrmvlnggs in which is ilhistretedl the preferred emhelinient of the invention, the sanitary gen-huge hehler and strainer cei'nprises'. in its eenr-strnel'iien a 'Il'O'LEiJ'U, (11 .1111).

Willi-"iv Bile. 639,358.

helrlhui i3 and sides with 'fm lirirutiwnes l and ii. The pvrl'erli inn: 5 ml lhu Rifles of the rheepmele :Uu errmn 'r-rl at regxnhi inten :ils HO lillllhll'lfl liquid limiter ml minus ilepusilis ui' gerlimgr.

lniiilrimly m'rzih lipe'n the lmri'wimil i'hm re (5 ml iliu: erbage ri-ue llaerle, so their when the letter is elated Within i me well .2 llnl'mil will he wilwhii'i may reach er a person Wilhelm coming in l'tmtzlllii with the contents of Lhe garhage meeplzaele. The flange (3 ennhles the garbage receptacle be lJUSlIPlIiOIlIPLl. :iheve ifhehelatern of the well, ehil iiv nlsze lneililnlei; the handling of the gin-liege rerwptinrle while dumping the centenls lherem' iniu :1. e1: (huge earl-L or wagon. The geirlnrire rereplele designed to he'eeh- Fill'llllllill er heavy shwei rnel nl, 01' other sliiiiuhle lrlz iterinl :unl {he llnngre (E may he reinh'irrerl in any sn'i'tnhle manner. fl. fixed lnrhlle J is: Shelli-ell in lrlw realm-in! hl ihe gmrlmge rewptzn'h', near the hnlclm'n thereof, and it ennhles the reeepilwle h; l rmulily tilted to enn'ity the enrlmge.

The W ell 2, whirh nkel'urnhl ((HlSlHi/S 0i :i eylimlriml wall or lining; ll! of hnrrl tile or other Huiluhle material. has :1 sloping shahslnhtinlly ('enirul huiliein ll runz trneterl of similar phnlie nnllerizil :iinl previrled WiLh :i Central opening l2 whirh is prel'ernhly rehneeteil with :1 sewer trap '13. hill; the li nihl mutter llraiinerl From the gurlmge receptacle may be permitted in shah into the Qremnl where a sewer is 110i, rzissily uceessihle.

The upper ernl ul' lhe ('ylimlriv: l W: ll is arranged within :1 eirenhir e uxnihe; H. of a platform 11:": of mnnent, or nlher plastic n'mlerial, which is pre'lenhly arranged ripen :1 bed ilfl nl einilers. The eumen and. ehnler:-; at the hep ml? the well and the ce- (llti li ell'r, \rliereh only dry garbage,

meet bottom iiiereoif e from ill: will prevent g2 fieetuelly exclude interior oi. the well, which liege CQZIIZZL'lIll'Elg liquid mat- $93; from freezi in Winter. Also lilo bage z'eeeptaole anal the Well may be Washed or flushed out; in Winter Without liifbility of freezifig The upper :ieoe 17 of the plas 'u'ic platform 15 is flush at the outer edges with the slit-- rounfiinfg' surface of the ground, and it slopes downwardly end inwardly toward.

' the Well for causing Water to drain into the same, whereby when the surface of thepletform is washed the Watflljilll rim oil inte the Well and. be'eonveyecl away by the sewerpipe. ll. recess 18 is formed in the lop of -i;lie 'pletfoim aroma. central opening 14 to provide 2. clep liei'izontal euppoi t ing shoulder. 19 encl to receive the horizonfieiige 6 time receptacle and horizontal and. vertical. flanges 10 and 10" of ilj/lillill'lcfll Well. or lining. The horizontal anti vertical flanges l0 and 10 of the cylindrical Wall or lining" are formed inteiviili the same, PZOVlClB e. i-ile lllling' for recess .18. The iippei ealge 0f the vemfiical flange 10 is a'rmiigecl in flush relation with the upper face of the cement platform. The shoulder 19 is located above the upper surfaoeo'f the cement platform and the lined recess 18 thereof is aclapeed to receive vertical flange or portion 20 of a never 21, which is provided with an outwardly extending subsmntially horizonfinal flange or portion 22 fitting the 111936? inclined face of the plat-form. By t .is construction, the cover is fitted tightly over the top of the Well. The cover 21 is proilili with e central opening and is connected with a. garbage conduit pipe, designed to be arranged adjacent to the back oi'obes of apartment houses, lenemen't .iouses, and the like so that the garbage of plurality flats may be deposited in the rocepiaole, described in the aforesaid application. I

lie Fig. 3 0i tl eklrawings, the garbage can or receptacle is arranged. use 21%; private dwellings eml various places'oizher than flats we ey be located in the brick yzncl or at any other convenient point. The .bege conduit is oiiiitterl, andjthe cever equipped. with asuitable handle 25.

The cement platform 26 has. inclined 'upper face :27, which extends {motile central opening 28, and the latter is of smficienl size to receive the vertical 29 of the cylindrical wall or? lining 30, the heel of ClIKlGES 31 Being extended. beneath the l1o1rizontul flange 32 of the said cylindrical Wall, but the platform may be oonstrueied with an annular recess around the ventral opening; in i he manner shown in Fig. l of the [in l. e gel-liege reoeptecli-z ancl boiiem oi Well er lining are signiv the cement platform, the bottom of the cylindrioal wall or lining and the sewer trap and drain. pipe illustrated in Figs. 1 and 3.

The uppei' end of the cylindrical Wall is surrounded by a bed 0f einclei's 37, and the lower end; 38 of the lining is open to permit the liquid matter draining from the garbage i eoepbuole to sink into the soil.

it will be obvious time the cement platform,

shown. in Figs. i and. 3, may be employed when the bottom of the cylindrical wall or lining is open, and further illustration thereof is deemed, unnecessary.

What is claimed zl. A device the class described comprising a supporting platform designeil to be embedded in the ground endermngeil substantially llusli' with the surface of the ground and having an opening and pioviifleil all the uppei poz'tioii thereof Willi a recess forming a supporting shoulder looeiecl i38- loW the plane of the upper faceof the platform, said upper face being" sloped anal. extending downwardly and inwardly to the 01331'lll'lg, 3 Well including Wells provided at their upper edges with portions eztemling into the recess of the platform and. resting upon. the saicl shoulder, whereby the said walls are'suspenclerl from the platform, supportin means for the pleiform arranged 21-1O11ll% the -W6ll and extending belew the frost line. to prevent the contents ef the Well from freezing, a. ga 'bage reeepteele also provided with a. portion. extending into the said recess and supported by the shoulder of the platform in s iafceol releiien with the bottom oi the well, anal e cover for the opening fitting in Else seirl recess end retained in place by the same.

2. A (levioe of the class described comprising ,2. platformof plastic material eesignecl. to be embeelaled in 'emi ari eiig'ed substantially flush with 'the surfaceof the ground and provided. with en opening, a- Well including Wells having their upper fitted within the opening of the pletform, a removable receptacle errangeii Within the said Well, and a bed of material surrounding; the upper portion of the Well and loomed beneath and supporting the platfo 'm, said" materiel extending below the 1; line and adapted to prevent ville c011- ienis oi? the receptacle from freezing.

3. A device of the class described, comprising a well. including vertical wellsp1olk'led at the top with an outwamlly extendinglierizoniel supporting flange anal liming e. vericieel eewerelly st like outer edge of the supporting flange, 21 removable receptacle provided at the upper edge with an outwardly extending flange resting upon the said supporting flange and suspending the ren'io'vablc receptacle within the well, :1 bail connected. with the receptacle and. extending over and supported by the flange thereofout of contact with the contents of the receptacle, and a cover for the well provided with a depending flange titted within the vertical flange of the well and engaging the outwerdl y extending flange of the receptacle, said cover being also pro-- vided with an outwardly extending fiongc projecting over the ug ipcr edge of the vertical flange oi thc well.

i. A device of the class described comprising a supporting platform having an opening and provided with a recess sur rounding the some and forming a. supportas my own, I hove hereto affixed my; s1gnn.-

in the presence of two witnesses. JOHN XVEBSTER PHEILS.

Witnesses JAB. T. (lnooxs,

SARAH A. Gnooxs.


conical bottom fitting;

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