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Publication numberUS1115996 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1914
Filing dateSep 3, 1912
Priority dateSep 3, 1912
Publication numberUS 1115996 A, US 1115996A, US-A-1115996, US1115996 A, US1115996A
InventorsCharles E Wilson
Original AssigneeShaw Walker Co
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US 1115996 A
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A PPLIoA'rIoN FILED SEPT. 3. 1912.

t m ML w m 3m qw H vl -l MH 5 vl a. In

ua mw 6. 9 9, MM 5 w ..1 1 m 1 w .QM

Snom? f G. E. WILSON.


APPLICATION FILED SEPT. 3. 1912. 1 1 15 996, Patented Nov.3,1914. 3 BEEETSWSHBET 2.

L l s4 /73 '1 "d" 7-7- 1 1.4 L2 la; o "^^1 Q-6 9 L3 JO F n --fk l s 1 0 EI .`:I 2v 5,21

wit/mono Charles t. Wl' [ww am? J G. E. WILSON.

FILING DESK. I APPLICATION FILED SEPTQ'I. 1912. 1, 1 15,996. Patented Nov. 3, 1914.


nveutoz @vih/leem dus, l m I ED sTATEs PATENT OFFICE.



Muskegon, in the county of Muskegon and State of Michigan, have invented new and vuseful improvements in Filing-Desks, of

whichthe following is a specification.

My present -invention relates to filing desks, and its object is to provide such a tiling desk which shall be very convenient in use and whose construction Shall be improved in various respects, all as hereinafter particularly set yforth inv the claims. This object is attained by, and the invention finds a preferable embodiment in, the iilin desk hereinafter described, illustrated by t e accompanying drawings,'in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the iling desk; F ig. 2 is a like view of the same, with a drawer slidepartially drawn and n .hinged Atop opened; Fig. 3 is an inner-sideview of a portion o theside member 1, parts being "broken away to show the constructionof adrawer slide; Fig. 4 is a vertical section of the same on iine S-S of Fig. 3; Fig. 5 is a face view o the hook members (with connected arts), whereby the middle member 4f may e supported on the side member 2; Fig. Gis an edge view of such. a hook member with' connected parts; Fig. 7 .is a frag- -mentary inner side view of a portion of the side member 2 with the keepers in which the hooks of such hook members engage; Fig. 8 is a fragmentary `front view'of the same; Fig. 9 is a plan view of the same; Fig. 10 is a view in perspective of a card tray adapted ior use in my index desk; Fig. 11 is a view in perspective of a drawer slide adapted to hold such trays; Fig. 12 is a face view of the hook members (with connected parts), whereby the middle member 4 ma be snpported on the side member 1. and ig. 13 is an edge view of such a hook member with connected parts.

My tiling desk has side members, indicated in a general way. as 1 and 2, which may be provided with casters 3. and a middle member 4 whereby the side members are con' netted. Each side member may comprise a vertical series of units or sections 5, 6, 7 as shown. detachably connected together in any suitable or weil-known manner. Some or all such units may be provided with drawer slides S having extension slide members 33.'

Each drawer slide is provided near its lat- Bpecication of Letters Patent.

' Application med September 3, 1912. Serial No, 718,287.

Patented Nov. 3, 1914.

eral edges with upwardly-extending retaining ribs 9 and 10, one of which, as 10 is preferably of spring metal,'and adapted to removably hold the card trays `11 by coperating to clasp the ends'thereof, as shown in Fig. 1. It will be seen that such trays may be of different widths as desired. One of the retaining ribs, as 9, has preferably an inwardly'turned upper edge 12 adapted' to enter a horizontal kerf 13 in the end iece 14 of the tray, when the tray is placed 1n its positionon the drawer slide, thus holding -the tray against accidental displacement from such position, when the tray is slid down inside the rib 10. 1t will be seen that' the end pieces 14 of the trays, as thus arranged slde by side on the drawer slide, present the appearance of drawer sides when the drawer slides are drawn out, and also thatthe iles held in the side members 1 and 2 tace each other, .c., all the files face a person seated at the middle member 4. This middle member forms 'a desk top. It may have a horizontally sliding door 15, comprising two members, as shown, and adapted to .be slid to one side or the other to afford access to the indexes or files 16 1n this member, as Shown in F ig. 2. vThis middle member connects and is supported by the side members 1 and 2. This connection is preferably detachable in character, asb'y hooks 17 formed on the metal bars 18 and adapted to engage keepers 19 on the side members, as thev side member 2; or similar hooks 2() formed on-like bars 21 and adapted to be hooked over the upper'edge of the inner side of the top unit .7 of side member 1, such edge being indented as at 22 to receive the bend of the hook.

r1`he height of the-top of the middle member may be adjusted as by the screws 23 passing through holes 24 in the bars 18, 21 and threaded in brackets 25 supporting the top: and the height of the bottom 26 of the middle member may be in like manner adjusted, as by the brackets 27 in which are threaded screws 28; to accommodate trays of desired height. The ends 14 of the card trays have beveled upper edges, thus presenting to the sight to better advantage than otherwise, the indexing 29 thereon; and may also-have finger holes` i0 for the eas handling of any index cards held t ereinr The retaining ribs 9 and 10 carry pivote'.- thereto and below the bottom of the draws'.

slide 8, rollers 31 travelingin rabbets 32 in the lateral edges of the member supporting such drawer slide, as the extension slide 33. One or both of the side members l, 2, may be furnished with a hinged top 34 adapted to be turned in its open position downwardly along the outer side of such member, as shown in Fig. 2.

It will be seen that the middle member may be detached from the side members l, 2, and placed on one such member, whereupon the entire index desk may be readil moved on its casters into and out of a vault, etc., as may be desired; also that the side members 1, 2, may be composed of units or sections of dierent heights, and still the middle member can be supported lat the desired hei ht; also that one such side member may e built up higher than the other, all as'clearly shown.

rllhe drawer-slides and arts carried thereby or connected therewith, are madethe subjects matter of a divisional application.

Not confining myself to details of construction shown or described, I claim:

l. Ina lng desk, two side members for holding les, a middle member having a deslr top, and intermediate the middle and side members hooks adapted to hang the middle member between the side members reproof and to thus detachably fasten all the said members to ether.

2. In a 'ng desk two side members for holding files, a middle member having a desk top, bars intermediate the middle and sidemembers and havin hooks adapted to ydetachably fasten all sai members together,

supportin the and means for adjustabl;

ars at di erent tween said top and bottom.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witneSSeS. h


C. B. VAN DYKE, A. S. Annmws.

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