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Publication numberUS1116043 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1914
Filing dateOct 31, 1912
Priority dateOct 31, 1912
Publication numberUS 1116043 A, US 1116043A, US-A-1116043, US1116043 A, US1116043A
InventorsWilliam Elijah Elliott
Original AssigneeWilliam Elijah Elliott
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Carton for merchandise.
US 1116043 A
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Patented'Nov. 3, 1914.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 3, 1914;.

Application filed October aij e m. Serial No. vaaaaa.

To all :whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM E. Enmo'rr,

a citizen of the United States of America,

: ness, and its object is to provide this carton with certain coupons and seals which are so arranged that they may be used in their consecutive order by persons so authorized by rules governing the system, and to provide the device with other useful features as hereinafter more fully described and particularly pointed out in the claim.

- The carton which embodies this invention is adapted to contain merchandise to be used in certain lines of business wherein it is desirable to trace the passage of the goods from the hands of one dealer to another, to locate its ultimate destination and to prevent the consumption of the goods by any other person than the one to whom it is sold, and it consists essentially of a carton of ordinary form which is provided with a coupon detachablv secured to the outside of the carton and which may be removed without opening the same, and a second coupon which is detachably secured to aflap on the inside of the carton and which may only be removed by breaking the seal which closes the carton and opening the same. Corresponding numbers are placed 11 on'the carton and the coupons to facilitate in comparing and checking up the same.

The exact construction and arrangement their contents are first placed in the jobbers of this device will be clearly understood by referring to the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a carton embodying my mvention showing the same before it has been opened, an with the outer coupon attached. Fig. 2 shows the carton with the sealbroken and opened disclosing the detachable inner coupon and showing the outer coupon detached, and Fig. 3 is an enlarged vertical section of the carton in its closed and sealed condition.

Like numbers refer to like parts in all of the figures. y i 1 represents the body'of the carton which 1s preferably made of cardboard and is rectangular in shape, having flaps 2 and 3 to close its ends. Each end flap has a foldable port1on 2 and 3, respectively, adapted to fold into the carton, as clearly shown particularly in Fig. 3. The outer, or so-called obbers coupon 4, is detachably secured to the outs1de of the carton, being preferably an integral part or an extension of one of the folded sides of the same, and being provided w th the necessary perforations at its base which will enable it to be readily detached. The inner, or so-called users royalty coupon, is attached to the outer edge of the foldable part 2' of the'end flap 2, being preferably an extension thereof and also provlded with perforations which will enable it to be readily detached.

After the merchandise has been placed within the carton the inner coupon 5 is slipped inside and the end flap 2 is folded over toclose the end of the same, and a seal 6 is fixed over thejuncture between the end flap 2 and the side of the carton to prevent tampering with the contents. 1s fixed on the opposite end to prevent its being opened. The coupon 5 being detach-' ably connected to the part 2' of the end flap 2, and said part 2' being foldable into the carton, the line of connection between the coupon and foldable part 2 is removed slightly from the outer edge or end of the coupon so as to protect said line of connec tion and prevent wear on the carton incident to handling or otherwise from accidentally disconnecting the coupon from the flap. These cartons each bear corresponding numbers to facilitate comparing the coupons after they have been returned to the manufacturer. v v

In actual use the cartons together with hands, and ashe disposes of them he detaches the outer coupon and places thereon A like seal the name of the person to whom it is sold for consumption, after which he returns this coupon to the manufacturer. When the consumer opens the carton to remove the contents therefrom the inner coupon will be displayed and he will detach this, place his name thereon, and return it also to the manufacturer. In this way the manufacturer can trace each carton to its ultimate destination, can kee account of the number of cartons purchase by each individual consumer and can beinsuned that the carton has not been transferred from one person to another after the same is purchased from the jobber as the coupons bear corresponding numbers which must coincide as well as the names placed thereon. .The carton also bears a number which corresponds to the numbers on the coupons so that the packa es in stock ni'ay be checked up without re errin to the coupons. hat I claim is: i

A carton formed from a single blank of material comprising a body portion consistingof opposite side members connected by an'end member, a detachable j obbers coupon formed integral upon the end'of one of said side members, an end flap formed upon one edge of the opposite of the side members, a nap formed upon the ogposite 'side of the last-mentioned 'side mem er, and an inner coupon 'd'etachably connected to the last mentioned flap, said last mentioned flap adapted to close one end of the carton. and having a portion thereof extended therein in 'spaced relation from the detachable coupon to engage the inner side of the opposite side member as and for the set forth. In testimon whereof I aflix my signature in presence 0 two witnesses. WILLIAM ELIJAH LLIOTT. Witnesses: HARQLD O. VAN Amwnnr, L. V. MotmmN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/643, Y10S206/831