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Publication numberUS1116804 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1914
Filing dateDec 27, 1910
Priority dateDec 27, 1910
Publication numberUS 1116804 A, US 1116804A, US-A-1116804, US1116804 A, US1116804A
InventorsDennis William Daley
Original AssigneeDennis William Daley
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Still and water-heater.
US 1116804 A
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Arrmm'non rum) D120. 27, 1910.

1 1 16,804, Patented NOV. 10, 1914 THC NORRIS PETERS C0,. PHOTO-LITHQ. WASHINGTON. D. C

; nNrrnn STATES, PA rE TLo FmE,



1,11 04, r Specification of letters was. Patented Nov. 10, 1914.]?

To all whom timely concern: The vinvention further consists in certain" Be it known that I, DENNIS W. DALEY, a other novel details and combinations of citizen of the United States, residing at parts all of which will be .first fully de- Parkersburg, in the county of Wood and scrlbed and afterward specifically pointed State of West Virginia, have invented cerout in the appended claim.

tain new and useful Improvements in Stills Referring to the accompanying drawingzf and ater-Heaters; and I do declare the theflgureis an clevation'partlyin vertical 1 following to be a full, clear, and exact desection illustrating the arrangement of the scription of the invention, such as will 611- system; c able others skilled in the art to which it 3 Referring to thefigure by reference nuappertains to make and use the same, refermerals'; 1 indicates a domestic boiler or stori this specification.

ence being had to the accompanying draw-' age tank, 2 a heater, 3 a steam tank, 4 ahot ings, and to the lettersand figures of refer- Water'tank and 5 theffloat or feed chamber. ence'marked thereon,which form apart of Asiwill appear fromthe'drawing the float 7 chamber-:5 is provided with a float valve 6 This invention relates to a combined hot shown in dotted lines, and leading to the a water heater and still and-has for its object float orfeed chamber is a supply pipe 7 for to provide a device of this class particularly the purpose of supplying the chamber 5, the adapted to be used for domestic purposes float 6 closing ofl a suitable valve tomainand, which is so constructed and arranged tam a uniform height of water within: the

that a supply of the distilled water is at all float or feed chamber 5.

times available while at the same time the Extending from the heatern2 near the water-for the domestic fixtures is heated to bottom thereof is a pipe 8 to which pipe a Supply th id fixtures pipe 9-pass1ng from the float or feed cham- 0 A further object of the invention is to ber 5 is connected at the point 10, and as will provide a simple and efficient construction appear from the drawing the pipe 9 is bent for distilling water and for heating a sepato form acomplete circle ll at a point below rate supply of water for the hot water fiX- the heaterQ while a drain cock 12 is located hu 111 sald pipe 9 to drain the same.

. A further object of the invention is to a As'will appear from the figure the pipe 8 provide a combined hot water heater and passing from the heater2 enters the steam durable and efficient.

still which is particularly simple in itscontank 3 at the point 13 near'the bottomof the struction, cheap and easy to manufacture tank-3 while'a pipe 14 passes from the top and install, requiring a small space, strong, 0f the heater and entersthe' steam tank 3 at no I i a the point 15, a drain cock 16 being arranged With these objects in view the invention at the bottom of the steam tank 3 to drain i consists in the novel combination of parts the same.l and particularly in the combination and'ar- The hot water tank 4is arranged conven- I rangement of the hot water storage tank ientlyto the steam tankB and a coil '17 is with thehot water tank containing the dislocated within the hot water tank 4 and tilling coil. 7 r 1 passes out throughthe top thereof where it' The invention also consists in the novel connects by means of a pipe 18 to theto p of arrangement of the feed tank and heater the steam tank 3, said coil 17 passing entirely and a connection between the same to prethrough the hot water tank 4 and emerging vent the water from passing from the heater therefrom at the bottom :of the said tank to the feed tankwhere the said coil can be connected or piped The invention further consists in the novel to any convenient place for drawing off the construction of the parts which provide for distilled water within the c0il17.

I a separate supply of water to be distilled The domestic boller or storage tank 1 is from the supply of water to the hot water connected to the hot water tank 4 byzmeans fixtures. M of a short pipe 1 9at the bottom of the boiler The invention also consists in the. novel I'which pipe 19 connects-with the hot water construction and combination of parts which tank4 near the bottom of said tank 4, while provides for distilling water andzsimultanea similar pipe 20 connects the boiler 1 with ously heating a separate supply vfor the'hot the hot water tank 4 near the top of the said water fixtures. v a y llboiler and tank. Entering the said pipe 20 t i between the boiler 1 and the hot water tank 4 is a pipe 21 which supplies hot water to the domestic hot water fixturcs,while a cold water supply pipe 22 enters the boiler or storage tank 1 at the top thereof and eX- tends to the point near the bottom thereof 111 such manner that the cold water supply enters the boiler or storage tank at a point near the bottom thereof. An opening 23 in the boiler 0r storage-tank 1 is arranged near the top thereof.

Having thus described the several parts of the invention its operation is as follows: The water to be distilled passes into the float or feed chambei 5 through the supply pipe 7, and from the chamber5 the water passesto the heater 2 through the pipe 9, circle 11 and pipe 8. The heater 2being supplied in this manner the water entering the heater passes into the steam tank 3 through the pipe 14 and-a circulation is effected between the heater 2 and the steam tank 3 by means of the pipe 8 and the pipe 14 at the top of the heater which enters the steam tank 3 at the point 15." This circulation is continuous as long as heat is applied to the heater. and the water. from the heater or steam tank 3 cannot pass back tothe feed chamber 5 on account of the circular band 11 in the pipe 9 which efiectually traps the water to prevent the hot water from the heater and steam tank 3 from passing through the pipe 9 and into the feed chamber 5. l/Vhile this circulation between the heater 2 and the steam tank 3 is in progress the steam from the heater 2 and steam tank 3 passes out through the top of the steam tank 3int0 the pipe 18 and into the coil 17 which coil is arranged within the hot water tank 4 where the steam is cooled and emerges from the bottom of the coil in the form of distilled water. This distilling process is in continuous operation as long as the water within the heater 2 is being heated.

Referring to the arrangement which heats the water within the domestic boiler or storage tank 1 it will be seen that the same is supplied through the pipe 22. The water I supply entering the boiler 1 near the bottom thereof a circulation of water 1s elfected through the hot water tank 4 and the boiler 1, the cold water passing through the pipe 19 at the bottom of the boiler into the bottom of the hot water tank 4 where the water in the hot water tank 4 is heated by means oi the steamin the c'oil17 and passes upwardly in the hot water tank 4, out through the'pipe' 20 and into the fixture supply pipe 21 or directly back into the boiler or storage tank 1. When therefore no water is passing out through the hot water fixture pipe 21 a continuous circulation of water is takingv'placej within the boiler or storage tank 1 and the hot water tank 4 and the water is being heated by the steam in the coil 17 However,

as soon as any water is drawn through the Xture pipe 21 the same passes through the pipe 20 from the hot water tank 4 without first passing into the boiler or storage tank 1. Consequently the water passes to the fixture pip at the time that it is the hottest which is when it circulates and reaches the top of the hot water tank 4 since as the water passes upwardly into the hot water tank 4 it is being continuously heated by the steam within the coil 17. It will thus be seen that relatively a small quantity of water is always being heated within the hot water tank 4, which small at all times to supply the hot water fixtures, and being relatively a small quantity the steam within the coil 17 can quickly heat quantity of water is sufficient in the boiler or storage tank 1. Consequently a supply of hot water is at all times available for the hot water fixtures without first passing the water through the heater 2 as it is apparent from and the drawing that a separate water supply is employed for the hot water fixtures which water supply never passes through the heater but is heated by means of the steam from the heater passing through the coil 17 arranged within the hot water tank 4.

Having thus fully described the invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, 181* A device of the character described comprising a heater, a source of water supply to said heater, a steam tank associated with said heater, said steam tank being piped to said heater near the bottom of the" said steam tank'and near the bottom of the said heater and piped to said heater at a point at the top of said heater and at a point in said steam tank remote from said first mentioned pipe from said steam tank, the same being arranged so as to effect a continuous circulation of Water through the said heater and through the said steam tank when heat is applied to the said heater, a hot water tank associated with said steam tank and piped thereto at a point at the top of said steam tank and at the top of said hot water tank, a condensing coil within said hot water tank to which said pipe between the hot water tank and the said steam tank is connected, the said" coil being arranged in such manner in relatlon to the steam tank and the heater so as the foregoing description to receive steam from the said steam tank and from the said heater, a storage tank associated with said hot water tank, said storage tank being relatively larger than the said hot water'tank and piped to said hot Water tankat a point near the bottom of said storage tank and said hot water tank and at a point near the top of said storage tank and said hot water tank, an independent source of Water supply to said storage tank, said Water supply being entirely independent of the Water supply to said heater, said independent Water supply to said storage tank entering the said storage tank at a point near the bottom thereof in such manner that the Water so entering said storage tank Will pass into said hot Water tank through the lower piping connecting the said tWo tanks and will pass upwardly of the said hot Water tank and around the said condensing coil and into the said storage tank through the upper piping between the said tanks in such manner that a continuous circulation is provided between the said storage tank and the said that the Water is delivered to hot Water tank in order to effectually heat the water Within the said storage tank, a hot Water fixture supply pipe arranged to receive hot Water from the upper portions of said storage tank and said hot Water tank, the whole being arranged in such manner the said hot Water fixture pipe at a time When the said Water is hottest, substantially as described and for the purposes set forth.

In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature, in presence of two Witnesses.



Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of ratentsf Washington, D. G.

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