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Publication numberUS1116913 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1914
Filing dateMay 23, 1914
Priority dateMay 23, 1914
Publication numberUS 1116913 A, US 1116913A, US-A-1116913, US1116913 A, US1116913A
InventorsThomas R Peregoy
Original AssigneeAmmidon And Company, Daniel C Ammidon, Lytton Varian H
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Portable sink.
US 1116913 A
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Patented Nov. 10, 1914.

\ lraanooigi' orznanrmons, Manama-sin; assienoavronanma o; mm;

"cream a 'LYTIIKON; vanmn, rnanme as coraarnnns unuaa mam- ,annrnon amocomam, or enormous, Mar am;

- Specification of Letters mane.

' Be'rit knownthat-zli, -T oMss'RiPnnnemr,

Y 'g iTli'is -invention relates to an improved mixiliary or porta-ble sinker receptacle adapted toa re'csi-ve dishes, fruits or Lothermartwles whileflheing-washedm I I is *w'ell known that porcelain lined sinks I: atitheitype usually' forming part of the permanentplumbing of a house or apartment,

it stances their appearance ruined, by the pram:

are -frequently injured and in many I intice' of plaoing dish pans therein during the operation "of-washing dishes and the like.

The rubbingof the dish pan against-the enamel scratches the latter, the faucets frejfquently interfere with the handling of the *articles being washed,ithe enameled surface ofthe'sin'k is frequently stained by the overflow from the dish pan, and the waste pipe ver3;rnsoinnionly-- becomes; choked with garbags or other refuse that is suspended'iin H the water of a dishpan when the latter is emptied into the sink at the end of the washin'g operation. One of the objects of the present invention is to overcome these obections by providing a portable sink that will be extremely simple in construction and in which dishes, fruit, or similar articles may be readily and conveniently washed or cleansed.

v A- furth'erobject is to provide means [whereby the water or other fluid contained within the receptacle may drain oil when {desired 1 v if Agfnrther object is to provide means for straining the waste liquid so as to prevent foreign matter from entering the-waste pipe otthe..-sinlr, thereby protecting the waste I pipe from clogging.

, cla ms "f ":i-j -j-T he invention will be hereinafter fully set'iorthand particularly pointed out in the vaccompanying drawing:Figure perspective view illustrating my inyen a. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional :1 I

eat, thereof. Fig. 3 a transverse secna {view-thereof.

Beferrin to the drawing, desi ates edeptac e of any suitable or pro erred In the construction shown =the:sides 11 and bottom=12 are formedin one iece, the ends lxrbeing united to the ends '0 said Patented pro 10; 1914-.

sidesiand bottom by folding-over the meetsurface. or: support without scratching. The

receptacle-"is preferably. formed of any des red sheet. metaly'and thebottom 12 is provided with aniopeningdl surrounded by an annular depression or shoulder 18. -;A metalhe sleeve=19 extends through the opening 17 and is provided with an annular flange that fits within the d epression '18, so that-the top face of the fiange is flush with the top face-of the-bottom 12: By' this means I form an outlet opening provided with a rigid 'iwallg. saidaepening being. closed, when desired, by a stopper 20 provided with a depending ring 21 to which is attached one end of 'asecuring chain 22, theother end of said chain being secured to the under face of the bottom 12 in suitable manner, as indicated at 23.. The stopper is somewhat tapering in form so as to permit a portion thereof to project above the bottom of the receptacle, thereby providing sufiicient surface to allow the stopper to be readily grasped when it is desired to remove the stoper.

n opposite sides of the opening in the bottom of the receptacle and extending transversely of the latter, are guides 26 constructed to receive flanges 27 secured to the longitudinal edges of a strainer 28, the front end wall of which is made sufiiciently high to form an abutment 29 which contacts with the front wall of the receptacle to limit rearward movement of the strainer. The rear end wall of the strainer is reduced in height suficiently to ermit said wall to clear the lowerend of the sleeve 19. A handle 30 is provided for the ready manipulation of the strainer, and the receptacle 10 may also be rovided with handles 31 for the convenient handling thereof. It will vhe noted that while the rear end wall of the strainer will till clear the ring 21 when the stopper is in position, thereby preventing removal of said strainer without first removing thestopper. In this manner accidental separation of the parts is prevented."

In practice, when It is desired to use my portable sink, the stopper 20 is. laced in the outlet and the receptacle is fil ed to the.

desired extent with water. The receptacle may then be moved to any desired place, After washing the articles laced therein the receptacle is placed wit in a, kitchen sink, or other suitable lace, and upon removin the stopper all iquid within the receptac e will run out and pass into the waste pipe, passing first through the strainer 28. A ter the receptacle has been emptied the strainer may be removed from its guides and the solids that have been 'retained thereby may be disposed of in any suitable or desired manner.

Having thus explained the nature of my invention and described an operative manner of constructing and using the same, although without attempting to set forth all of the forms in which it may be' made, or all of the forms of its use, what I claim is 1. A portable sink of the character described comprising a receptacle having an outlet openin in its bottom spaced apart guides secure to the underside of said receptacle on opposite sides of said opening,

said guides extending to the front wall of said receptacle and a strainer slidably mounted in said guides, the front end of said strainer being higher than the remaining end and sides and'forming an abutment cooperating with the front wall of the rece tacle to limit rearward movement of t e strainer.

2. A portable sink of the character described comprising outlet opening in its bottom, a stopper for said opening having a ring-secured to its underside, a chain connecting said rin to the underside ofsaid receptacle, an a strainer slidably and removably connectedto the underside of said receptacle and the rear wall of said strainer being'high to contact with said ring when the stopper is in operative position. v

3. A portable sink of the character described comprising a receptacle having an outlet opening in 1ts b0ttom,a strainer slid- 55 ably engaging said bottom'and located beneath said openin the front end of said strainer bemg-hig er than the remaining end and sides to form an abutment e06 e crating with the front wall of the receptac e co to limit rearward movement of the strainer. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.

' THOMAS R. PEREGOY. Witnesses:

IRENE M. Tennyson, Esrnna A. Rnnmr.

a receptacle having 'an 1 enough 5

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U.S. Classification4/652, D23/293.1
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