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Publication numberUS1117525 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1914
Filing dateMar 20, 1914
Publication numberUS 1117525 A, US 1117525A, US-A-1117525, US1117525 A, US1117525A
InventorsDavid Schlesinger
Original AssigneeDavid Schlesinger
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US 1117525 A
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1,117,525; Patented Nov. 17, 1914.


j jjl'jyfififj specification of Letters Patent. Patented New, 51?, flflfi ft,

Application filed March 20, 1914. Serial No. 825,983.

To all whom it may concern: formed within the doubled sections, at the 50 Be it known that 1, DAVID Scnnnsnzcnn, tip as at 15, while two additional fastening a citizen of the United States, and residing members 16, are formed opposite the obtuse in Brooklyn, county of Kings, and Stat of angles. At the front, the bottom at the shirt .3 New York, have invented certain new and is cut away, the two diver i mint-s 1T.

useful. Improvements in Shirts, of which the forming an intervening i: hit gap on following is a specification. which is adapted to be closed ii. .i This invention relates to a shirt of novel pair of buttons or similar l: l lihfilr' construction, which effectively protects the bers 18, are secured to the iii-t front dibody of the wearer, especially at the Crotch, rectly above the cut awav section thereof.

may be readily put on or taken off, and does while a pair of aihlitionel buttons are so not present an objectionable fullness that provided at each side of such section. requires to be tucked in around. the limbs. I se the shirt is out on in the usual in the accompanying drawing, Figured. manner, the flap 1']. a: or being drawn :i'oris a perspective View of a shirt embodying Ward, is turned up, and then the co cling my invention, showing the flap closed, and fastening members 15, i8, and in, l re Fig. 2 a similar View of the lower pa 0 closed so that the flap is seemed in position the shirt, showing the flap open. Bydoubling the number of fastening meni- From the back of the shirt 10, there dc bore 18, 19 in the manner described, the flap 2c pends a centrally disposed flap 11, which is may be so adjusted as to fit snugly without connected to the shirt-body, by means of 21 causing any uncomfortable pressure. narrow neck 12. This neck is so constituted It will be seen that the shirt constructed that it increases in fullness from the medial as described, can be puton or taken in line 13, toward its right and left edges, so a very simple manner, that it effectively pro- 25 that ample material is here provided for fittects the body of the wearer and that by in ting the crotch of the wearer. The entire casing the upper portions of the limbs it is body of the shirt is composed of but two well adapted to be worn without drawers. parts or sections, which are connected along}; The invention may be applied to outer their entire length by a back seam. The garments as well as to undergarments, and

on neck 12 and flap 11, are made integral with may be adapted for use by either men or the body of the shirt, each shirt section women. 50 being made integral one of the flap Claim. sections, while the back seam extends con A shirt having a body composed of two tinuously through the neck, to the tip of the sections, each section terminating at its 35 flap, so as to connect the sections thereof. lower end into one section of an integral In order to provide for the proper lit at the bipartite flap having an upper neck that incrotch, the edges of the flap which meet at creases in fullness toward its edges, the secthe back seam, are below the neck 12, cut at tions of the shirt body, as well as the sections an angle to the edges which meet above the of the flap being connected to each other by 40 neck, so that upon uniting the edges by means of a. common seam that extends along means of the back scam, the required fullthe back of the shirt continuously through ness is produced. The flap 11, is made subtheneck up to the tip of the flap, and means stantially in the form of a spear-head, the for detachably securing the flap to the shirt converging sides 0f which are inwardly defront.

45 flected toward their converging ends, to D AVID SCHLESINGER form a tip that joins the main portion-of the flap at obtuse angles. In order to reinforce the flap, its sides are doubled as at 14, a button hole or similar fastening member being Witnesses:


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U.S. Classification2/77, 2/109, 2/115
Cooperative ClassificationA41B1/04