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Publication numberUS1118394 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1914
Filing dateMay 31, 1912
Priority dateMay 31, 1912
Publication numberUS 1118394 A, US 1118394A, US-A-1118394, US1118394 A, US1118394A
InventorsWilliam H Bullock, George B Fayette
Original AssigneeAugustus P Murdock, Orel P Keeney, William H Bullock, George B Fayette
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Accelerator for hot-water systems.
US 1118394 A
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Patented Nov. 24, 1914.



OY// A a INVEN-rons rv del f/m W. H. BULLOCK & G. B. FAYETTB.



ITN ESSES. fw. fm@

Ma/MMM THE NORRIS Plzlnnb signed that one standard size may be used with all systems. lt will be understood, of course, that venting pressure can be changed with tension nut 2l'to suit varying conditions or requirements, and that the device may be otherwise changed or varied by the skilled mechanic without departing from the scope of the 'following claims.

lWhat we claim is:

l. The combination with the circulating pipes ci a water heating system, of a chambered casing having a valve seat anda valve thereon controlling circulation through the casing, said valve embodying in itself a valve-controlled conduit extending through from one side of said valve seat to the other and consisting of a hollow stem having at its upper end a casing provided witha downwardly opening valve-seated port, a check valve normally closing said port,'and a surrounding spring engaging the lower end portion of said conduit and normally holding its valve on the seat of the chain- Y bered casing.`

Valve mechanism for an accelerator oit the class described provided with a casing, a main circulation connection at each end of the casing, and a transverse diaphragm having a valve seated opening, consisting of a vertically arranged valve stem having an upper integral valve portion for said opening and extending above and below said valve portion, said valve stem having an independent longitudinal circulating port through its center opening to the interior of the casing below sald valve portion and lGSSeS.

having a downwardly directed valve-seated outlet opening at its upper end, a gravitating checkv valve Aclosing said outlet opening, and a spring inserted between the under 40 side of the diaphragm and the lower end portion of the valve stein and normally `'holding it to seat, substantially as set forth.

Valve mechanism for an accelerator of 45 the class described provided with a casing,

a `main circulation connection at each end of the casing.l and a transverse diaphragm having a valve seated opening, consisting of a `1vr-)rtically arranged valve stein having .an 50 `as set forth. vl ln testimony whereof wel hereunto aflix 55 our signatures in the presence of twov wit- YVlLLlAM H. BULLOCK.


'Witnessesz i lvinnnioir STOWELL, JOHN FOSTER.'

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents.

Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification137/493.2, 137/599.1, 137/454.5
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