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Publication numberUS111906 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1871
Publication numberUS 111906 A, US 111906A, US-A-111906, US111906 A, US111906A
InventorsH. Carman
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Improvement in washing-machines
US 111906 A
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Prg. 2. FR oN-r ELEvAraoN 'P'. PETERS. FNOLI'O-UTHOGRAPHEH, WASHINGTO l @obtint ,uur



Letters Patent No. 111,906, dated February 21, 1871.


The Schedule referred to in these Letter's Patent and making part of the same.

We, WILLILAM H. GARMAN and RICHARD P. Mo- COLLUM, of Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia Iand State of' Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Washing-Machines, of which the following is a specification.

Nature and Object pf the Invention.

The irs't part of our invention relates to'o turning or oscillating tub, corrugated upon the inside and turning upon bearings, placed upon the frame in such 4anranner that the tub maybe turned until the projections upon the outside ofthe tub are made to come in contact with the spring, secured upon the cross-bar of the frame; the jar occasioned by the collision causes the clothes to turn over and fall down the corrugated bottom of the tub.

The second part of our invention relates to the combination ot' the turning tub, Weighted roller or rollers, and the projections upon the outside, br the purpose herein set forth, of washing clothes, 85o.

Description. of the Aecompanyz'ng Drawing.

'Figure 1 is an end view of a machine embodying our invention. y

Figure .fi'sa front elevation of the same.

General Description.'

' j A- is the frame of the machine, which frame shonld "be substantially constructed to resist the vibration of th operating ,pai/ts.

B is the turning corrugated tub.

C is the' bearings upon which 'the tub turns. These bearings are constructed in such a manner as to allow. of the tub being lifted from the frame whenever required.

D is the handles, by means of v which the tub is turned, either those on .the top or front of the tub beving used for that purpose, according tothe pleasure of the operator.

E is the loose corrugated and weighted roller that presses the clothes against the corrugations.

F is the projections, by means'of which the turning of the tub is regulated and the clothes are turned over, so as to present another surface to the corrugations upon the bottom ofthe tub.

G is the spring, secured upon the cross-har vot' the frame in Suche position as to allow of the projections F coming in contact with it, the jar occasioned by the collision assisting in turningr the clothes, as aforeY said.

The clot-bes to be washed are placed insidefthe tub through the hinged door on the top, with an adequate quantity of soap and water, when the tub is to be slowly turned, by means of the handles D, far enough to cause the projection F to strike the spring G, the roller E and water, by their own gravity, preserving, in a greet measure, their position in the lowermost part of the-tub, the .friction caused by the corruga- ,tions being suliicient to carry the clothes uearl y to the uppermost part, when the before-mentioned collision.

ofthe projections and spring causes theJn to fall down and over the corrugations; the water at the same time, in seeking its level, dashes upon the beveled top of the tub and falls back upon the clothes, this turning and jarring motion being continued until the clot-hres' are thoroughly washed. l


to the tub substantially and for the purpose as here.

before described and set forth.



OsoAn D. KING,- Sco'r'r S. DUHBAP..

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