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Publication numberUS1119089 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1914
Filing dateJun 4, 1914
Priority dateJun 4, 1914
Publication numberUS 1119089 A, US 1119089A, US-A-1119089, US1119089 A, US1119089A
InventorsJoseph C Mcmenamin
Original AssigneePennsylvania Globe Gas Light Company
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Packing-box for globes.
US 1119089 A
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Patented Dec. 1,1914

m l/68m.-

u I INVEAWUH vg sle cmmfim Philadelphia and State UNITED STATES PAT OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent.

. A Patented Dec. 1, 1914'.

Application filed June 4. 1914. Serial No. 842,916.

T all whom it may concern Be it known that I, Jossrn G. MCMENA- MIN, a citizen of the United -S tates, and a resident of Philadelphia intlie county of of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Packing-Boxes for Globes,

of which the following is a specification.

The principal object of the present lnvention is to provide means for shipping glassware,-such as is used for example in connection with street lamps, in such a way that it is not broken and is in fact protected from breakage,

are reduced or kept down; v Another object of p the invention 1s to ,facilitate the packing, handling and storing of the glassware .and to avoid high'insur- 0 ance rates, such as obtain. where hayor straw is used for packing purposes.

The invention will be claimed at the end hereof, but ,will be first described in connection with the accompanying.- drawings,

5 forming-part hereof and in which sectional view of the complete package,

taken on the'line 33, of 5. Fig. 4, is a perspective view of one of the trays detached, and Fig. 5, is a transverse sectional view of the package.

The packing'box is of the knockdown,

variety, meaning that it and its parts can" be folded or arranged so as to be flat which, of course, is a matter of convenience in shipping. the packages empty, and the box is constructed as of corrugated straw-board, pulp-board or like or similar material which is light, strong, comparatively cheap and otherwise suitable.

here is an outer case having four con-' nected sides 1, and having at each end four connected flaps 2, each of about half the width of thebox, an adapted to be folded together so as to overlap and to form outer end closures which, are strong and fiat. There isan inner shellof less depth than the outer case and it consists of four side walls 3, intersecting each other at the corners and projecting at 4, into contact with the outer, case, to space the side walls 3, from the side and in such a way that .5 freight charges, which are based on weight,

tained glassware or globe. light and st'rong and even capable of re-use wallsv as shown at. 5.; There are two closures, elements or trays 6, each havin marg nal flanges t,- and these marg nally anged trays or elements are' fitted into the ends of the outer case, and they support the end walls 3,;v of .the shell and close vtheilatter to form an inner closed receptacle. The edges of the flanges i, are supported by the end closures of the case to space the inner closed -receptacle from the case, as shown at18 y In use theartiel'e,.-for instance a globe;

indicated in dotte'cl lines' 9, fitsthe inner closed receptacle so that its cylindrical surface contacts with the walls3, and its ends contact with the elements or; tray 6; o E sldes of t inner -1' ceptacle, including its top and'bottom and between the walls of the outer case, th'ere is a s ace as at 8 and 5, thus the glassware or globe is held snugly in the inner closed" receptacle and the latter is cushioned and protected on all sides by the space between it and'the outer receptacle.

By the described construction, combination and arrangement the package as awhole may be subjected to eiitreinely,rough treat inent, such'g as 'is encountered in transportation and shipment without injury to the -con- The package is and it'doesnot belong to the class which is regarded as hazardous inrespect to lire 'As an ample of means for keeping the package closed I' have illustrated strips 10, applied to the flaps 2,,where they meet and extended somewhatalqng'. the adjacent sides. These, strips constitute a se'cure closure and af'lord means by which the'bonj can be read.- ily opened so that the element ortray 6, and the contents 9, can be withdrawn. Modifications can be made in details without departing'from' the spirit of the invention. What I claiin is r v 1. A knock-down-corrugated straw-board packing box for combination of an outercase having four connected sides and twoicnds each consisting of four flaps adapted to be folded together to form outer end, closures, an inner shell of less depth than theouter case and consistingof four. walls intersecting each other at the globestconsisting of thethe ends of the cnse and supporting the end walls of the shell.. :1ncl closing the latter to' form an inner closed receptacle vand having the edges of then-flanges snppoi'tetl by the end closures of the case to spnee the inner closed receptacle from both en ls of the outer case' v 2 A packing box. conl 'ising the combination of an outer case, an inner open ended shell spacing QlOII'lOIllZS between the case and 'shelbelosure elementsrl'or the ends of the shell, and spacing elements between the elosm'e elements and both emls of the outer case, substantially as (lQsCllbQCl.

-the emnbinntion of an outer case, an inner open ended shell of less depth than the outer case, corner spacing elements between the ease and. shell, closure elements for the ends of the shell, and spacing elements between tle, closure elements and both ends of the outer ease, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name.


llitnesses G. H. Pll'lliCE, CLIFFORD K. CASS'EL.

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U.S. Classification206/500, 206/594, 217/35
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