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Publication numberUS1119392 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1914
Filing dateAug 28, 1913
Priority dateAug 28, 1913
Publication numberUS 1119392 A, US 1119392A, US-A-1119392, US1119392 A, US1119392A
InventorsWillis J. Bebnett
Original AssigneeWilliam B Thayer, Willis J Bernett
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Floor-polishing apparatus.
US 1119392 A
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1,119,392. Patented Dec. 1,1914.

ATTORNEY emanan' sau-rms, PATENT ermee.




To all whom 'it may concern Be it known that I, WILLIS J. BERNETT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Kansas City, in the county of Jackson and State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Floor- Polishing Apparatus; and Ido declare the following to be a full, clear,'and exact description of the invention, such as will en- .able others skilled in the art to which it apperta'ms to make and use the same, reference being 4had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

j My invention relates to a floor polishing apparatus and has for its principal object, to providea motor driven apparatus of this type, which may be easily moved over the floor and may be used for either scrubbing or polishing. In accomplishing this object I have provided improved details of structure, the vpreferred form of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure I isa perspective view of a floor polishing apparatus, constructed according fao to my invention. longitudinal section of the driving connection between the flexible shaft and the floor' member. Fig. III is .a detail, perspective,

of the anchor socket on the floor member.

Referring more in detail to theJ parts -1 designates a frame upon which the polishing or floor member is mounted and preferably comprising a U-shaped member f2 that projects laterally from the body of the frame and is provided with journal'be-.uings 3, in its upper and lower arms. Journaled in the bearings is a shaft 4, the lower end of which projects below the lower arm of the U-shaped member and has pins 4', extending therefrom and adapted for projection` through the longitudinal grooves 5' and into the keeper pockets 6 vof a socket member 7, which may be attached to a brush or the like 8, by which the floor is to be treated. Fixed to the shaft 4, above the lower arm of the bracket, is a gear wheel 10 which meshes" with agear yvheel 11 on a head 12, that is,

contained within housing 13 and connected with a flexible'shaft 14 in any suitable manner, a specific form of c onnection beingr illustrated merely to show a preferred form of mechanism,- and the motor 15 with Specication of Letters Patent.

Fig. II is an enlarged Paeelmal nec. 1, 1914.

Application filed August 28. 19.13. Serial No. 787,197.

l which the flexible shaft is connected being merely indicated as it may be of any suitable type.

The frame is equi ped with a handle member 17, whereby tie apparatus may be guided andmanipulated, and which is provided with runnin gear for supporting the' frame and providino a fulcrum whereby pressure against the ffoor may be controlled. The running gear preferably comprises a frame 18 which is rigidly connected with the handle 17 and has wheels 19 which are preferably provided with soft treads 20, in order to prevent marring of the {ioor after the latter has been cleansed-or polished. I also prefer to provide the apparatus with a canopy 21, which is adapted for hanging over the revoluble brush to prevent water therefrom from being thrown against objects in a room or onto portions of the floor adjacent the brush. The structure of the canopy preferably comprises an arm 22 on the handle 17, having a ring Q3 from which a cone shaped body of fabric 24 is suspended, the lower edge of the body being provided with a spreading ring 25 which may be heavy enough to hold the lower portion of the canopy to the iloor while the apparatus is in motion, and the body of the fabric being provided with apertures through which the handle and the shaft 14 may project.r In using the apparatus, a suitable floor member is mounted on the shaft 4, and the flexible shaft connected with a motor 15 whereby the parts may be revolved.

Vith the parts in operation, the floor member is revolved and the floor may be cleaned by scrubbing or polishing by the rapid movement of a pad, or the like, thereover, the movement of the floor member over the floor being easily' controlled through the handle 17. lVhen a spot ou the floor will not respond to the ordinary trcatlnent, the floor member is pressed downwardly with greater force by manipulation of the handle, in order to scour or polish the spot with greater firmness.

jIt is apparent that the canopy will confine 'any spray that may issue from the revolving brush and will' be sufliciently flexible to yield should it be pushed against an object while the apparatus is being operated, and thereby allow the vlorush to project into corners or along a base board. It is also apparent that while I have illustrated the device as equipped with a specific type of floor inember, members of various kinds may be used Without departing from the -spirfit of the invention. v l

Having thus described my invention, What I claim as new therem and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A floor polishing apparatus comprising ring for holding the base of said Canopy to p the floor.

2. A Hoor polishingapparatus, comprising a frame, a brush revolubly mounted in said frame, a HeXible shaft revolubly mounted in said frame and operatively connected with said brsh, a motor'l operativelyl connected with said iexible shaft, a handle conneeted with said frame, running gear for supporting the handle, a bracket. projecting from the handle over 4the frame, a-,exible canopy suspended from the bracket and surrounding said' frame and .brush,' 'and a Weighted ring for holding the base of the canopy to the lloor;

lln testimony Whereofl affix my signature in presence of two. Witnesses.

A l WlLLllS-J. BERNETT. Witnesses i R. F. THOMAS, LMA E. CoAfrs.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L11/4069