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Publication numberUS1119393 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1914
Filing dateMay 15, 1914
Publication numberUS 1119393 A, US 1119393A, US-A-1119393, US1119393 A, US1119393A
InventorsHarry F Binkley
Original AssigneeGideon E Cyphers, Harry F Binkley
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Mechanism for simultaneously adjusting the wheels and brush of a vacuum carpet-cleaner.
US 1119393 A
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APPLIOATION FILED MAY 15. 1914. 1,1 19,393, Patented Dec.1,1914.




1,119,393 Specification 01' Application filed Mey 15,

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, lIARRY F. BINKLEY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Sidney, in the county of Shelby, and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and. useful Improvements in Mechanism for Simultaneously Adjusting the lVheelsand Brush of a Vacuum Carpet-Cleaner; and I do hereby. declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description oi. the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to mechanism for simultaneously adjusting the wheels and brush of a vacuum carpet cleaner.

In: vacuum cleaners of the type referred to it is necessary to adjust the brush and wheels for different grades of carpet, inattiug, etc, and it is the ob ect of. the resent invention to provide a mechanism w lereby the wheels and brush may be simultane ously adjusted through the medium of acommon means and the necessity of a double operation in effecting such adjustment thereby obviated.

ll 'ith the above and other objects in view the invention consists in the details of construction and in the arrangement and com bination of parts to be hereinafter more fully described and particuli'irly pointed out in the appended claims.

In describing the invention in detail refcrcnco will be had to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in whichl igure 1 is a front elevation of a vacuum cleaner nozzle having the invention associated therewith; Fig. 2, an end View of what is shown in Fig. 1; Fig. 3, a section on the line 3 3 Off Fig. l; Fig. a section on the line at of high, and Fig. 5, a pen spoittive iii-w oi" the ,tljustiug frame.

Referring "to the drawings A indicates the nozzle oi. a vacuum cleaner which inclwles the usual end portions and 11. ii end portions 10 and 11 are provided i?" Wltil, corresponding recesses 12 re. my and opening through the bottom edges oi" E i cud ortions.

livoied wrceutrically on the end portions 10 antlll, as at it), are disks 13 and 14 re spectiyelv, said disks hem-g mutually con Letters Patent.

1814. Serial No. 888,719.

nected by a bar 15. The disks 13 and 14 and the bar 15 are preferably constructed from a metal blank as shown in Fig. 5.

Journaled in the d sks '13 and 14 respectively are the trunnions 16' and 17 of a rotary brush 18, said trunnions being disposed eocentrically with respect to the disk and the trunnion 16 having fixed thereon a gear 19. It will be noted that the trunnions 16 and 17 are movable in the recesses 12 and 13' respectively toward and away .from the mouth of the nozzle A as the disks 13 and 14 are moved 'on their pivots.

Projecting outwardly from the center of each disk 13 and 14 is a journal stud 20 and rotatably mounted on these studs are traction wheels 21 and E22 res eetively. The traction wheel 21 has fixe to its inner side a gear 23 which meshes with the gear 19 and whereby the rotation of the traction wheel 21 will impart rotation to the brush 18.

'lhreaded in the bar 15 is a locking screw 24, which is adapted to be selectively e1i gaged in recesses formed in the wall of the nozzle A.

By disengaging the screw 24 from a given recess 25 it will be obvious that the disks 13 and H can be swung on their pivots to effect simultaneous adjustment of the brush 18am! wheels 21 and 22, the relation be tween the brush and wheel always being maintained the same. After the desired adj ustmcnt of the wheel and brush is attained the screw 2i is engaged in the necessary recess to lock the disks l3 and 1i against pivotal movement.

What is claimed is 1. In a device of the class described the combination with a vacuum cleaner nozzle, disks cccentrically pivoted on the ends of said nozzle, a brush disposed within the nozzle and jo'urnaled in said disks, traction wheels rotatably mounted on the disks, connections between one of said traction wheels and the brush for rotating the latter, and means for simultaneousy swinging the disks on their pivots.

In a device of the class described, the combination with a vacuum cleaner nozzle having recesses in its end portions respectively, disks eccent'ically pivoted on the ends of said nozzle, :1 bar connecting said -olisks, a brush disposed within the nozzle Patented Dec. 1, 1914.

and jOUlDZliCd in said disks, tract-ion wheels In tos'bizimny wheraof, i my itutzflfly mount-(x1911 the disks, connections tmwu in the PPQSODCE of iwo "witneasm ln-Lvmc-n one of said traction wheels and the lll'ilbil for rotating the latter, and 11 sci-0W mounted in said bar and selectively engageable in recesses formed in the wall of the nozzle to lock the, disks against pivotal movement.


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