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Publication numberUS1119511 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1914
Filing dateApr 16, 1914
Priority dateApr 16, 1914
Publication numberUS 1119511 A, US 1119511A, US-A-1119511, US1119511 A, US1119511A
InventorsHerbert D Hough
Original AssigneeWightman And Hough Company
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US 1119511 A
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1,119,51L Patented De0.1,1914.

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Specification of Letters Eatent.

Patented Dec. 1, iota.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that l, HERBERT D. HOUGH, a citizen of the United States, residing at Granston, in the county of Providence and State of 'iihode island, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Coinl lolders, of which the following is a specilication.

My invention relates to coin holders. in this class of articles it has heretofore been necessary to stack the coins one above the other, which has resulted in makingk he casing inclosing the same unduly thic and it is an object oi this invention to overcome this defect.

Further objects of this invention are to house a maximum of coins in a minimum of space; to expose the coins in the holder without detracting from security; to insure the housed coins against accidental escape; to prevent the wear or abrasion of the plate beneath the coins; to cheapen the construction of the device, and facilitate the assemblawge of the parts.

to the above ends essentially my invention consists in novel parts and combinations of parts hereinafter set forth and made the subject matter of the appended claims.

"in the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification, and in which like reference characters indicate like parts throughout the views, 2 are side and front views respectively of a holder embodying my invention, Fig. 3, a front elevation oi? the same with the covers distended. Fig. a section on line :11, cc, of Fig. i, Fig. 5, a top end elevation of the holder member, Fig. 6, a section of the same on line y, y, of Fig. 5, and Fig. 7, an enlarged section on line 2, 2, of Fig. 6.

in its present-and preferred form of embodiment my holder comprises two hollow covers or wings 1' and 2 provided respectively with inturned marginal flanges 3 and l, and having respectively at their adjacent margins integralsleeves 5 and 6 embracing a pintle 7, and constituting a hinge. The central margin of the flange 3 is provided with a curved recess 10 and an adjacent slot 11. integral with or fined to the cenor the flange 4 is a tube 13, in which is slidably mounted a plunger it having an enlarged base provided with inclined projections 16. The base rests upon a Flat spring 17 soldered or otherwise fixed Figures 1 and at its ends to the cover 2. en the covers are closed the tube 13 registers in the recess i 10, and the projections 16 enter the slot 11 and engage the rear of the flange 3. The above described fastening means is not exelusive.

The holder member in the present instance is shovvn in conjunction with the described casing and in detail comprises a frame or plate 20 whose center is open, as at 21, and is provided upon one side margin with integral lugs 22 having their ends bent to form sleeves '23 engaging the pintle Y. integral with the other side margin is a lateral lug 25 to whose upper end is soldered an ornament 26. This plate and" the lugs are stamped or cut from a single sheet of thin metal. The flange t is cut away to form a. recess 28 adapted to receive the member 25 when the covers are closed, The ornament 26 projects exterior of the covers or casing. A rectangular retaining plate 30 has an inturned marginal flange 31 around its periphery whose free edge is attached by solder to the mar ins of the plate 20. The plate 30 is provi ed with two longitudinally disposed oblong openings 32 and 33, the latter preferably narrower than the former. in alinement with these openings the flange or wall 31 at its upper portion is provided with oblong slots 35 and 36, the latter broader than the former.

Resting upon the front face of the plate 20 so as to close the opening 21 is a badiiing strip 38 in the present instance of celluloid, adapted to receive a memorandum, but this strip may if desired be omitted. Resting against this strip, or against the plate 20 when the strip is omitted is the outer margin of a back plate 40. This plate is out and bent by suitable tools from a strip of thin resilient metal. it is rovided at its center with a forwardly irected broad longitudinal rib il provided. if desired, with one or more perforations 43 adapted. to receive a drop of solder 44 to unite the lates 30 and after assemblage, if desired.

he rib 41 is provided upon its opposite sides with longitudinally disposed shoulders 46 and t7; and the side margins of the plate 40 have forwardly directed longitudinal shoulders 49 and 50. The shoulders L9 and 16 are preferably nearer the plate 30 than are the shoulders 47 and 50, and all form guides for the coins which pass thereover, preventing the coins from touching the plate Elli t0 Whose heat-lace is prelerahlp oil precious or plated metal, and exposed to the observer through the openings 32 and 33.

it will he observed that the rib ti nitrides the coin holding member or leaf into twoohlo'ng coin pockets 52 and 53 to which access is given by the coin slots and 36. In order to prevent the accidental. escape oi coins throue'h these. slots the plate {i0 is provided with interal teats'or projections 55 and'56 beneath plate 30 and in longi tudinal alinernent with the center. of the slots 35 and 36 respectively.

Suspension rings 5?, and 58 may he sol dered to the upper margin oi the cover Qt it desired f in the present instance there is tilted to the frame 20 adjacen't'the flange 3i hy solder 'trro tuhes t0 atonementwinterize other adapted to holding a. pencil. d2.

it Will he observed that the resultant structure has a capacity for accommodating a large numloer of coins Within a small "area; that the character of the construction of the coin holding inernher is' such as to'lend it sell to'a i'aciletorination and assemblage all parts and at a small expense; thatihetrarel oi the coins upon the longitudinal a 'nide rihs protects the surface oi the plate he heath; that the projections intermediate the plates adjacent the coin slots afford in congunction with the resiliency oi? the loaclr plate a means for permitting the passage oil coins oil different thiclmesses resultant trons ditlerent degrees at near; and that the penoil and heel-ring strip allord a convenient means for notation,

What l claim is It. in a coin holder, the coniloination ole casing comprising covers, a pintle connectinp; the covers, a coin holding naernher corn prisinp a hacliplate mounted on the pintle, and a front plate attached to the baclr and spaced therefrom to term a coin ocl-ret, said haclr plate loeinp, provided vri martrinrd elevated guide shoulders. I

2 'ln coin holder, the conihination oil a casing comprising covers, e pintle connect- .ine the corens a coin holding naemher cor prising a loaclr plate mounted on the paintle and a tront plate attached to the leach plate and spaced therefrom to term a coin poclret, said leach plate heinp, provided with guide onlders spaced from the front plan.

it. lln a coin holder, the combination oil a casing comprising covers a intle connecting the covers, coin ho inenaher mounted upon the pintle and proridedlrrith ohlong coin oclrete said coin holder provided irita lonpgitndinmymiosed shoulders in the pfltflt tlitt d, in coin holder the eonahinatien with the carers and pin rnei'nher comprising a tr e at coin thetrainn'providedrwith a riloin contact with the heat plate forming coin pockets inalinernent vvi the coin slots.

5. lln a co holder, the combination With the covers and intle, ot" a coin holding member comprising a frame mounted on the pintle, a front plate, a marginal flange upon the front plate fixed to the frame said plate lacing provided with coin slgts, and a hash plate span the frame, provided with a rib contact with the front plate forming coin pockets in alinement with the coin slots said rih hein, provided with longitudinal disposed shoe ders, and the leach plate he ing provided with similar shoulders spaced from the first mentioned shonldera d In a coin holder, the-combination with the covers and pintle, of a coin holding; ineinher comprising a irarne mounted open the pintle, front plate, a marginal flange npo'n'the front plate fined to the rnarein oi the frame said late locin "arovidec with o coin slots, a haclr late resting against the trains, provided with a rile in contact with the tront plate forming coin poclrets in alineinent with the coin slots and haclring strip intermediate the trance and heel; plate the combination with in lln a coin holder, the covers and tie, of a coin holding ante recanted on a pintle, front plate, a marginal flange upon the plate tired to the ironic said plate lacing and provided with coin slots, a haclr plate upon the ironic, tnhes upon the trains adjacent the flange, said plate lacing provided with a rile forming coin pockets in alinernent with the coin slots, and locltine strip intermediate the frame and the lunch plate d in coin holder the conaloination Till till

illlltl the carers and pintle, of a. coin holding;

menaher comprising a frame inonnted npon the pintle, a front plate a marginal hangs upon the tront. plate fired to the "trains provided with coin slots, to leach plate rest nag against the frame, an intermediate portion or the leach plate lacing provided with a rile fined to the front plate torrninp; coin poclrets in alinernent with the slots and provided with projections hen'eath the front plate adjacent the coin slots,

in testimony whereas? it have nag, m gnatme in presence oi tn'o lFlonarro E, listeners,


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