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Publication numberUS1119982 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1914
Filing dateFeb 18, 1911
Priority dateFeb 18, 1911
Publication numberUS 1119982 A, US 1119982A, US-A-1119982, US1119982 A, US1119982A
InventorsEnoch Ohnstrand
Original AssigneeOliver M Edwards
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Glass shelf for cases.
US 1119982 A
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1,1 1 9,982, Patented Dec. 8, 1914.





Specitcation of Letters Patent.

Patented Dee. s; 1914.

Application mea February 1a, 1911. serial No. 609,488.

llo all 'whom it may concern:

Be it known that-I, Exec-H OHNSTRAND, of Syracuse, inthe county of Onondaga and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Glass Shelf for Cases, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to shelves formed of a slab of glass or other brittle material supported by a marginal frame, and has for its object a particularly simple, strong and rigid frame for supporting the glass so that the glass is held from all bending movement, and the invention consists in the combinations and constructions hereinafter set forth and claimed.

In describing this invention reference is had to the` accompanying drawing in which like characters designate corresponding -parts in all the views.

Figure 1 is a sectional view, partly broken away, of one form of my invention, and Fig. 2 is an inverted plan thereof, partly broken away. I

This shelf comprises, generally, a metallic marginal frame and a slab ofbrittle material, as glass, supported at its margins by `the frame. The marginal frame is formed with a ledge l, a truss flange 2 depending from the ledge l, the frame being usually formed of sheet metal and being rectangular in form, and the sides and end members thereopf being integrally united so Athat the entire frame is a unitary structure,

and the side and end members and the truss flange are continuous.` Usually the sides and ends'are welded together atthe corners in any suitable manner.

The slab 3 of glass or other brittle material is supported at its margins by the ledge, and the truss flange 2 usually depends from the inner edge of the'ledge 1.and is set in from the edge vot' the margin of the slab 3 and arranged at a right angle thereto so as to rigidly support the slab.

The frame is nel being formed by a fiange 5 risin from `the outer edge of the ledge 1 and aving its margin 6 turned inwardly and overhangformed with a channel 4 at its outer edge facing inwardly, the chan-.

ing` the upper faceof theputer portion of the ledge l, the margin `(l'iaving an undercut edge, and a filler? of 'suitable material, as`cement, is inserted between the margin of the slab 3 and the ledge l, such filler 7 extending into the channel 4 and also between the edge of the slab 3 and the edge of the flange 5, as shown at 8, the upper face of the slab 3 being flush with the upper face of the tiange 5. Y

A shelf constructed as described is particularly strong and eicient and owing to the construction of the marginal frame and particularly the truss flange thereof, the sla-b of glass is held fromany movement.

What I claim-is:v "''f-f- 1. A shelf comprising fa `metallic`fame having a horizontally extending'ledg'qfand.

a depending flange at the inner` edge offsaid ledge, said frame also having a partfover# hanging the outer marginal portion of the upper face of the ledge, and a slab of glass or like brittle material having marginal portions extending` over the remaining parts of the upper face of' the ledge, the upper surface of said marginal part of the frame being substantially coextensive with Vthe upper surface of said Slab of glass, and

terial having marginal portions extending over the remaining parts of the upper face of the ledge and having its edges arranged in close juxtaposition to said undercut edge of'said overhanging part of the frame and having its upper face disposed in substantially the plane of the upper face of said over anging part of the frame, and a cementitiousmedium` interposed between the attesting witnesses, at Syracuse, in the slab and the horizontally extending ledge, county of Onondaga, in the State of New said overhanging -part -and said undercut York, this4 14th day of February 1911'.

edge of the frame, substantially as and for .ENOCH OHNS'TRAND. the purpose set forth.V Y Witnesses: In testimony whereof, I have hereunto GEo.,G. NoRRIs,

signed my namein the presence of two EDWARDS, 2nd.

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U.S. Classification211/153, 433/77
Cooperative ClassificationF25D25/02