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Publication numberUS11201 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1854
Publication numberUS 11201 A, US 11201A, US-A-11201, US11201 A, US11201A
InventorsJacob Revercomb
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Improvement in plows
US 11201 A
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No. 11,201. 1 1 Patented June 27,1854.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 11,20l, dated June 27, 185i.

. To all whom it may concern:

. curing and regulating the noseor point of self-snarpening plows by means of wooden or iron wedges introduced through a hole made in the landside, whereby the point or nose can be accurately and easily adjusted, as well as firmly secured in its place.

To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation.

I provide the nose or point b of a self-sharpening plow with an oblong slot, 0, (see Figure 1 in accompanying drawings,) in the stem at. The point a is introducedinto the mold-board d (see Fig. 2) through an opening made in front of said mold-board, and in order to keep the point a steady and firm in its place I provide the point with a dovetail, e, (shown in Fig. 1,) into which the mold-board fits, as shown atf in Fig. 2.- The stem at of point];

when introduced in the opening of the moldboard reaches through said mold-board and ranges with the inner side of the landside in such a manner that the slot 0 of the stem a comes exactly opposite a. hole made through the landside for the purpose of introducing wooden or iron wedges, whereby the point can be firmly secured and accurately regulated.

The advantageof my invention, which is quite simple in itself, is considerable in connection with selfsharpening points. The usual mode of fastening such points is not only difficult of access, but in working the plow is liable to derangement, and for the most part such fastenings are not sufiicientlly strong. These difficulties are all remedied by my mode of fastening through the landside, and experience has proved the practical value of this mode and the advantages as to a nice regulation of the point. It is cheaper than the usual methods, and very durable, as the wedge or key is not subject to Wear.

What I claim as my improvement in with self-sharpening points isg I The mode of fastening the points, the same consisting in the insertion of the key through an opening in the landside, substantially as set forth, in combination with a slot so placed in the stem of such points thatin the different or reversed positions of the points the slot shall be in place for the reception of the key.


plows Witnesses: H. A. EDMUNDSON,


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