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Publication numberUS1120865 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1914
Filing dateMay 27, 1914
Priority dateMay 27, 1914
Publication numberUS 1120865 A, US 1120865A, US-A-1120865, US1120865 A, US1120865A
InventorsMarceli Tomaszewski
Original AssigneeMarceli Tomaszewski
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US 1120865 A
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nnzonxox 11.21) an 21. 1914.

1,120,865. Patented Dec. 15. 1914.


i t" i: 15 W Twnaaz W111:




1,120,865. Application filed May 27 To all Qr/mm, it may concern:

Be it known that I, MARGELI TOMASZEW- sat, a subject of the Emperor of Russia, residing at'McKees Rocks. in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Mail-Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in mail boxes.

' The primary object is to rovide a metallic mail receptacle in whici the mail receiving chamber is constantly closed against access from the exterior of the box'through the mail receiving slot at all times and whereby any tampering with the box con tents is rendered impossible.

A further object is to provide a revolving guard for a mail entrance slot and positioned within a mail deposit receptacle wherby mail may enter only the guard when the slot is opened and is completely prevented from entering the slot whenthe same is closed.

A still further object is to provide the entrance slot of a mail receptacle with a hinged outer closure and revoluble inner guard simultaneously operable forclosing the slot and also for opening the same for egress to a pocket within the guard, the guard at all times preventing free access to the collection chamber of the receptacle.

With these general objects in view and others that will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel combination and arrangement of arts hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanyin drawings and pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawings forming a part of this application and in which like designating characters refer to corresponding parts throughout the several views :--Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device closed and with parts thereof partially broken away. Fig. 2 is a central vertical sectional view of the device in its open position, the lower portion thereof being shown in side elevation. Fig. 3 is a top plan view thereof partially broken away, and Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail view of the crank and link connections partially in section and partially broken away.

Referring more in detail to the drawings, the mail receptacle 10 is illustrated as provided with the collection chamber 11 having an exit door 12-adapted to be secured Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 15, 1914.

, 1914. Serial No. 841,278.

closed by means of the lock 13. The top 14 of the box or receptacle is semicircular in cross section and provided with a mail entrance slot 15 at the ridge point thereof and extending longitudinally of the top.

A cylindrical guard 16 conforming substantially to the inner dimensions of the top 11 is revolubly mounted concentric with said top and within the receptacle upon an axially positioned trunnioned bolt 17 extending through the guard and the adjacent end wall of the receptacle and upon a trunnion 18 at the other end of the guard, which trunnion 18 is secured as at 19 to the adjacent end of the guard and projects through a perforation '20 in the adjacent side of the receptacle and has a link 21 rigidly secured to its outer end by Ineans'of a cotter pin 22, while a washer or bushing 23 is positioned upon the trunnion 18 between the link 21 and the adjacent side of the receptacle.

The guard 16 is provided with a longitudinally extending pocket 24 for its entire length, which pocket is V-shaped in cross section and having an open top 25 adapted for the reception of mail matter receivable therein through the slot 15 when the cylinder is positioned as illustrated in Fig. 2 with the open side 25 of the pocket 24 directly beneath said slot 15.

A closure or lid 26 is hinged to the top 14 of the receptacle and adapted to close the slot 15 and flatly engage the top l-l as illustrated in Fig. 1 and with the curvature of which top the said closure conforms. A crank handle 27 is secured to the free end of the link 91 while a rod 28 pivotally connects the handle 27 with the closure 26, said rod being pivoted to said closure as at 29.

A stop 30 upon the slide of the receptacle is adapted to limit the rearward swinging movement of the link 21 by an engagement therewith while a spring 31 secured to the rear side of the receptacle acts as a limiting stop for the closure 26 in its rearward movement.

From this detailed description of the invention. the complete operation thereof is believed to be apparent. \Vith the elements positioned as illustrated in Fig. 1, it will be seen that a forward movement imparted to the handle 27 results in elevating the closure 26 by means of the connecting rod 28 and simultaneously therewith revolving the guard 16 to its position shown in Fig. 2 and with the pocket 24 positioned for receiving articles through the slot 15, such revolving of the guard being effected by the turning of the'trunnion 18.,by. means eitheconnecting link 21 when the handle 27 is so operated. The closure 26 is provided with tion and details oi construction withoutdepart ng from, the spirit} and scope of the invention. as set o t in th pp nde claim.

Yhat I claim asnew is: A device of the. class described comprising a receptacle provided with a top semicircular in cross section and having a transuersetmaiiientrance slot inthe ridge portion thereof, a cylindrical guard trunnioned within said receptacle concentric with the curvature of said top and provided with an open sided pocket substantially V-shaped in cross section and extending the entire lon gitudinal length of the guard, a link ositioned exterior-1y of the receptacle an secured at one end to the uard pivot, a curved closure plate for saidt hin ed to the receptacle .t P,, a Connecting ro between the other-end of said link and closure plate, a crank handle at the point of connection of the link and rod, a forwardly positioned weight upon the outer faceof said late, a stopfor saidlink and a springstop ihr said plate exteriorly carriedby said receptacle.

In. testimony WhereofI afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Joan Roeacznwsn YUSEF DUDRINSKI.

00314:: 9111 R est be, o tains. ve e ac y si minx he ommences- 13 m,

' mamma ian

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