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Publication numberUS1121161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1914
Filing dateMay 13, 1914
Priority dateMay 13, 1914
Publication numberUS 1121161 A, US 1121161A, US-A-1121161, US1121161 A, US1121161A
InventorsGeorge M Bowen
Original AssigneeGeorge M Bowen
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Odorless garbage-can cover.
US 1121161 A
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Lyl., Patented Dee, 15,1914.


ODORLESS GARBAGE-CAN COVER Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 15, 1914.

Application filed May 13, 1914. Serial No. 838,335.

l/ 'o au' whom. 't may concern Be it known that I, Geenen M. BoWEN, a citizen ot' the United States, residing at Brooklyn, in the county ot' Kings, State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Odorless Garbagean Covers; and I do'hereby declare the :t'ollowing to be a fill, clear, and exact description ot' the invention, such as -will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertai'ns to malte and use the same.

rfhis invention relates to receptacles, particularly to receptacles for containing refuse such as garbage and the like, and has for its object the provision o'l a novel cover for a receptacle ot' this character which is so constructed as to prevent the escape ot' any obnoxious gases or odors from the receptacle caused by the fermentation of the contents.

An important object is to provide a device ot' this character which may be readily attached to any Well known or preferred type of garbage receptacle in common use without in any way changing the structure.

More Specitically the object of the invention is the provision of a cover provided with interior mechanism whereby access to the garbage container is prevented while the cover is itself in open position, this interior mechanism being shittable to discharge into the container the mattei' deposited within the cover, said shitting being incapable of accomplishmentuntil the cover is in its closed position.

Another object is the provision of a device et' this character which will be simple and ellicient in operation, inexpensive in manufacture, durable in service and a general improvement of the art.

'With these and other objects and advantages in view, my invention consists in the novel construction and arrangement ot' parts as will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed, .and illustrated in the accompanying dravvings, in which-- Figure l is a top pian vieu' of my device, Fig. 2 a vertical sectional View therethrough slunving the device applied to a garbagl reciaxitacle, showing it in its open position, Fig, 2l a 'ross sectional therethrough, and liig l is a. \erti al sectional view through the device with the rcvoluble plate swung hall wav.

Referring more particularly to the draufings, the numeral designates a garbage receptacle ot anv well known or preterred type such as the cylindrical galvanized container in popular use.

My invention is adapted to be disposed upon the open end ot' the container and comprises a pret'erablv truste-coni al shell 6 provided with a bottom 7 extending oni)Y slightlutY more than halt' way across to leave an open space S. 'lhe bottom 7 is spaced son'iewhat above the extieme`-lower edge ol the casing (3 to provide an annular llange 9 which is adapted to be disposed exteriorly ot' the container 5 for preventing the casing from displacement thereon.

At its upper end the casing l is provided With a plate l() soldered or otherwise secured thereon and disposed exactly above and in alinenient with the space in the bottom ot' the casing. '.lhis leaves a space l1 in the top. of the casing immediately above the bottom plate 7.

A closure plate l2 is hingcdlysecured as at 13 upon the edge of the to'p plate l() and is provided with a llange l-l adapted to eni- -brace the upper end of the casing levolubly mounted within the casing 6 is a plate which is bent centrali),v to form a semi-ovhndrical recess lb' adapted to cooperate with similarly bent brace arins 17 exteinfling across a nd suitably secu-red upon the plate l5. l

A spindle ld is disposed between the bent portions of the plate l5 and the arms 17 and is secured therein by rivets or other suitable liastening devices, though in the present instance screws and mits ll) and 2l) are shown. The spindle 1S is journaled through the bottom plate i and also extends through the top plate 10, being provided upon its cxtreme upper ond with an operating handle 2l by means ot' which the plate l5 may be rotated.

The pperation of the device is as follows: 'lfhe handle 2l being in the position shown in Fig. l, that is, Apairallel with the edge ot' the top plate li). the plate l5 is parallel with the edge ol the bottom plate T and therefore cuts oit' and prevents the passage of any gases or ,odors troni the garbage container o into the device. when the handle is in this position the closure plate .l2 mayY be lill'ed ,so that reliuse may be deposited through the opening Il and on to theI bottom plate 'i'. The closure plaie 12 is then swung down and the handle il turned so that the plate 15 in its rotarjvY movement will sweep the refuse l'rom the plate 7 into the space 8 and consesiton parallel with the edge of the plate 10.

Unless the handle 21 is in such parallel position it Will be obvious that the closure plate 12 cannot be opened. Furthermore tbe-handle 21 cannot be rotated unless the plate l2 is closed. It will therefore be apparent that when the plate' l2 is raised the escape of gases or odors is prevented by the plate 15 and When the plate 15 is moved so that gases or odors might escape into the casing 6 they cannot escape therefrom as the opening 11 is then necessarily closed by the engagement of the plate l2 with the handle 21.

F rom .the foregoing description and a study of the drawings it Will be apparent that I have thus provided a refuse receptacle'cover which Will readily permit of the deposit of refuse therein and at the same time prevent the escape of gases or odors.

It will be readily understood that I may make various changes in the form, construcJ tion, arrangement and .combination of parts without departing, from the spirit of the invention or limiting the scope of the subtop of said casing and in and revoluble Within said casing, and a handle connected, with said revoluble plate and extending through said second named plate, said closure plate being openable when said reyoluble'plate is disposed paral-v lel with the edge of said first Ynamed plate.

2. In combination vwith a refuse receptacle, a cver member comprising a casing fprovided upon its top and bottom With openings in staggered relation to each other, a closure plate adapted to close said upper opening, a plate revoluble within said casing and'adapted to divide said casing into two compartments, communicating normally with said openings and a handle connected with said' revoluble plate and adaptedto engage said closure plate whenv said revoluble plate extends Wholly or partly across said lowermost opening.

3. In combination'. with arefuse receptacle, acover member comprising a casing provided upon its top and bottom With openings, the bottom opening communicating with the interior of saidA receptacle, a hinged closure plate for closing the opening in the top, and means for preventing communication of said openings lwith each other, lish vcommunication between said openings whensaid closure plate is closed, said revoluble plate being incapable of' movement when said cover plate is open. f

In testimony whereof, I VaiiX my signature, in the presence of two Witnesses.


said means being revoluble toestab-

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