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Publication numberUS1121197 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1914
Publication numberUS 1121197 A, US 1121197A, US-A-1121197, US1121197 A, US1121197A
InventorsL. Momillan
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Loose-leaf book.
US 1121197 A
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1,121,197. Patented Dec. 15,1914.


ornron o oner n. or eminence,

noose-inn noon.

nisinoi of horrors Eoienh Fnsenced 115, role.

A, pllcsrion filed December 2-7, 1810. serial 330; 589,828.


The boolr which forms the subject' of the present invention is illuslreted in the onnesed drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is e perspective VlBW oil the book in its fully-open position; Fig. 2 a similar view with, the leaves oiboifih sections of bile boolr turned inwerd into their overlapping.

position; and Fig. 3 on end View, showing the book fully closed. I

The object oi this invention is to produce e book which while moving double the copeci'by or the usuol loose-loci book will, nevertheless, beve but liiele, ii any, greater or zip reciebly c'reoter thickness, and but slight y increase: Wldllll.

With the use of sectional rings or conciing fingers for holdin the leaves oi the usual loose-leaf books in place, the leaves which may be advantageously employed are in thickness considerably less than the width or height or the book, or that portion of the cool: to which the binding members or leelholding devices ere etteched, and i take advanta e of tbis fact by piecing two opposite y-disposed pockets or series of sheets or leaves within the some covers, and permilling the bodies or the leeves of one psclret or series to overlap or overlie the other when the book is closed. The aggreihicliness oil these superimposed leeves or peclreges of leaves is but little in excess of the height of the beck, so that while there is present double the number of leoves or pages the book is nos subsientiolly thicker than the usual or ordinary single boolr.

in the drawings, 1 and 2 donor/echo free covers or coi'er-boerds, connected by the books 3 and 4, respectively, to the common cover or cover-bonrd 5, the outer fees of the various members, Where the heel: is of the memorandum type, being preferably formed from n single piece of leather with suitable facing. The manner of producing the parts and the malarial from which they are construcbed is not, however, of the essence of the invention and Will very with the type of book. IPrei'erebly, the free boards 1 and 2 will be relatively short, they being sulficiently Wide, however, to overlap and close over the leaves of the pcckels.

Secured to the inner face of each of the books 3 end 4 is a suitable loose-leaf binder, designated by 6, the binder carrying leaf or sneeii-en eging members 7, of any approved form, adbpted lo engage the leaves or pages i which as shown, are arranged lin two op positely-disposecl packages, 8 and 9. Said packages are, when the book is closed, adepted to overlie each other, as shown in Fig. 3 end as will be seen upon reference to said figure, the thiclrness of the book throu h the center-1s but little greater thenthe heig in of lhe books 3 and Any approved form of-binder may be employed in lieu of the construction shown, which is of the two-part rin type.

To prevent the sheets the packages from rubbing against each other and against the cover-boards, I employ a pair of celluloid sheets 10 and 11, or the like, positioned upon the upper-end lowerfeces of the re spective packets.

As will be readily appreciated upon an inspection of the drawings, and more particularly upon reference to Fig. 1, either packet of leaves may be readily o ened and used as desired, and either so el; closed down upon the common covercard 5 when it is necessary to close the book, the rings permitting this to be readily accomplished, as the leaves automatically edjust themselves thereon. Moreover, esch packet or book-section may be opened out substantioll fist, see me left-hand portion of Fig.

1, t e boards, or more strictly speaking,

those portions adjacent the backs and which form the connections between the backs and the boards, being sufiiciently flexible to per- A card pocket, as 12, may foil-ind upon the inner face of the intermediate or common cover-board or cover I Having thus described my invention, what I claim 1s:

. 1. A book comprising three alined cover-- Y boards; a pair of backswforming connections between the. opposite extremities of the cam.

tral or intermediate section and the" other boards; and'a packet or series of leaves connected to each back and capable of being turned, bodilyias a whole or in part, to one or the other side of their point of-connection, theleaves of one series overl ing'those' of the other when they are turne inwardly to their closed position.

2. A book comprising three alined coverboards; a pair of oppositely-disposed backs flexibly connecting the boards in pairs, with one board common to the two pairs; a looseleai ring binder secured to each back; and

a series of leaves carried by each binderythe leaves of one series overlying those of the other when the book is closed.

3. A book having oppositely-dispos' and. secured leaves, the

packets being free to swing bodil in whole or in part, to one or the ot er si e of their ries of leaves secured to the .two packets or series of point of connection, one of said' packets overlying the other when the book is closed.

4. A book comprising two packets'or series'of oppositely-disposed and freely-opening and swingin leaves, each packet being I likewise suscepti 1e of being swun bodily .as a whole to one or the other si e ofits point of connection,.said packets overlapping when thebook is closed; and a cover for the ackets.

ook comprising two ackets 0r-se i tinuous piece of material.

In testimony whereof I have signedmy name to thisspecification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

Witnesses i H. L; BABCOCK NJ. a;

their point of connection, said p'ack-

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