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Publication numberUS1121426 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1914
Filing dateMar 29, 1911
Priority dateMar 29, 1911
Publication numberUS 1121426 A, US 1121426A, US-A-1121426, US1121426 A, US1121426A
InventorsHarrison B Walter
Original AssigneeNat Fibre Box Company
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US 1121426 A
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APPLIOATION FILED 111.11.29. 1911.

, 1,121,426.- Patented Dec. 15, 1914.

v 2 SHEETS-SHEET?. if',

nannrsonvniwanrnn, or onnvmnn, rnLinois, assranon 'ro NATIONAL comme, or nnnvinnnlrnnrnois, .a conronafrion or unimore.

To all whom. t may concern.:

Be itl known that I, HAnmsox B. WALTER, a. citizen' ot' the United States, residing at Danville, in the county of Vermilion and State of llllinois,have invented certain new and'useful Improvements in Boxes, of which the following is a specitication.

,My invention relates to an improvement in collapsible boxes, and relates to thaty character of box which is constructed from a single piece-of material.

The object is to provide end iiaps Jfior the bottom, top, and ends of the box, which are connected together by a removable fastening so that the parts can all be folded upon one another, and the box folded into a small compass..

novel features of construction and combina- 1 tions of parts which will be `hereinafter described and pointed out in the claims.

ln the accompanying 1 is a view in perspective showing the box when closed, Fig. 2 is a perspective vien7 of the box showing the cover open or in raised position, Fig. 3 is a top plan view showing the box being folded into position, and Fig. 4 is atransverse sectional view. .i

The box is preferably made ofpaper or strawboard mat which is creased at intervals as at 1, 1, for forming the cover 2, bottom 3, and sides 4;. The cover and sides are provided with iaps 5, 5, which taper to a oint at their outer ends and are fastened to the boxby means of staple 6, the inner ends of the flaps being bent atan angle for forming a flange 7 through which the'staples are passed, and :fastening the flaps to the body of the box. Connected to the bottom are the solid aps 8, which are of a length equal to the width of the bottom, so that when brought to a vertical or upright position, they will be received snu against the sides 4C. The aps 8 are provi ed with anges 9, i through which extend staples 1() for fastening the aps to the bottom 3; by providing a solid end flap 8, the box can be packed with goodstin bulk, or loose goods. The other flaps "are .tapered so that when the Specication of Letters Patent. application mea March 2s, 1911.

.box is folded together', there will be no inter- The invention consists in certain other,

drawings Figure f rrsnn nox lljatented Dec. 15, i914.

serial No. 617,606.

ference with the edges or vfalls of the other parts of the box, and this allows for the easy and simplevasselnblage of the box. Openings 11 are formed through the ends of each Hap 5, while openings 12 are formed through the central portion of the flaps 8. hollow screw-plug 13 isv received through an opening in each of the aps 8, and passes through tlaps 5 of the sides 4i, and ai-ter the box is folded, the cover is lowered., and the deps of the cover are mounted upon the hollow plug when the screw-caps 14 are'screwed upon the plugs, thereby fastening all of the deps together. A iiange 15 formed on one ot the sides 4 is passed over the cover 2, fafter it has 65 been lowered, and is glued thereto, or fastened by glued strips 16.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure byk Letters Patent, is:-

1. A collapsible box comprising a top, bot-- tom, and sides formed from a single piece of material and adapted to be folded into shape, daps connected to the bottom which are of a length equal tothe width of the bot- 7e tom and of a height equal to the width of the sides for forming a complete closure for the ends of the box, end laps connected to the sides, means connected to the bottom iiaps lto which the end flaps are' connected for holding the sides in a vertical position, and iiaps connected to thecover adapted to engage said means when the cover is brought to a position for closing the box, whereby the cover may be held closed.

2. vA collapsible box comprising a top, bottom and sides formed from a single piece of material, sides adapted to be bent to an upright position with respect to the bottom, daps connected to the bottom adapted to be swung to a position tor engaging the sides and completely closing the ends ot the box. and having an opening therein, end flaps connected to the sides provided with openings, which fiaps are adapted to register with the opening in the bottom aps. means passing through said flaps for connecting them together for holding the sides and bot-- tom ap in an u pright position,- a cover ng from one of the sides for closing-the box and aps connected to the cover having sind means extend u Closed posltlon.

openings through which for fastenmg the cover m In .testimony whereof I aHX my signa-ture, in the presence of two witnesses.v v HARRISON B. WALTER.

Witnesses: f


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U.S. Classification229/125.39, 229/169, 229/198, 229/154, 229/163, 229/156, 229/148, 229/128
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/643