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Publication numberUS1122086 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1914
Filing dateSep 22, 1914
Publication numberUS 1122086 A, US 1122086A, US-A-1122086, US1122086 A, US1122086A
InventorsCombined Mouth Peop
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Combined mouth prop and illuminator.
US 1122086 A
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Patented Dec. 22, 1914.

n vanto@ WW1/masas WILLIAM F. DUNLOP,

or Nnw YORK, N. Y.


4 Speciiicationy of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 22, 191i..

Application ledSeptember 22, 1914. Serial No. 863,003.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it `known that ll, WILLIAM F. DUNLOP, a citizen ot the United States, residing at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented new and y useful Improvements in Combined Mouth Props and llluminators, of which the folrpliance comprises a body pivotally mounted upon a saddle member the said saddle member being adapted to straddle the teeth of the patient. A rest is adiustably mounted upon Ithe body member and is also adapted to engage the teeth of the patient. A- miniature electric lamp or bulb is mounted in the i `body and means is provided for supplying current to the said bulb. Also means is provided for turning the body with relation to the saddle and the rest.

ln the accompanying drawings :v-'Figure l is a perspective view indicating the manner in which the device is applied to the mouth of a patient. F ig. 2 is a side elevation with parts in section of the device. Fig. 3 is an elevation ot ythe device showing the same atv a right angle to the view as shown in Fig. 2.

The combined mouth prop and illuminator comprises a body l which is pivotally mounted upon a saddle member 2 adapted to straddle the teethv of a patient. A meml bei1 2 is provided at the under side oi' the intermediate portion with a suitable cushion 3 oi' any material as for instance cork or the like. The cushion 3 isheld in position in the member 2 by means or inwardly disposed ribs t formed at the opposite side portions 4 of the member.

An electric light bulb 5 is inserted in the body l and a cap G is detachably and turnably mounted upon the body 1 andis provided with a tube 7 through which electric wires 8 are passed and which leads to the y bulb 7 for the purpose of supplying electric current to the same.

A cup-shaped member 8 is provided with a threaded shank 9 which is screwed into the upper portion of the body 1. A cushion 10 is located in the cup-shaped member 8 and is adapted to bear against the teeth of the upper jaw oi' a patient when the device is applied as best indicated by F ig. 1 of the drawing. .he tiret cup-shaped member together with the attached shank and the cushion contained therein `constitute a rest for the upper teeth of the patient. The body 1 is provided at its lower portion and at the opposite sides of a line passing vertically through` its center with openings 11 into either one of which may be inserted the end portions of an angular tube 12. A pipe 13 is detachably connected with the upper end portion oi' the` tube 12 and a flexible tube 1i is connected with the pipe 13 and may be immersed in running water whereby a suction maybe created through the same ycausing the tube 12, pipe 13 and said tube 11i to serve as a drain for the saliva when the device is in position in the mouth.

From the above description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, it

will be observed that the cup member 8 is adjusted with relation to the body l whereby the jaws may be held apart at a desired distance and when the device is applied to a patient the vbody l may be turned in yorder to direct the rays of light from the bulb 5 at any particular part of the mouth and also means is provided upon the body 1 for draining the saliva from the mouth of the patient.

Having described the invention what is claimed is 1. A dental prop comprising a body member, teeth engaging members mounted therew on and an illuminator carried by the body member and located between the teeth engaging members. f

2. A' dental prop comprising teeth engaging members, a body `turnably mounted thereon and an illumiiiator carried by the body.

In testimony whereof l attiX my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: Y


Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, I). C.

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