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Publication numberUS1122111 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1914
Filing dateJun 21, 1913
Publication numberUS 1122111 A, US 1122111A, US-A-1122111, US1122111 A, US1122111A
InventorsAwbkew Hahson
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US 1122111 A
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maan 1. y l

" Application filed June 21,l

. My present invention pertains to measuring pumps, and consists in the simple, durable and reliable construction hereinafte ,described and definitely claimed.

lIn the drawings accompanying and forming part of this specification: Figure 1 is an elevation of my novel lmeasuring pump. Fig. 2 is a View, partly in elevation/and partly in vertical section of the same.

Similar numerals of reference designate corresponding parts in all ofthe views of the drawings.

ln common with measuring pumps extant, my novel pump comprises a cylinder, nonreturn valves for controlling the induction and eduction ports of the cylinder, a' piston, andl gearing for transmitting motion from a crank or other handle to the piston.

The cylinder 1-of my pump is of peculiar and advantageous construction as is also the piston 2. By reference to Fig. 2, it will be understood that the cylinder 1 comprises a barrel, a cap 3 having a groove in its under side receiving the upper end of the barrel, a base l4 having a groove in its upper side receiving the lower end of thebarrel, androds 5 connecting the cap 3 and base 4 and equipped with nuts 6, as'shown.

'^ The cylinder base 4'is provided with. a reduced depending portion arranged in the tubular upper portion of a stand 7 and secured by a set screw 8. In the said reduced and'depending portion 6 of base 4 is a vertical port 9 the lower end of which isthreaded for' the connection'of a pipe (not shown) leading from asuitable source of liquid supply. At its upper end said port 9 merges into a' beveled valve-seat 10 which, in turn, extends upwardly to the floor of a chamber 11, formed in the upper side of the base 4. The side wall of the said chamber 11 is inclined outward from the floor ofthe chamber to the upper side of the base 4, at which latter poi-ntv the chamber` corresponds in diameter with the interior of the cylinder barrel, for an important purpose hereinafter described. The port. 9 is controlled by `a beveled valve l12y having a depending stem 13 guided and suitably l `Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 2 2, 1914.

1913. Serial No. 774,973.

retained in theport 9. By virtue of the valve 12' being arranged in the lower portion of the chamber 11 in position to occupy the sea-t 10, the valve is not liable to be struck or otherwise affected by the piston when the latter reaches the extremity of its downward traverse. It will also be observed in this connection that thev flaring of the chamber 11 due to the upward and outward inclination of the side wall thereof, efectually prevents the disposition of the valve below the piston chamber from lessening the inflow of liquid incidental to the upward stroke 'of the piston. It will further be observed that thecylinder base 4 is a heavy casting, and that it is provided with a port 14 that extends outwardly from the chamber 11 and then upwardly.

As will be observed by lreference to Fig. 2 the piston is provided With a threaded rod 15, and comprises in addition to said rod,

lower and u'pper plates 16, preferably of metal, lower and upper clampingnuts'l'?, and annular washers 18, the latter being preferably formed of leather. The inner portion of the washers 18 are clamped and strongly held between thel plates 1G, and hence it will be manifest that the outer por! tion of the upper washer 18 is directed upwardly while the outer portion of the lower washer 18 is directed downwardly. By virtue of this specific construction it will be ob'- served that the liability of air escaping past the piston `is reduced to a minimum, and hence the efficiency of the pump as a whole isincreased.

Connected to and extending upwardly from the port 14 is an upright conduit 19 having, by preference, lower and upper faucets 20 and 21, and arranged at 22 in said conduit isa non-return valve. 'It will also be noted that the conduit 19 extends through I and is braced and held by the cap 3.

Q3 is an upright fixed to and rising from the cylinder cap 3.

24 is a housing secured on and supported by the-conduit 19 and upright 23. 4

25 is ar rack bar fixed to the piston rod 15 and having Aa finger 26, and 27 is a rod interposed between and secured to the cap 3 and housing 24, and having pointers 28 designed to be fixed at predetermined points to indicate the Quantities ofliquid drawn -nto the cylinder on the upward stroke of the piston.

The piston may be actuated injany preferred manner without involving departure from the scope vof, my invention. l prefer, however, to employ for the purpose the mentioned rack bar 25, a crank 30, and gearing such as shown in Fig. 2 intermediate the crank and the rack har.l

Having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure'by Letters-Patent is:

The herein described pump, comprising a stand having an-upwardly extending tubular portion, a barrel, a thick base opposed to the lower end of the barrel and having a chamber in its upper side and also having a valve-seat extending downwardly from the floor of the chamber and merging into a downwardly extending port, said port being formed in a reduced depending portion that is secured in the tubular portion of the stand, and further having a port extending laterally outward 'from the chamber and then upwardly,aJ non-return valve arranged to4 occupy said seat in the base, a cap opposed to the upper end of the barrel and.

connected with the base and having a vertically disposed aperture at one side of the barrel'and a central aperture and also having al seatat one side of the barrel, a rod se-` cured in theseat of the cap and extending lupwardly therefrom, a pipe connected with throughthe housing, and means mounted in the housing and connected with the rack for actuating the piston.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set vmy hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses. i

ANDREW HANSON. Witnesses: n


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