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Publication numberUS112262 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1871
Publication numberUS 112262 A, US 112262A, US-A-112262, US112262 A, US112262A
InventorsGideon Marsh
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Improvement in bee-hives
US 112262 A
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l @muh To all whom it may comer-n eIDnoNl MARSH, or` s'TEAMBUnel, 'NEWvYo-n'n.,

Leners Patent No. 112,262.' ama Febriiery 23,1814,


The Shodnln referred te In theme Patent and making ot the name.

y Be it known `that I, Gmnon' MARSH, ,of Steam burg, in the county of Oettareugus and in the State of New York, have invented certain newV and useful Improvementsin Bee-Hives; und do hereby declare that the followingis a. full, clear and exact deecliption thereof, reference being. ha to the accompanying drawing 'and to the letters of reference marked `thereon making a. part of this specification.

'lhe nature of my invention consists 'in thel construction end arrangementof a. bee-hive, which I call `thebntter1tub hee-hive, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

In orde; `toenehle others skilled in the art to which my inventioneppertuins to make and use the same, I will now.prooeed`. to describeits construction `and opera-tion, referring tothe annexed drawing, which represents vertical section'of my improvedbee-hive.

`My hive is composed of two tubs or firkins .turned upsidedown.

Ag representsoneof` seid Itulos forming the mein hive, end provided in the center'with a post, B, pussing through and securedltoithe top of the hive.

. From 'near the lower end of this post extend arms,

` O G, which form supports for the comb;

yTheupper end of the post B is hollow or tubular, with a. vertical slot in the seme for the bees to pass up'wnrd to the honeyv-boxD, which is placed on top' of the hive, Athe upper -end if the post entering said box. A l

E represents another tub or irkin-A which'for'ms the cap of the hive, and is Vplaced over the-main hiveA resting upon' n shoulder, a, formed on the seme or ou a hand encircling it.

b b nre the bee-entrances; d, Ventilating-holes inthe mein hive;

e, aperture'in the centerof the l1oney-box; und

j; a. wire-cloth-covered 'aperture in the top of the cap E, to insure ventilation;

-In the manufacture of stuves for butter-tubs and rkins there is necessarily a.A large amount of. poor Steves unsuitable for vessels that are required to hold brine. These stakes-may be utilized in` constructing beef-hives in the vmanner above described. The oep coming down over the main hive keeps it c`ool in summer andverm in winter.

.h is it slide to close the'tuhe B, and keep thebees in the .mein hive.

Having thus fullydesorihed my invention,

lVhztt l claim as vnew, and desirevto secure. by Letters Patent, visA The inverted tnbi A, tubular post B, and :irms 0 O, in combination with the honey-box I), slide h, 'n. nd inverted tub creep E, all constructed und .arranged substentially'es end-for the purposes herein set forth.

In testimony that I 'claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand and seul tliis'thdey of January,

GIDEON'MARSH. .[n. s.] AWitnesses: l


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