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Publication numberUS1123272 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1915
Filing dateFeb 12, 1913
Priority dateFeb 12, 1913
Publication numberUS 1123272 A, US 1123272A, US-A-1123272, US1123272 A, US1123272A
InventorsWilliam R Goodman
Original AssigneeWilliam R Goodman
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Exercising device.
US 1123272 A
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w. R. GooMAN.


1,123,272. Patented 211.5. 191.5.





To all whom z'tjmag/ concern Be it known that I, WILLIAM R. GOOD- MAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Palisade, in the county of Bergen and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Exercising Devices, of which the .following is a full, clear, and exact specification.

My invention relates to an improved exercising device and has particular reference to spring exercisers.

One object of my invention is to provide a construction whereby the spring exerciser may be used as a wall exerciser for obtaining a certain character of exercises corresponding with those obtainable by ordinary chest weights and also whereby the spring or springs may be used independently of any wall connection for various exercises with the springs strained between the two hands or between feet and hands, etc.; also to provide means whereby the springs may be quicklyy and conveniently changed for adaptation to each class of exercises.

Although the spring exerciser as above referred to is very advantageous in having the advantage of adaptability to different classes of exercises not obtainable by other forms of exercisers, yet it is of vital importance to render the use of the spring exerciser perfectly safe. Thus if the springs become disconnected at their ends when distended, their use is dangerous. Thus another object of my invention is to produce a construction whereby the disconnection of the ends of the springsduring use of the apparatus is practically impossible. LonO v D This connection forms a safety line so that continued tests of my improved device have proven its complete safety in this respect. My improved exerciser also includes other precautions of safety which are hereinafter described.

Other objects of my invention are to secure simplicity in construction and a pleasing appearance while maintaining the advantages of safety and convenient interchangeability.

My invention will be understood from the following description and accompanying drawings in which- Figure 1 is a side view of an exerciser Specification of Letters Patent.

` and Fig. 4 is a sectional view on the line 4-4 with the spring partly broken away.

Referring to Fig. 1, the springs are shown at 1, y1 having at their ends the snap hooks 2. A hook is shown at 3 indicated as fastened to the wall to` which hook another hook 4 is connected, to the shank of which is fastened a bracket 5 of heavy steel wire. This bracket has formed at its lower ends the eyes 6 adapted to receive the snap hooks 2, the rod 7 acting as a brace between the ends of the bracket. The bracket is connected to the hook 4 by a closely fitting turn around the shank of the hook 4, the head 8 serving as an abutment for holding the` parts together. The handles 9 have connected to them the brackets 10 which are made up of heavy steel wire having their ends extending withinV the handles. The

wire is looped at its central part to form in case the hook 3 should become detached as the result of continued use of the apparatus, the safety line or chain will prevent the springs from being thrown toward the user as they would then be held by the chain and eye 14. Fig. 2 shows the springs connectedl between the two handles for securing a different class of exercises from those obtainable with the wall connection above described. In Fig. 2, the springs are shown connected between the eyes 12 of the handle brackets. Vith this form of exerciser adapted for different classes of exercises, it

p Patented J an. 5, 1915. Application filed February 12, 1913. Serial No. 747,901. i

is obvious that the constructionshould be rsuch that the :change from one arrangement of thel dev-ice to t'h'e other :should be accomn plished as quickly and conveniently-as-pcssible. The snap hooks 2 :are provided with y v a blade-spring andl it is apparent that by pressing this blade the hooks Inayreztdily eyes in the handle brackets.

In =order. .to fullil vthe vessential requirement v olfstrength in 'the .connection between the hooks '.2 fand the endslo'f the springs, I 'have devised the form. of construction :shown'in Figs. .3 and .4. ln this construction ,there is Iiorine integrally Witt-1 ythe body of fthe ,snap

i ,hook .a shank or neck 1,11'6 an enlarged head '17,.y .A malleable Vinfin for steel ring .is .connected `to the shank 3K6 :by .having in- .tegrally tformed withrthe ring an ,enlarged part 2119 .adapted to .embrace the shank and ijs securely ...connected thereto by over the-open ends ot `the vrpart S119 `so as :to

clamp 'the shank, ,as ,Well `indicated ,in Fig.

The .end of the spring ,secured to litorzrn of construction just described., 'floy conrforming .the .turnsjoiithie spring no .the upper y,part vof .the .ni-ng .lasshown in Eig. B; that is, `the .first V'turn .of theispring iis wound vialoove the upper part of .the `.ring :1;8 `and thel .succeeding turns fare of ,gradually liner-easi f v ing Ydiameter laccondsince the Qin- ;icreased Width .across the ring' ,toward Vits .'diameten 'The @of .this form of vconv nection .has beenY tozund Ito considerably TeX- cceed .that oit the .spring .itsel .isdue .-'to v'the fact that although .the 'tlllms 'of the .spring of .normal diameter ane v`quite .tlexi- .lole :and yielding, yet as lthe g'convoilutions `of ythe*spring anonimiv the .ning .18 ldecrease in .diameten they .have .the ,property .oit

e creased .sti'tli'ness .so .that cfwghfength'e .spring .is

.idistended --the (separation .between lfthe conrivolti-tions ort the inning is lessia-nd as the diameter for .the tunns at the .end of gthe V:spring .becomes decreased, the last etur-n or itwo not yielding 'tto any icppr-eable @meu-rift. lFurthermone, Iin .makin-g this connection of 'fthe end off the spning 'itherzeis ino l.severe strain for tvvist infamy ,part to the mime so ithaitthe v1inherent @strength @of :the Wime iisgnot vlessened at any .one .or .more points, isuehfas v;osai. l hocks.Y ,y l n t2.. ln ,a lspring the ,combination t with vthe springs, of hoo'ks ,at the ends thereofimproperuse of the device, or by accident, the spring gshoul-d break at one vor .more points, 'thecord @or tapef@ will .serve .t0 prei, vent-parts of the spring from iying out and trom vsepaintingrom .the connections between the brackets and so prevent danger tol user. be connected and disconnected from the eyes in the Wall brackt i5 aand also fsnemdly, be connected and disconnected to the .several It Will be understood yfrom the above that adapted for interchangeability and for obtaining different classes ofeXercises, fulfils in the highest degree the requirement of strength andsafety throughout all v parte, is

simple construction and presents a pleas- -ing Yappearance;

fairy? .improved eXerciser Y is wlyni'entzly ldlaving thus described my invention, what .I claim asnewand desire to secure ALeftterzs Patent loit the United States is ll. In a ,spring zezrercisenl the yjcojnibin''a'.tinxi with .the springs, of hooks ,secured 'to lt'h'e ceive said hooks, means .for `cQnnelcting -said 'bracket to ..a .fixed part, .ar safefty connection l.between said bracket andthe xed part, ,handles brackets., each Off' said brackets .having '1a plurality of eyes to 'which said springs .are adapted 'tolbe .connected ijn- .terrhangebln .by .Said fhoks", .and a Safety Acorral mithin ah of said springs connected of, aring connected tolthefinner end oteac'h of said Aend of spring being Wound .over .ring with convolutions Aof .decreasing .diameterland lcss'than the/full `r`roo ,diameter of ,the springazsaety .cond Within `'each tot the springs .and connected "to one-,of

.said -rin, fs ,at :each fend .ofthe spring, and .handles havingbraclrets ,adapted to fbe en- ,gaged by .said hooks.: l 2. In .a .springn-exenciser, .the combination with the springs, hoks jat fthe .ends thereof, ,each l(afsaid hooks having a shank with @an .enlarged head, ,a ygri-ing having .a part einbrac- ,ling .said .shank,x.the end' lof the spring ,being mound `.,overlsaigd .ring with, convvolu'tions of -decreasing-@.emefer and less than .the ,1111

diameter @fthe spring, a vsafetycord -v vgithin nach .of -Vthe springs rand conneetedr 'to .one ,of said rings at nach .emi of .the swipe', @ndf. 115

handleshaving brackets adapted to he er1- gaged by said hooks.V

4t.: Ln .a :spring exercis er .the .combination Awith the springs, .ogf (hooks kat 'lthefends theretot, nach @it said hooks having-.iin @flanged :leent vai: .its .inner and, thefend 'of the Ispring "120 being Wound over said enlarged-.pant with f comit)lutiolisv ot a .diameter less lthan the .tulflffdiameter 0f l.thespritzig, ,a wall .bracket adapted to receive said',hooksl "rneansdiorv.

safety connection between said bracket A'and the fixed part, handles having brackets; each In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature, of :'sacild brackets1 being formed 3f "").l Wire in presence of two Witnesses.

oope at a plura ity of points an tofyvhieh loops said springs are adapted tobe con- WILLIAM R' GOODMAN' 5 n eeted interchangeably by said hoolhgs, and Witnesses:

afsfety cord Within each of sadsprings L. K. SAGER,

connected to said hooks. GEO. N. KERK.

copies ot this patent may be obtained tot ive cents each, by addressing` the Commissioner of Patents,

` Washington. D. 0;

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