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Publication numberUS112378 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1871
Publication numberUS 112378 A, US 112378A, US-A-112378, US112378 A, US112378A
InventorsAsahee A. Porteb
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Improvement in tacks
US 112378 A
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l To all whom fitmdy concern;

description of the same,

accompanying drawing and to the letters of reference Y N wwwa wie @met @wie ASAEEE A; TCETEE, CE NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT.

Lettesfratnt No.` 112,378, dated March 1,v 1871,; animated Eebmryfz, 1871.

The Schedule referred to theseletters rPatent andmakng part of the same. V i i A Be it kuma-hat I, ASAHEL A. PORTER, of; New Haven, inthe countyof NeWHavenand State of i i Oonnecticuhhalve .invented a. new and useful Improve-l or "Carpet-Tanks; and "I 'do following is a. full andlaexact reference being had' to the ment in Upholstering hereby 'declare that the marked thereon. i

This invention consists in the specific construction of en improted carpet-tack, the details' of whichwill be fully-,described hereinafter;

`loenetble others skilled in the drt to ineke and` use l myinvention, I will now proceed to describe fully the manner of Constructing the same.

In Figures 3, 4, 7,`21nd"8 is shown my improved tack, consisting of a. po1nt,bent head, and denge.

l f The flange `regulates the depth to which the tack :hay he driven, and the head provides a manner of easyremovail when desired.

Having thus fully described my intention,

What I claim' as new, and desire to secure by Leters Patent of the United States, is

As a( new article of' manufacturm a tack, constructed, as described, with-a. point, bent head, and flange, as set forth.

This specification signed and witnessed this 2d day of February, 1870.


` 5v Witnesses:



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Cooperative ClassificationE01B9/06, Y10S411/923