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Publication numberUS112417 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1871
Publication numberUS 112417 A, US 112417A, US-A-112417, US112417 A, US112417A
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US 112417 A
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- tot anni didnt.


. l Letters latent No. 112,417, dated March?, 1871.'


`.'L'lxe Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and znaking pari: of the same.

" Toall whom 'itmag/ concern: i I i Y Beit known that I,` J OHNW. GARLETQN, of New Britain, in the countyfof Hartford'and Stateof Couneoticut, have invented a new Improvement in Butt- Hingesg'and I do herebyfdeclarethe following,'when :taken in connection with Ythe accompanying drawing i and the letters of referencial` marked thereon, .to be a.

ifull,-elear,` andexactldeseription of the` same, and which said drawing'constitntes part of thislsp'ecilica- 1 tion, and represents il Figure 1a `front view of the butt open ;1`

Figure 2, the same,lshowing' a sectional view of the `pintle portion of the hinge," andin l p Figures 3 aud4, modesofconstruetion ofthe pintle. i Thisinventiourelates to an improvement in what areternied fast-joint butt-hinges.` i

Heretofore this classofhiuges have been drilled through their entire length,\a wire pintle inserted andv riveted at `both ends. ;Ihis :operati on of riveting fref quently4 upsets the wire pintle and makes the joint I stili' and diicult to turn.' f Qthers'have been formed by casting thefmetal around the wire.

fates no Vinconsiderabletrouble in the process ni' molding, and docs not; overcome `the diiiculty of stili, hard g joints. l

i The` object of myinventiou'is to overcome these `diliicnlties and produce butts at less expense; and

Myinvention consists in preparing the pintle at one yend by Tong-helling, bending,`0r upsetting, andi then,`after having drilled the hinge, driving thesaid pint-le into ,the hinge, theA preparation of `the pintle preventingitsremovalaiteronce inserted. i

'Aisfonc part,"'and ll1the other part of a common butt-hinge, each part constructed with corresponding This necessi- -ears a, and b.- fThe two parts are placed together and drilled through all th'eears to the vlast, and that partly `through, as seen in ig.`2.

"lhe pintle C, corresponding to the hole drilled,.is cut' fllOm wire the required length; then the upper end, or thatpart of the pintle which will,;when 1nserted, occupy the tir-st ear drilled, is roughened by Y cutting, ,as in fig. 2, or slightly bent, as ing. 3, or

upset or flattened, as in iig. 4, oniroughened hy rusting, or otherwise prepared, so that when Inserted Into the `hole drilled, and that prepared portion driven or pressed into the one part, `willf-rmly hold or adhere thereinaud prevent the removal of the pintle.

As no riveting is required the hinge is not drilled through, therefore the pintle may be shorter than the Ventire length of the hinge, thus saving in each hinge a certain vportion of the wire, which` inv the many hingesis no iuconsiderableamount; but, if' preferred, the hinge may be drilled entirely through, andj'tlie pintle extend entirely through; but such, is not essential, it only'being necessary to extend so tar as to get abearing on the lower die. `ly thus insertingmthe l pintle it -cannot by'anypossibility be upset so'as'to bend or enlarge it within thee-ars; hencethehcarlng is always free and smooth.

I claim asmy invention- In the manufacture of butt-hinges, the pintlehpreviously prepared by roughening or cquivalent-dev1ces, and inserted into tliehinge after' the two parts are `set together, substantially in the' manner described..




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