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Publication numberUS1124518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1915
Filing dateDec 15, 1913
Priority dateDec 15, 1913
Publication numberUS 1124518 A, US 1124518A, US-A-1124518, US1124518 A, US1124518A
InventorsErnest J Qvarnstrom
Original AssigneeCarter Qvarnstrom & Remington, Miles L Carter, Ernest J Qvarnstrom, Edgar A Remington
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Adjustable neck-chain.
US 1124518 A
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APPLmATIoN FILED 11150.15. ma.

1,124,518, l Patented Jan. 12,1915.

ff i


1u: Nanms rn sns cv., wAsNmmuN. n, c,



sas EAEN rio.


1,124,515 'Specification of Letters latent. Patgnted 52ML 12j, 1915 Application filed December 15, 1913. Serial No. 306,759.

I all whom 'it may concern: of the wearer, all of which for convenience Be it known that l, ERNEST J. QvAnN- l designate as chain. srnoM, a citizen of the United States, resid- To one end of the chain l preferably ating at Attleboro, in the county of Bristol tach a ring or loop 11, and the opposite end 5 and State of Massachusetts, have invented of the chain is passed through this ring, Certain new and useful Improvements in doubled back upon itself and attached to a djustable Neck-Chains, of which the folbinding or gripping member 1Q, through a lowing is a specification, reference being hole in which member the adjacent portion had therein to the accompanying drawing. 13 0f the chain passes, whereby the said i0 This invention relates to adjustable neck binding member is adapted to be slid along Chains, the chain, either toward or from the ring 11, lt is found in practice highly desirable to so as to lengthen or shorten the double porprovide an adjustment for ornamental neck tion of the chain and so regulate or adjust chains from which a watch, locket, or the the operating length of the whole. i5 like is suspended, as almost every wearer One form of gripping member is best requires or desires a different length, that is, illustrated in Fig. 3 which comprises a bar stout and large persons require a longer 14,.having an eye 15 at one end through chain than slim or small persons, and each which the chain passes and an eye 16 at the 70 desire to adjust the chain to suit her own opposite end in which the end 17 of the fancy, whereby the suspended ornament chain is secured. lt will be noted that by may bo Supported in tho desired position on this construction when the bar is brought the person. around into a position at substantially a To accomplish the above object I have right angle to the axis of the chain, that 7 5 provided a neck chain which has a portion it may be readily slid along on the chain, doubled upon itself and the doubled end that iS, the chain Will pass readily through vslidably connected to the adjacent portion the eye thereof, but when the shank of this of the chain with a member which is adaptmember is drawn down substantially in line ed to grip and bind or be slid along the with or against the chain, as is the case chain as may be desired, for the purpose o when the chain is under tension, the thick- 30 adjusting the operating length thereof, so ness of the bar serves to clamp, bind and that the chain may be regulated to suit the grip the chain and prevent the member requirements of the wearer. from being readily slid along thereon. Sub- \Vith these and other objects in view, the stantially the same eect is produced by the invention consists of certain novel feabinding member when made in the form o 35 tures of construction, as will be more fully a ball or sphere 18, which in practice is the described and particularly pointed out in preferred form, the ball having a hole 19 the appended claim. through which the portion 13 of the chain Of the accompanying drawings: Figure passes. The inside of the ball is preferably 1- is a View illustrating the chain with vlilled with cork, or other suitable yieldable 4o a portion passed through the ring in one or flexible material, adapted to slightly bind end doubled back upon itself and adjustably and cling to the chain to prevent it from connected to another portion of the chain. being drawn therethrough too readily. Fi 2 is an enlarged view illustrating This ball is provided with an eye 2O on its 95 the doubled portion of the chain as secured outer surface, said eye being set to one side 45 by means of aball shaped gripper. Fig. 3 of and at an angle to the axis of the hole is an enlarged Sectional view of the ball 19, and the end 17 of the chain is connected form of gripping member. to this eye, whereby when a strain is ap- Referring to the drawings, 10 designates plied the ball is swung around so as to 100 the neck chain, which may be made of such cramp and bind the chain which passes 50 material as ribbon, cord, chain, beads, or through the hole preventing the chain from other suitable material adapted to suspend slipping, and when it is desired to slide the an ornament, or other device, from the neck ball along the chain for the purpose of adtion of this chain 1s passed, and an attachture 1n presence of two Witnesses.

ing ring on said member disposed at an angle to the axis of said opening and to which the folded end of the chain is connected, 15 whereby the angular pull when under tension causes said member to effect a binding action upon the chain.

` n testimony whereof I alix my signa- ERNEST J. QVARNSTROM. Witnesses:



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U.S. Classification24/115.00H, 24/116.00R, 24/115.00R, 63/21, 24/116.00A
Cooperative ClassificationA44C11/005, F16G11/14
European ClassificationA44C11/00F