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Publication numberUS1124973 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1915
Publication numberUS 1124973 A, US 1124973A, US-A-1124973, US1124973 A, US1124973A
InventorsRthiqb Teicheeb
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US 1124973 A
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Patented Jan. 12, 1915.


Suuc'ntoa /Z. Twin/Mw."



APPLICATION FILED MAY 3, i913( 1 l 24, 973. Patented Jan. 12, 1915.


Ime/nto@ 'serene-.nt or (intenso, Immers.


Speeeetion of Letters Etaient.

Peteirted den t2, i915.

T ait/nimm it may concern Be'- it known that l, 'ltnrrron Tenn-nen, e citizen; ot the United-Statenresiding et Chicago, in the county @ooit sind* S-tete of proveniente in Sled's, ofjvvhinii' the following 1s e specification..

The invention provides e vehicle which in its specic oundetioni's mounte'dupon runand the iii-ont or steering runner being vn'ioinnted to turn freely about e, vertical exis and controlled by ineens of e handle bei" through e.. steering post.

The invention consists ofthe novel ures, details oi: construction end combina.- ion of parte, which hereinafter will be more particularly set forth, illustrated in the eceornpenying drawings, and pointed out in the claim.

Referring to the drawings, forming a part of the speciiicetion, Figure l is :t perspeoti ve vien7 ci o sled embodying the invention. Fig; 2 is a top plan view. Fig. 3 is a, vertical central longitudinal section. liig. i is e front view. llig.1 is e top pien view of e portion of the sled showing the parte on e, larger seele and having the platform omitted. Fig. 6 is e detail perspeetive view oi the several members Comprising the freine Work, such members being epe-rated find arranged in s group. Y

Corresponding end like parte are referred to in the following description, indicated in all the views of the drawings, by the seine reference characters.

The sled embodies a front runner l end rear runners 2, the frontl runner being mounted to turn about e vertical exis to edniit'of the sled being properly started. The runners are preferably of similar or like fon motion, the bodv portion being. prefereblv of Wood which is provided upon its under side with weer irons. The runners are pivotellv supported intermediate oi' their ends to admit ot e -free movement whereby the runners adept themselves to irregolari 'ties'in the surface so es to 'engage with such suriice throughout their length.

TheV framework of the sled is preferably constructed of mete-l and receives e platform 3 of Wood which may be secured there1 to in any Way. The fra-ine embodies longitudi'nafl bers 4 and e plurality of transverse' bars 5 which have their end portions bent downwardly and riveted or otherwise secured to the longitudinal bers 4c. The longitudinal bars d converge forwardly end the transverse bers 5 correspondingly vary in length according to their relative positionu Plates 6 are secured to the forward ends of thelongitudinel bars 4 and other bers 7 connect the' plates 6 with the forward transverse ber. Each of the plates 6 and bers 7 ere of integral formation and have u ri ght angle errangement, the front cross bar being fastened to both bars 7 and 4. A cross piece 8 is secured to the front endof the platform 3 end projects above the same slightly7 to engage the foot end prevent the seme trono slippingr over the 'front end of the platform when the sled is in motion. A J shaped' iron 9 is secured to the front ends of the plates 6 and supports a fork 10, the stern of Which is journeled in the iron 9 so es to turn about e vertical exis. The fork 10 embraces the front or steering; runner l and is pivotellv connected thereto by mea-ns of e bolt or like liestening 11. A second fork l2 is connected to the fork 10 and runner l by the seine bolt or fastening 1l and receives a steering post 13, which extends 'vertically and is provided at its upper end With n handle bnr i4. Blocks are secured-to the rear portion of the framework and the rear runners 2 :ire pivotellv eonneeted thereto bv ineens of bolts or eneloegous festeningrs 16.

"When the sled is in motion it may b steered by ineens ot the runner l through 'y the handle bar le, steering post i3 and connecting Jforks l0 and l2. The sled is p/articulerly `designed to be propelled bv e pushing action which is effected bv vIneens oi the rider who stands upon the platform upon one foot and utilizes the other foot esv propelling means, such foot beine,r intermittenti;y brought in' Contact With the surieee end utilized to impart en impellitog torce to the sled :tor driving the sae. When coasting or when the sled is runnig' freely the rider may stand upon the pl t` form with both feet in contact therewith. lt is to be understood that the Isled may be drawn, e rope or cord being connected thereto in any manneras TWill be readily understood und for this purpose the cross piece S is shown as provided with eyes 17.

From the toregoing description7 teken in connection with the accompenyiiflgg` drew ings, the advantages of the construction and of the method of operation will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art to 'which the invention appel-mins, and While l have described the principle of operation of the invention, together with the device which l now consider te be the bestembodiment thereof, l desire to here it understood that the device shown is mere. illustrative., and that such changes may be .mede when desired as ure Within the scope of the claim appended hereto.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed es new, is

ln a vehicle of the character speciied, e

frame Work embodying longitudinal end transverse bars, the longitudinal hars losing forwardly converged., plates secured to the front ends of' the longitudinel bers, other bers formed with the plates and arranged et e right angle thereto and secured to the front transverse ber, e il-shaped iron con nected with the seid plates, e 'fork herring its stem journuled in the V-shaped iron, n Vehicle support arranged between the forl members, e, second fork having its members embracing the ld-shaped iron end the inen'rm bers of the first mentioned forli and, tening connecting the members oi the to one another and forming eonnefI i means between the vehicle support tirst mentioned fork.

In testimony whereol aix my sig; i in presence of two Witnesses.



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