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Publication numberUS112556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1871
Publication numberUS 112556 A, US 112556A, US-A-112556, US112556 A, US112556A
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Improvement in mop-heads
US 112556 A
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sind (edite.


Letters Patent No. 112,556, dated March 14, 1871.


Y The Schedule referred to in these Lett-ets Patent and making part of the same.

` To all whofmfit may concern Be it known that I,`J.u1ns DAvIs, of Chicago, in

the county ofvCooli andState ot' Illinois, have in?y vented` a new and improved Mop-Head; and I do herebydeolare the following Ito be a full, clear, and ex"- aet description thereof', which will enable others skilled in the art tomake and use the saine, reference he-v `ing `had to the accompanying drawing forming part 0f this Speoiiicat-on, in which- `Figure-Lis a side elevation 4of my invention, and` Figure 2 is ayertical 'transverse section ofthe same taken on aline 1; x. i

" Similar'letters of reference indicate like parts in y both figures of the drawing y Myinventiou relatesto the construct-ion ot' several parts of a, Inop-head bywhieh the jaws holding the fabric are adjusted. i f l A represents the handle, thelower end vof which is slight-ly cnt .away,`form ing a shoulder, a," upon -and `around the same,- `and upon. said handle against the shoulder isaxed aferrule, B, the upper portion ofA which extends outward; forming a flange or shoulf.

Afxed upon said handle below the fer-rule B is a i similanierrule, which also has upon its upper end `a flange` or shoulder,l0, and upon said fel-rule B, be-

` l `tween thle shoulders band Cfis looselyfitted an internal screw-threaded thumb-nut, D, so arranged `as to freely revolve,tlielzeonl j g i lAttachedto the lower end of the handle is the fixedv jaw E, provided wit-ira. socket, into which Vtheend of the handle isintroduced and firmly `secured by a pin,

i e, passing throughthe same.

" i In the upper edge.` of the 'socket or shank of the fixed jaw E and of ferrule B', ou each side of the same,

Aare curvatures j' f', which receive lips g g, extending downward from .the lower edges of said ferrule B, by which saidferrules are prevented from turning Iipon the handle.

E' represents the. movable jaw, which is rnade'of wire ot' any suitable size, and bent in the form shown iu iig. l of the drawing. The sides oi' saidjawl are loosely littedwit-hin grooves in the end ot` vthe fixed jaw E, and are so arranged as to admit of a free and easy vertical movement.

The upper ends ot' said jaw are so arranged as to pass upward through vertical grooves or channels out in opposite sides of l'errnles B and B', and arescrew- "threaded on the outerV side,.which engages nvith the threadioh the inner -side of thumb-nut D, by which said jaw is adj usted against-the fabric by the turning of said nut. I provide the sides of said handle with vertical grooves and channels'hh, into which the ends ofthe jaw pass, the upper ends of the same beingben't inward, .thus preventing the saine from catching tothe fabric of the mop 0r other material coming inv Contact therewith.

Havingthns described my invention,

Vhat I claim as new, and desire to secure by Let- "I ters Patent, is-

1. The adlnstable `)aw il', screw-threznled as de- Scrihed, in combination with thumb-nut Dand grooves or channels hzh ot' the handle, substantially as 'and for` the purp'ose described.

2. The ferrules B B', in combination witli the jaw E, suhstzfmtially as and for the purpose described.

3. The con'ibination ofthe jaws E ld', 'errules thumb-nut l), and handle A, substantially as i and for the purpose described.

` The above specification of my inventibn signed byme this 3d day of January, A. l). 1871. i


`'Witnesses N. 0. GmoLnY,

` QN. H. Sl-InnBUnNn.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/24