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Publication numberUS1125833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1915
Filing dateJan 24, 1914
Priority dateJan 24, 1914
Publication numberUS 1125833 A, US 1125833A, US-A-1125833, US1125833 A, US1125833A
InventorsWilliam Fuld
Original AssigneeCarrie Fuld
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US 1125833 A
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Patented Jan. '19, 1915.


wmm rum; or summons, pamnn assrenoa mo onm or summons, MARYLAND.

. J 1 specification of Letters latent.- Patented 11811.19, 191-5.

Application fled mm; 24, 1914. Serial Io. 814 8.

To all whom it may concern: 7

Be it known that I, WILLrAM Fun), citizen of the United States, residing at Baltimore, State of Maryland, have invented certain new and useful- Improvements. in

I fully a specification.

My invention relates to, an improvement in talking boards, and-particularly to that class of boards known as the Ouij boards,

and the object-of the invention is to-produc'e a game with which two or more persons can amuse themselves by asking questions of anykinda-nd having them answered by the device used and operated by the touch of the hand, so that the-answers are designated by letters on the board. a

A further objectl'is in the provisionof' means whereby the letters, numerals, or

j players or operators as the device is moved gabout the board.

The invention relates to still other novel. j features of construction and combinations symbols can be readily observed by 'the of] parts which will be hereinafter more described *and pointed out in the claims; y

-"In the accompanying drawmgs Figure 1 is a view-of the board-showing the symbols, numerals and letters arranged thereon; Fig. 22' is a perspective view' of the table; and Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical sectional View.

representsthe board,- which may be.

made of wood or metal and ofany suitable size and thickness. Located on one side of the board, in any suitable arrangement, are the letters of the alphabet, numerals from 1 wtp- 0, and in the corners are stars, a moon,

and a crescent. Under the-moon and cres cent are the words Yes and-No respectively, while located between 'the' stars are the words Good bye.

A table B-i's manipulated by the players or persons, and is preferably diamondshaped, and is supported by means of legs 2, 2. These legs are preferably hollow; and made of metal The legs are connected to the top of the table," made of any suitable materiaL-and which can be made of glass coloredso that it willjnot be trans parent. "Thetop, of' the table is provided;

P fer y at the eenter,'w ithlan opening--13.

A: recess" 4.;is formed around the opening.

A'glass disk received in theopening, and supported by the recess 4, that is, the disk rests in the recess, and is thereby supported "and. held place. The is adapted to extend slightly above'the upper face of the board A and does not coine in contact therewith, as thetable 'ijsmoved about the board; the operators can-observe by loolnn'g through the "transparent disk 5 over what letterynumera'l, or -"sy'mbol-. the

pointer. or indicator 7 is: located... "The' opble top, may Wi em eontact with etal' I crating". surface of the-board ver'y v 99th and to permit 0 he ble "m ni eas'lly' over the board, the; legs'2, "2', are pro vlded th. felt .8, the ffelt" pretembly .ex pg Into the h low eg and P oj ti sufficiently bel'owlthef lower edges of "legs so-that theitableresft's entirely upo n: the felt. .86.

flclaimr r '1. A table provided with po m g, a V transparent. memberin Eli-i open ng, said member provided-with ori.

fl'ce, a pointer extending through saidfibrifice and supported by the -.transparent member,

and legsfor s pporting the table. 4

2. A table provided with an opening, a

transparent member located in said: opening; a pointer connected to'said transparent memberfor designating objects beneath said transparent member, and- -legs forsupporting said table. M In testimony whereofl aflixflmy signatime, in the presence of two WILLIAM FULI);

Witnesses: I

WILLIAM Ftmo, Jr.-, Wmmm E. Sonnn.

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U.S. Classification273/161, D21/813
Cooperative ClassificationA63F9/181