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Publication numberUS112610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1871
Publication numberUS 112610 A, US 112610A, US-A-112610, US112610 A, US112610A
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Improvement in the manufacture of bottled mineral water
US 112610 A
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dan siam .l I, THOMAS MALONEY, of Des Moines, in the county ofi Polk and State of Iowa, have invented a new. De-

vice land Process for Bottling Mineral Water, of which the following isa specification.

My invention nis designed to provide a simple means for filling bottles withnlineral water in such a manner that bottleslmay be iilled and reiled at any time and place, and as often as desired.`

`It consists in a device shaped similarly to a thimk ble, by which one of the' component parts of mineral `water is gi-adnatedand'introduced into the liquid in `the'bottle` with'one hand of the operator, while his 1 other hand is free to cork the bottle nstantlyand before eiervescence,` l e The drawinggrepresents Amy device ,and` illustrates the process of using it. L l

Figure 1 is a half-pint bottle, dlled with .watereonv 4taining sugar, iiavoring, and tartaric acid, in the proportions commonly used. v

The left hand, over the bottle, is introducing my .glass thimble filled with suboarbonate of soda or its equivalent. l i L The right hand is holding a cork. A is the bottle. B, the left hand. e cl. a represent my glass tbimbles. l One is between the thumb and finger of the hand Rand the other on they outside of the bottle. f `These thimbles are made of glass, or its equivalent. They may bemade of sugar, or its equivalent, so that` they willldissolve-in the bottle. f Subcarbonate of soda, or its equivalent, maybe combinedwith a soluble solidand introduced into the bot- @tle in the saine manner as my glass thimble is dropped in. y But `a glass thimbie` is preferable, and can be used perpetually'. 3 I l -f 1 y They are made hollow, and with a fiat bottom for a base to stand upon, and small enough to pass easily through the month` and neck of the bottle);

They-vary in sizejto snitgvarions sizes and forms of bottles. They must be anlexact measure for graduating` the subcarbonate of soda,'tartaric acid, or whatever substance `is last introduced to canse efferyescence. Y

6 isvtheright hand, `l'lolding the. cork b.

c c is a bent wire,snoh as are in common use for 'holdingacork ina bottle.;

Letters Patent No.`112,610, dated March 14, 1871.


`'.l'he Schedule referred to int-heee Letters Patent and making part of theme.

FigureZ is a half-pint bottle filled and corkedready for sale and use.

The glass thimble a is seen inside, on the bottom.`

' When the bottle is emptied the glass, thimble may be poured, with themineral water, into the glass or vessel` from which the liquid is drank; but it will re-U main harmless in the bottom of the glass, and can eral waters may be easily bottledby the simple means I have described, without the aid of any machinery.

i The chemical ingredients, Vand the empty bottles and glassthimbles can Vbe furnished, with instructions,

so that anyv person may,at any time and place, ill

and refill the bottles with mineral water of the various kinds, as .oftenf as desired.

The cost of machinery for bottling and the freight `onthe x'vater will be saved by the n se of my-means.

The convenience of refilling the bottles at any time and place is agreat advantage that will be fully appreciated by dealers, who often fail to get the filled bott-les from distant bottling establishments in time to meet the demands ofthe consumers.

In filling a half-pint bottle I use clear, pure Water,I Afrom one-half to three-fourths of an ounce of sugar, and Havering as desired, and thirty (30) grainsl of tartarie lacid, and thirty'(30) grains of -subearbonate of soda.

Either one of the latter-named ingredients may be introduced with the glass thimble in the manner-described, and with the same effect.

The proportions `here given may be varied, as .desired. l


I claim as my invention- Vl. The glass thiu1ble,or its equivalent, substantially as described, and for the purposes s peciiied.

2. The process oi' preparingv effervescent mineral Waters-in bottles by introducing one ofthe component parts by means of a graduated measure or thimble, in the manner described.





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