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Publication numberUS112635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1871
Publication numberUS 112635 A, US 112635A, US-A-112635, US112635 A, US112635A
InventorsE. Robinson
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Improvement in safety-hasps or latches
US 112635 A
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aa am @anni didnt.

` f onARLnfs nRoBINsoN, son-Bosi."0N,`

.MAssAoHsETTs AssIeNoR To HIM- lsELrl AND' elefantesr W;. BRUNNER, oEsAVANNAH, esonera'.

Leners Patent Ng. 112,635,11aea March 14, 1871.


The Schedule referred to in` these Letters Patent and making part of the laine.

f To all `tawhom, these presentsmay comc:`

Begin knows that I,`fcHARLEs E. ROBINSON, 0f- Boston, in]V the county of Suffolk and State of Massa# chlisetts, have inventeda newanduseful Improvement` in Safety-Hasp orIiatch andldo hereby declare thelisame to be fully described in the following speci- "1 My invention hasreference tothat classi of hasps' l in which a sliding bolt `is employed, to prevent accidental disengagement of the parts after the hasp may have been cnnectedlwith its staple or eye-bolt, and

My invention consists in providing the bead'or outer end of the bolt with a curved projection o1 lip Y depending from' the under side thereof, the object of such being `to serveasa retractor of the boltwhen the point offthe liasp is passed down into the eye of staple, thnsdispensing with the application .of l Lrnanual power thereto as' heretofore required, and per- 1 iiittingthe hasp to be hasped or locked with as much 11facility as'if` no spring-bolt were employed.

lIn, the said drawing- 1 l l 1A denotes thebody-portion of the hasp, which has 1 1 an eye,q formedonits rear end, for reception of the l staple or eye-bolt B, by means of which .the haspmay `besecnred in place; l U 1 TThe front end of the said hasp is formed with a l hook, @which is to hook` into an" eye-bolt or staple, 1 D, in the ordinary manner.

1 Within the front end `of `the body. cylindrical chamber, b, is formed, the'same bcing'to receive a 1 holt, E, and its operatingspring LF.r

1 The said spring is of a helical form, one end of lwhiohrests `against the bottom of t-liechamber and the other against the inner end of the bolt, as seen in iig. 2. l 1 1 YThe said spring should bevof such power or expansive force as to maintain the head 'of the bolt in contact with the n ose or point of the hasp under any jai" or sudden blow.

suchv curved 1lip is to render the retraction of the lbolt automatic when the point of. the hasp is pressed down into the eye of the staple.

position, or the bolt ii'oinrevolving, the said bolt has 'another projection or stud, e, extendingtherefrom, and Workingin a slot,- j; formed through. the bottom of the. chamber 71, as'seen in iig. 2.

In applying the bolt and springr to their chamber, the point of the hasp is to be bent slightly to one side oi' the body,.\vl1en they may he readily inserted and theM point returned to its normal position,

I do not claim providing a hasp or latch with a spring-bolt, so operating as to'prevent accidental disconnectionv or unlatehing of the hasp from its eye-bolt or staple, as I am aware that such is not new; and 'I especially disclaim the'invention in toto, shown in the application of E. H. Olmstead, rejected in October, 1870, my invention being an vimprovement thereon, vand remedying a defect incidental thereto; therefore,

Whatl oiaim is- In a hasp constructed as described and shown, the curved lip c, in 'combination with thesp'ring-bolt E, when arranged thereonas specified, and so l'as to operate as and for the purpose'set forth.

Witnesses.: CHAS. E. ROBINSON'.



0n lthe front end of the said bolt Inform a curved projection or lip, c, which extends downfrom the nnder part thereof, as shown in tig. 2.1 The object ot In order vto maintain the curved lip in its normal

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Cooperative ClassificationE05C19/10