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Publication numberUS1128324 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1915
Filing dateJan 28, 1914
Priority dateJan 28, 1914
Publication numberUS 1128324 A, US 1128324A, US-A-1128324, US1128324 A, US1128324A
InventorsWilliam G A Jones
Original AssigneeWilliam G A Jones
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Combined easel and paint-box holder.
US 1128324 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

W. G. A. JONES. 0055mm) B65311 LED PHET 33K 3011933.

uvmonmn Plum IAI. 98,1914.

Patented Feb. 16, 1915.





1,128,324. Patented Feb. 16, 1915.

[N VENTOR. WITNESSbS. Z9 /7 H. G. Ado/v55.




Specification of Letters Patent] Patented Feb. 18, 1915.

Application filed January 28, um. Serial no. aitsoi;

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, \VILLIAM G. A. JONES. :1 citizen of the United States, residin at Denver, in the county of Denver and state of Colorado. have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combined Easels and Paint-Box Holders, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a combined paint box holder and easel and its primary object resides in the provision of a collapsible, portable device by the use of which an artist ma support in one hand a canvas or sketch pa. a box of paints and a water receptacle in the proper position for painting with the other handf A Simple attachment adapts the device for use in connection with a stationary support such as the staff of an artists umbrella, and its parts are so devised and proportioned that they are capable, when assembled, of holding pads, canvases and aint boxes of difi'erent sizes, while when ta en apart they may be packed in a box of small dimensions.

An embodiment of my invention has been illustrated in the accompanying drawings in V the various views of which like parts are similarly designated, and in which,

Fi re 1 is a perspective view of my combine paint box holder and easel in its operative position on the staff of an artists umbrella, Fig. 2, a face view of the device in. connection with the staff, with a paint box in the position in which it is in practice. held on the device, but without a canvas, sketch pad or board upon which the colors are to be applied, Fig. 3. a section taken along the line 3--3, Fig. 2, Fig. 4, a section along the line 44, Fig. 2, with a sketch pad in the position in which it is supported on the ease], and Fi 5, a fragmentary view showing a modifled construction of the means by which the device is attached to the umbrella stafif shown in Fi 1 and 2.

Re erring to the drawings by numerical reference characters, my combined easel and bolder comprises a back member 2 which is preferably composed of a flat plate, which at its upper edge is reinforced by a strap 3 and which at one of its ends, carries the detachable means by which the contrivance is'attached to a stationary support of the character shown in the drawings. A metal strap 4; which is disposed in spaced relation to the face of the plate adjacent its lower, longitudinal edge with which it is parallel, is

rigidly attached to the same at its ends and. at an intermediate point for the suspension of two supportin members 5, as v ill herein after he more fu ly described.

F or the connection of the means b which the device is attached to an umbrollastafi' or the like, the back 2 has at one of its edges, two axially alined tubular knuckles B of' a bin e-joint the correlative tubular members 7 0 which are formed on a sleeve 8 and held in place by means of a hinge-pin 9. The sleeve is in practice, placed around an um brella-stafl' 10 or other similar support, in. the manner shown in Figs. 1 and 2, and it is firmly held in place in its adjusted position on the same by the use of a set screw 12.

In the modified construction illustrated in Fig. 5, a loo ad strap 13 of resilient material is connected at one of its ends to the back plate 2, and a slidin band 14 is applied to secure its opposite en after its loop is pl need around the stalf.

The supporting members 5 hereinabove referred to consist each of three integrally connected parts, two of which extend at right angles to each other to respectively connect with the back and support a paint box, while the third part connects the outer ends of the parts disposed at right angles to each other to provide a slanting support for a canvas or sketch pad.

The upright parts 15 of the members 5, an; each provided with two hooks 16 which are preferably formed by bending the metal strips of which the parts are composed, upon themselves as is best shown in Fi- 3 of the drawings. The hooks are dis ose to simultaneously engage the upper ed rind the strap 4 of the heck 2 whereby the supporting members are suspended from the latterat any point within the lengths of the strap between the points at which it is attached to the plate.

The parts 18 which extend at right angles to the connecting parts 15, are provided with downwardly projecting angular lugs 17 for the support of a paint box which in the drawings is designated by the'numeral 29. Each part 18 has two of these logs formed respectively at its end and at a point in its outer longitudinal edge to provide recesses adapt-" ed to receive the front and end edges of the paint box as shown in the drawings. The

writ-spending edges of the other parts with which thei are integrally connected, and they are picider; with lni'rgiai, oiitwiirdly extending angular projections 20 which form rests for the canvas, sketch find, bohlt or similar articl placed upon the said nris h slimb'ri m 21 in b ig sil itnd 4 Having thus described the mechanical construction of my combined easel and mint box Holder, the method ofits appli/c tion and use will be readily 1intlerstood.

To assemble the parts, the supporting members 5 are sus )ended from the back nieni'lwr '2 at a suficient distance a'pert' to permit the angular lhgs 1? on their hori zontal parts, to embrace the edges of the paint box. it being observed that by the slidabl connection of the members with the blt'lt they may be readily adjusted to hold iini" paint box of tho diiferent' sizes at present on the marltet. The canvas orsketch pad. is now ihtcei upon the slanting parts of the shpport g ineinbers'witlrits lower edge upon the restsZO and the erit'ire contrivhnc when thus assembled, may be readilyhelii in thc'hand of the artist'whd ashsual inserts the thumb in the rim 22 with'which the ma jority df artists paintboxes are'provided. After the body of the bbx is blflxfllPBd"ii-l place on the so porting members, its outer lid 23 is opcnc forwardly to be used'as'a Palette formixhz tlie'colcrs'; whileifi'fhe wox has an inner d 24 [is is often the case; the same extends 'rearwardty of th'e'bticlr plate u-s shown in Figsiil and4.

The. manner of securing the device to an umbrella staff or other sxmitar sup ort, is clearly shown in'the drswings and oesnot rei auire further explanation'at this point.

he liquid required in the use of wider rotors, may be held on the devicewifiiin easy reach of the artist; by'theuhe 01in dup l5 which is suspended'in'a ring 20. fiornhe'd at tihe'lower end of a hanger'fl'f'wvhich is hco ted over the upper edge' of the back member 2. i i i During windy weather the pad or canvas may be "more firmly secured in place by means of a; longitudinally extensible'brace 18, the ends of which'are'bent tb resbectire'ly embrace'the Upper edge of the 'pad' and the lower edge of the back plate.

Having thus described my invention what I claim and desire to secure by LetteisPat ent is:

'1.'*A device of the character described comnrising a collapsible bontri'vauce composed of a beck-member, and supporting Qopieu 0! this patent may he obtained for members detachably held thereon and inul idi r means f r securing a mint-box and :i sli'rtcu pud' in [:loslticinhrozr for use, the ionnecti ons e tween the said JHCk-IHEIIll 0r iuidthe s'aid su' 'igiorting members permitting j' s i ent 0' the letter to vary the dirt; liiiii' a il n'twbmi them it. A device of the character described, comprising a collapsible "omrivancc composed of a back-member, and supporting members each'compdsed of a' part having means for its connection with the back member, a second'p'art at substantially ri ht angles to the first-mentioned part, having means for the slip wort of a paint box, and a third part hypoto husal to the'other parts; havin rests for the support of a sketch-pad. 3, 1; device of the character described comprising a collapsible contrivanbe composed of wba bkqneinber having a iongitudr milky extending strap in spiced relation to its incmsnd supporting members each composed of a partliavirg hooks for its suspension fro'm the upperedge find the strap of the back-member, a second part at substar; tia lly righflangles to the first-mentioned part, hawmg means for the support of a [balm box, and '1 third parfhypotemisai to the other 1 iar-ts having rests for the support ofa'sketc pad. l

=1. A device of. the character described comprising a collapsible contrivar-" coih posed of hi -back nembr, and supporting members each composed of a part having means for'its connection with the back member, a second part at substantially right-angles to the first mentioned part having 'aai'gular'lugs to embrace the edgesuf a paint-box, and a thirdpart hypoteliusa'l to the other parts, having rests for the sup!- portof- 1i SkBQCh-epfld.

6. A device bf the OhJIB-Otfll' described comprising acollapsible contrivane'e composed of. a back-member, supportin ln'em- JGIS detachahly held thereon and inc uding meaiis"for- 'seouving a paint-box" and-"a sketch-pud 1n position read "for use,'and a,

brace adia ted to'be applied etweexrthe said hack-mom Bftilld the'i pper edge of the said pad, for securing he latter against displacement. l

I In testirnony whereof I have aflixed my signature in presence of two'witneshes. mum Si A ie' te Witnesses:

61-: J: ROLLANDET, L. Knot-mas.

the "Oommissloncr of Patents,

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