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Publication numberUS1128667 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1915
Filing dateMay 17, 1913
Priority dateMay 17, 1913
Publication numberUS 1128667 A, US 1128667A, US-A-1128667, US1128667 A, US1128667A
InventorsAlfred Du Puy
Original AssigneeAlfred Du Puy
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US 1128667 A
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A. p11 PU-Y.


Patented Feb. 16, 1915.


w H W F A. DU PUY.


APPLICATION FILED MAY 17, 1913. 1,128,667. Patented Feb. 16, 1915.




citizen of the-United States, and a resident ofOak Park, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois. have.- invented certain new and useful Improvements in Brushes; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had .to the accompanying drawings ..and to theletters of reference specification.

-'.lh1s invention relates to that class of toilet-or hand brushes in which the brush body or bristle-holding part or member of the brush is made of metaland consists of a plurality of connected bars severally carr ving' the tufts of bristles and having between them slots or openings adapted to facilitate the cleansing of the bristles by water or otherwise.

The object of the present invention is to improve the construction of brushes of the kind referred to in several particulars, as will hereinafter appear, and it includes iinprovements in the structured the bristleholding member itself and the means for connecting the bristles therewith, and also improvements in the construction of brushes of that kind in which the brush includes a brush-back and a. bristle-holding member made as a part separate from, and adapted for detachable connection with, such brushback.

The. invention consists in the matters hereinafter described and more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

Inthe accompanying drawings illustrating my invention Figure 1 is aside view of ahair or like brush constructed in accordance \vith'iny invention; Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof; Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the bristle holder removed from the brush back Fig. l is an enlarged transverse sectional view taken on the curved line of -Fig'. 2; Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary detail sectional view taken on line 5 5 of Fig. "2, illustrating the springcohtr ll d locking device for detachably connecting I the bristle holder w th the brush back; Fig.

6 is an enlarged detail viev;..-of a sectionof the bristle-holding member, showing the manner in which the'bristle-holding nipples are secured to the bristle-holding member,

.and the bristle-holding wire holding a tuft or bundle of bristles in each of said nip- Specification of Letters Patent; Patnfed Feb, 16, 1915. Application filed May 17, 1913. semi n. 768,206.

pies; F ig, 7 is a vertical sectional view taken on line 77 of Fig. 6;'Fig. 8 is a transverse section taken on line 88. of F ig. '7; Fig. 9 is an cnlargedfragmentary top planvi'ew' of the bristle-holding member, showing the grooves orchannels in the rear surfaoeof' the bristle-holding member, and the. wires resting in said grooves; and Fig. 10 .is a top planvieu of a brush in which the bristleholding member constitutes in itself the back of the brush. r

The brush, shown in the accompanying drawings as embodying my invention,-comprises a back or body 1, a handle 2 connect ed with and extending from said back 1, and a bristle-holding member '3re1novably secured to the front side of said brush back bysuitable means to be. hereinafter descr'bed.

.he brush back 1, as well as the bristleholding member 3, are made of sheet metal by a swaging or stamping operation. -Both the brush-back 1 and bristle-holding mem' her 3 are transversely curved in' form and have like curvature. Each of said parts is provided with a plurality'of slots indicated, by 4 in the ease of the brush back 1. and by 5 in the case of the bristle-holding member 3. The slots 5 in tbe'hristleholding-member 3 correspond in forum and S'l'IiE with the slots at in the brush rack 1 and thc slots" in the two parts register with each other when the bristle-holding member is secured to the brushback By reason of the slotted construction described in the bristle-holding member 3, the latter consists, in effect, of. a. series of parallel bars 6, 6, connected with each other at their ends by integral parts of the said bristle-holdii'xg 3 member. Each of said bars (3 is provided with a plurality of longitudinally spaced tubular studs or nipples 7, T, in which are severally inserted orsecnred the bunches or tufts 8, 8 of bristles.

In the specific construction shown iii the drawings, the slots '4 in the brush baek l, and also the slots 5 in the bristle-holding member 3 extend transversely of these parts, as shown, and the bars ii are connected at their inner ends with 1ongitudinal.;niargina members or strips 9. 9. also preferably provided with bristle-l-ioldin; nipplesf, T carrying bunches of bristles -ln order to provide means tor -1e menia connecting the bristle-holding memb'erf as anew-s The lateral or :longitudimil, margins of; the sheet brush aback lxare provided with flanges formed by bending thejsheet metal body of said back shaped-to constitute inwardly facing. grooves or channels, adapted to receive the.

edges of. the'fsheet' metal bristle hold- 1 g mcmber= 3, so that said bristle-holding -"men1ber": maybe applied; to and removed is, said lateral edges .intotubula'r fornr. The

flanges- 10 of-the' brush back are made to cor- .ffronfthehrush back- 1, by sliding. the parts eiidwisefrelativelyto eachother. shown infthe" drawings, ,the lateral edges '.of said sheet -metal" 'bristlefholdingfmember 3 are pr' d"withh i dieeflysmn s argedfpartsorf ribs 11, formed bending respond in form with Tsaid ribs 11. The

. said ribs I1' stiffen andstrengthen the side margins of :the bristle-holding'lmember, fand-mo' therebyfprevent,distortion or "-bnding -of the same when separatedffrom thebrush back, v

Devices {are -provided.--fo r detachably sethe bristle-'luilding member3 to the brush back lselvhen the brush is in-use, which aie 'constnuctEd-as follows The handle 2 is ,hollOW-Iandmade of sheet m et al, its lower Whi -being spaced from its upper wall 13, vfls sl lbwiL- ln Fig. 5. The brush backl, as

jshown'inl igs, 1,2 and 3, isconn ected with and forms-.a.,continuation ofthe upper. wall 13 of. said hollow handle 2; 'Said lower wall -12-i;o jsaid handle 12', 'a'sshown in Fig, 5, terminates slightly beyond the point where-the brigshbiick'l joins said handle -2 and forms,

' therewith-a space into which the end of the bristle holding member 3 extends when said 7 bristleholding member is. in place on the z isg preterably made alike at both ends-so brushi hack l, Said bristleholding member reversible. Located within the holmandal 2' is anspring member l l having owl-the of a deaf-spring which: is rigidly 'saidhandle2. by. a rivet 115 or; other suitable ,ioyf said bristle-holding rnemberf 3 when the the'.- brush back. Said I provided 1 adjacent its secured-at one end to the upper wall 13of fastening ii eaxis The opposite or-free; end of sa 'd'sprin'g member ltov'erlap's. the end lafit l' in place on freefend witha button or thumb-pieee 16 which through an aperture provided therefolfjiii the'inner 'or'irear wall 13 of said hollow haxidle jl fSaid springmember 14 is" provided between its freeend and said button -fllfitvs'ith I a lug or studllf adapted to i i 18 provided,atithe=end-of .j, said bristle-holding member BJFfSaid-studflin s perture 8 ih' ds t enter-an aperture bristle-holding:member "3 in -P 1210830 the brush back 1.' By depressing the-button or thumb-piece 16, the lug or stud 17' is Willidrawn from the aperture l8,aI1d $al(l bl lS- 'i n oidin me ber 3 eiienib dise o nected from the brush back 1 by sliding said bristle-holding member endwise thereofuntil its lateral edges or margins become, disgnggged from theflanges l0=of said brush 7 Each of the transverse bars 6, fijandthe longitudinal strips 9,9 is provided in its 'rear or inner face, witha longitudinal-2:11am

nel or groove 19, and'lfpon its outer or oppoc siteface with? rounded longitudinal-proe'ctlon or rib 0';

the formation of said member. The "channels or grooves in the bars 6, 6 open at each end into the channels or grooves in the strips 9, .9, as-best shown in Fig. 9.

76 both the'groove and 'Ilbf being formed by'the actionofi the dies used .1n stamping or 'swaging'thesheet' metal in In order to provide for theattachment of I the nipples 7 to the bars 6,6 and the strips 9, 9, a construction in these parts is provided as followszEach' bar- 6 .6 and each. strip 9,19

is provided with a-row of longitudinally spacedholes Jr-apertures 21, arranged centrally along and opening through the longi-. tudinal Tchannels andribs Each of lsaid;

nipples 7,

inner end of such part 22; and 7.)

6, 6 and the 'strips'9, 9 by inserting the re duced parts 22 of the nipples into the holes a or apertures 21- formed in the said bars and strips. T he reduced part 22 of each nipple is made originally of sulficient length to extend beyond the inner face ofthe bar or strip to which said nipple is to be secured when theshould'er 23 is in contact with the 'outerface thereof. The nipples are perma nently' secured in place by expanding or riveting the ends of said reduced parts v against the inner faces of the-bars or strips.

In order that the shoulder 23 of the nipples may seat itself firmly on the outer surface. of the convex rib 20, the latter is countersunk at the convex side of the rib 20 in such 1 a'manner as'to form an annular, fiat seat for said shoulder'23. (SeFigs Gland 7.) Theouter or larger part .24 of each tubular stud ,or nipple 7., 7 is provided withan axially arranged, outwardlyopenihg recess or.

chamber 25, which is made of proper size 7 or diameter to receive the bundle .or tuft 8 of the bristles. The Teduced part 22 of each nipple 7, T is provided with an axially arranged aperture or hole 26 much smaller as follows: Each bundle orjtu'ft jof bristles is folded upon-itself to form a' looped end, and such looped end ,-i s' ins erte d' i to said "recess 25 .Each bunch or of bristles I indiameter ;than' the recess 25, and extend- V j ingthroug-hfhe sa-id reduced part-22 into the said recess 25S The bundles or tufts 8, 8 of bristles are. secured in .saidfiii'pples 7, 7,

. fifth is held or confined in place within the bristle holding recess by a wire 27, which 5 t"'re 26..;1 to said-recess'25; and is inserted or i lets within the nipples; in; making the :bfush andtothereafter permanently hold the said bunches ,ortufts of bristles in en gagement' with the bristle-holder. Said aperture; 26 large enough in diameter to permit the passage of "the two looped parts ofthe wire" 27 through the same, but 'is materially smaller in diameter .than said recess "25, so that the looped end of the. bundle or tnft S of bristleswill be drawn by the wire 'inst the bottomofthe recess, but cannot rawn into said passage. In its parts ligihiextend between the nipples,- said Wire bars'b, 6 and strips 9, 9. In order that the wire27 1nayproperly rest in the grooves 19, and-to prevent the wire from projecting outside ofaiid grooves when the wire passes over the inner ends of the nipple, as it entersand leaves the aperture 26, the expanded inner end of each nipple is provided with ,two opposite notches 28 in which said wire {Yr'ests' Said notches 28 may be formed by providing a V-shaped edge on the riveting toolus'ed to spread or upset the inner ends is of said nipples. By the construction dethe wire 27 is. contained entirely "within the grooves or channels 19, so that the wire is'protected-from displacement and in jury,-and Will in no way interfere with bristles-in the-nipples on the strips 9; 9.

, the point where it turns from the grooves in eachbar 6, 6 into the-groove in .each strip the bii:

theislidingl -or endwise movement of the bristle holdingmember 3 with respect to the back 1. shown in the drawings, the grooves in the bars 6, 6' extend-into the grooves in the sidostrips 9, 9, so that the wire may eX- tend from'the groove in one bar to the next and so on; and also sothat the said same wire may be used for securing the bundle of To prevent displacem'entof the wire 2-? at 9,- 9, -th'e apertures 21 in said strips 9, 9 are located at the intersection of the said grooves, so that the wire will extend into the nipples held at'siicli point. By reas tn of the through said 'slotstherein; Moreover, by

the inner or rearside of said ".bristle holdingmember 3 through said aper- 1 rests in-the channels or grooves 19 in the secured in said apertures and be" I with registeringslots. slotted or skeleton form e-holdin'g member 3, the same: h its bri.-:ies may be readily cleansed by; ding saidhristle-holding member beneath fz'i iCtand permitting the waterto run:

reason of the slotted or skeleton form of the brush back 1), asshown in Figs; 1 2 and 3,

with which the slots 5 in the bristle-holding member 3,.register when said bristle-holding member is to the said back; theback with the"bristle-holding member at-.

tached maybe held beneaththe faucet and the water permitted to run through said registering slots, for cleansing the bristles, without removing the bristle holding memgives hghtness of weight to the'brush when the same is made of metal. I

In Fig. 10 of the drawings, a brush in whichvthe back employed in the brush shown in the preceding figures is omitted and a bristle-holding member 30. made like that heretofore described,in itself constitutes theback or body of the brush, and is provided with a handle 31 directly secured thereto. 'As shown inlsaid Fig. -10

I have shown I her from the brushjback. F u'rthermore. the. mak ng of the brush back'l of'slotted form the handle 31 is made of. sheet metal and is hollow in construction and is secured to the bristle-holding member 30 by means. of

' rivets 32 inserted through'the handle 31 and a tongue 33 in the inner end of the bristle holding member which. extends int o the adjacent end of said hollow handle 31. The bristle-holding 'member 30, except for its tongue 33, the bristle-holding member 3 hereinbefore described and the corresponding parts are indicated by similar reference characters.

It is to be understood that the details of construction in the brush illustrated may be changed or variously modified without departure from the spirit of my invention,

and I do not w sh to be limited to the exact.

details of construction and arrangements shown, exceptas pointed out in the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. A brush comprising a with channeled edges and a bristle-holder detachably secured to said backby means of.

ribs on said bristle-holder, having sliding engagement with said channeled edges, said back and bristle-holder being provided with registering slots.

A brush comprising a brush back consisting of sheet metal bent. at its side mare gins to form inwardly facing, longitudinal channels and a bristle-holder, the body of which consists of sheet metal, and provided at itssides with enlarged parts adapted to enter and slide endwis'e in said channels, said back and bristle-holder be ng prov ded j 3. -A brush comprising a brush back,'hav .ing inwardly facing,

at its side margins,and a bristle-holder,the

being provided ati its margins with longitudinal ribs adapted-to enter is identical in construction with longitudinal channel's back provided bod yof which consists of sheet metal, lsaid [sheet metal body andslide-endvvise in-saidphannels, said ribs beingformed by bending-the side zmarg gfins ;of 's'a1d body 1;nt otubularfform.f l

- i .-flanges.forining inwardl acin gchan'ne'lsyabristle-holder: eonsisting bfl a sheet (metal body and bristle-holding nipples secured in said body,said-sheet metal body being pro-1 ribs adapted l to enter-and '.slide",endwise in said channels, --"sa-id; l ribs b eing joniied by? bending the sidesmargiris foffsai'd body inc-i rneansfifor' detachably' "locking.

vided at it's-side margins with longitudinal w rd y, v v said bristle-holder. from en'dwise; movement relatively to 'thebru'shi-back, I

a brush co prising asheet back, providedat 'its side;..marginswi' th' Ion- :fgitu'dinal, in-vvardly facing. channels,.- a br1stle holder consisting of; af sheet metal; .body and tubular;jbristle-.holdin nipples se cured in said-=body;-'{'- theliside'fe' ges "of said ,bristleg-holderadapted, to: enter and, slide;

= endwise in, said cha nn els,jand said brush registering s'l -.6,.* A brus comprisinga.brush back, a .hollow haiidle attached to said-back,1a re'-" back and bristle-holder being provided'with movable bristle holder having longitudinal sli'dingengagement Wi thgthe brush'ba'ck, a leafspring within said handle'iattached at one end' to the same and provided at op? posite end with a" button which projects through an aperture in, the" back,";and]a 'Z; A- brushjcornprislng a bristle-holding 'm'ember made of sheet'rnetal a'ndprovided iwith longitudinal grooves i'n/its rear face and" with apertures spaced -.longitudinally of said (grooves, a plurality of nipples each provide with a pa-rt off'redu'c'ed iarneter "at its inner end which 'is' inser ted in one of said apertures and held thereiniby riveting,

said-nipples being providedin their; outer ends'with bristle-receiving recesses and at -their inner ends-withapert'ures. smaller than :and -open ing .intosaid recesses,folded tufts .ofbristles having their folded ends inserted 1 :v

-fjp'les, andwires extending-along and within said grooves, said wires having loops which .in the bristle-receiving-recesses of the nipextend through said; apertures into said between, bars j "haifin'g lo'ngitudina l thereof centrally 'offl said grooves, plufrality of ltubu'lar. nipples} the men-ends of I said "apertTlrjes into Lth ,bri'stlerecei .f

{their rear facesand correspondin trally ofsaid grooves-Sand ribsgfiippls "p .vided at "their inner ends with ofg l'i nipples being provided at their outer;

onsa-id spring adapted to engagefan; L aperture in the bristle-holder.

said bars having longitudinal grooves in 'trally of said bristles having.

which are:reducedindie sepur'eqhm ena iwiu'ia eta-ress aller-midlandspening-into said recessesftu folded hustle 7 having. their folded .f ehdS-s nse'rted i in;

bristle receiving recesses .aiidi fiviresiteiid' along and Withinfs'aidzgrdbves; sands wires having-m s ch extend through g eesses and engage theflooped. nd$ of said tufts of bri'stles'within-said A Zbr h P l h e bristle -'holdiu'g'ime be wade plurality of bars and -slots ethel'iebefifiim said bars having longitu'dinal j g their-"front; faces-and being pr'vi reduced diameter which are inserted if apertures and held therein b'yjriveting with bristl erec'eivingrecesses; and at their. inner endswith apertures smaller than f m'd opening into said recesses;v -the'-said-.iaperfa tures being-countersunk atfthe outer of the ribs to form seats; for theni ples,' folded tufts of bristles having-their olded ends inserted in -the s'aid' bristle-holding r e eesses, and ivires extending along and. w'ith.-

in said-grooves and having loops which ex "tend through sa'id aperturesyinto said recess'es andiare engaged withthe looped ends of thetufts-of bristles withinjsaid re'cgss'esa 10".- A} brushv comprising 1 a sheet" metal.

bristle holding member, provided'witha plurality 'of' bars and slots tl1erebet'\veen,' their rear faces and corresponding ri-lis onv. their frontfa'ces and being] provided with apertures spaced longitudinally thereof "cen'je'. rooves and ribs, nipples pro} vided at their inner ends withparts of a, re:

duced diameter; which are insertedin. said apertures and held therein by riveting,- said nipples being provided attheir outer ends with bristle-holdingrecesses and at their inner ends with apertures smaller than and opening into said recesses; folded tufts of their folded ends inserted in the- "said 'ristle-holding recesses and -\i-'ires-'ex-tending along and within ,"said grooves-and having loops which extend through said apertures into said recesses and'are engaged with the looped ends of- ..ithe tuft s of bristles within said recesses the 'ii'nner en'ds "of said nipples being provided 'withznotchesminifialinement with the Sflld 1 5 rooves;

:11. Albrush comprisi-ng 'a handle a back I .'se'curecl tosaid handle arid provided with therefrom.

channeled edges, a bristle'helder remov ably mounted beneath said back by guide irods inserted and having sliding engagefi'said channels, said back and said bristleholder being provided with registering slots extending transversely thereof. said back being provided with an aperture therein, a resilient spring member secured to said handle and provided with a button extending through said aperture, said resilient member being provided adjz'ment one end -with a latch-member, adapted to engage with aplurality of apertures therein, a plurality of nipples, each provided with a part of reduced diameter at its inner end which is inserted in one of said apertures and held therein by riveting, said nipples being pro vided in their outer ends with bristlereceiv ing recesses and at their inner ends with apertures smaller than and opening into said recesses, folded tufts of bristles having their folded ends inserted in the bristle-receiving recesses of the nipples, and wires having loops which extend through said apertures into saidbristle-receiving recesses and are engaged. with the loopedends of the tufts of bristles within said recesses.

14. A brush comprising a handle, a back, a bristle holder mounted therebeneath and longitudinally slidable with respect thereto, a resilient latch member within the said handle and adapted to engage said bristle holder, said back and bristle holder pro vided with registering slots therein, the said latch member adapted to hold the said slots in registration.

15. A brush comprising a handle, a back with channeled edges, a bristle holder removablv mounted beneath said back by ide rods engaging said channels. said back and bristle holder being provided with registering slots therein, means for engag ing said bristle holder to retain the said holder beneath the back within said channels.

16. A brush comprising a handle, a. back having at its side margins longitudinal flanges forming inwardly facing channels, a bristle holder provided at its side'margins with longitudinal ribs adapted to enter and slide endwise in said channels, aleaf spring secured at one end to said handle and providcd at its opposite end with a button adapted eto project through anaperture in said back, and a catch adjacent the end of said spring adapted to engage an apertur in said bristle-holder. r

ii, A body portion for a sanitary brush comprising a handle, a back extending therefrom, said back being provided with the edges thereof bent downward and inward to thereby form retaining channels, said back being provided with slots extending transversely thereof, the center slot be ing straight and the remaining slots convex with relation thereto, said back at its handle end provided with an aperture therein, a re silient spring member secured within said handle and provided with an upstanding button extending through said aperture, said r silient member being provided adjacent one end with a latch member.

18. In a brush the combination of abody portion, and a removable bristle holder, said bristle holder comprising a perforated plate, bristle holding studs secured therein, the edges of said perforated plate enlarged and adapted to engage said body portion.

19. A removable bristle holder incombi' nation with a brush body, said bristle holder comprising a plate. means for removably securing said bristle holder in said brush body, tubular studs secured within suitable apertures in said plate, said plate provided upon its upper surface with grooves extending between said tubular studs, adapted to accommodate therein bristle holding wires.

20. In a sanitary brush the combination with a body portion, said body portion provided with transverse slots therein. the side edges of said body portion overhanging to provide retaining channels. a bristle holder comprising a plate the edges of said plate provided with cylindrical guide members adapted to fit within said body portion channels to be supported thereby. said bristle holder being adapted to be removed from said body portion by longitudinal movement with respect thereto. means disosed within said bodv portion adapted to engage said bristle holder and prevent the longitudinal movement thereof.

21. In a sanitary brush the combination of a hollow handle, a concaved back extending therefrom and provided with transverse slots therein, the side edges of said back curled to form retaining channelsfabristle holder comprising a concaved plate the side edges thereof curved to form guide rod members adapted to slidablv engage said back channels. said bristle holder plate pro- 'ided with slots therein adapted to aline and register with said back slots, means disposed within said handle adapted to engage said bristle holder and to hold-the same stationary with respect to said back.

22. A- brush' comprising a perforated "plate, bristle-holding studs secured within said perforations, said perforated plate'provided with a pluralityof channels extending between said studs, means extending through said studs and lying within the said channelsadapted to engage the'bru shholding studs rigidly secured virithin-the said perforations, and channels extending along the upper su rface'of said ribs and studs, and means positioned within the said channels and passing into the studs, adapted 24. A sanitary brush comprising a plate to hold the brush bristles therein.

provided with slots extending thereacross forming a plurality of ribs, said ribs pro-' vided with apertures extemding there-' communicating with the said apertures, tubular studs rigidly qsecured within the said apertures communicating with said channels, me'ansdisposed within the said channels adapted to rigidlysecure brush bristles ;to' and withinsaid tubular studs.

through, channels extending along said ribs In testimony, thatI, claim the foregoing as my invention. affix my signature in the presence of two witnesses, this 9th day 0. May A. D. 1913.




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