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Publication numberUS112936 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1871
Publication numberUS 112936 A, US 112936A, US-A-112936, US112936 A, US112936A
InventorsLyman Litohfield
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Improvement in base-burning stoves
US 112936 A
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tnirli hm LYMAN LIT'onFIELn'oF eouvnnnnus, Nn'WfYoRKfhSS-icnon- To 111ML, entrA AND HORACE 1K. osBoRNn, or ARLINGTON,MASSACHUSETTS.

'Letters Patent No. 112,9a6, dated March 21,1871.


The schedule formen to m ums mam Patent 'and put of nenni following, taken in connection with the drawing which accompanies and forms part of this specification, is a -description oi' my invention 'snflcierlt to enable those skilled in the art'to practice it. P, l My invention has particular reference to the construction of stoves designed for burning tan-bark, saw-- dust, and other fine or com'niinuted fuel.

'In the employment of such fuel, its rapid combus- 'tion when dry, and-when suoiently .loose to burn readily, subjects the grate toconstant clogging of ashes, thereby shutting oli' the entrance of air necessary to support combustion. f To remedy this dimculty I make a cylinder-stove or combustion-chamber with a central feed-pipe or' vsnpply-pipe, and locate under this pipe a rotary gate, by the rotation of which the combustion-chamber is vreadily freed from ashes. i

It is in the` combination with the central feed or supply-pipe of the rotary grate that my invention primai-ily consists.

The drawing represents a stove embodying my improvements. y A shows a seetionalelevation of the stove.

u B, a sectional plan on the line :z: x,

a denotes the basefplate, upon which is placedfa cylluder, b, preferably made sectional, and of cast-iron plates o, united at their adjacent and lapping or abutting edges by bolts d.

These plates vform the combustion-chamber e and ash-pit or chamber f, and between theA two chambers is located the grate g. .This grate ismade of conical shape, and'under its center or apex it has a boss or hearing, h', by which the grate is supported upon the tcp of a vertical spindle, i, extending up from'the cenflter of the base-plate a. i

The grate-bars k entend from thel edg'eor rim 'l'. of

bolid, as seenin 'the drawing.' Over this centralpart is located a feed-tube" or supply-pipe ',or. reservoin'm, y

'which extendsup through` the stove, andmaybe prof.

trided with a pipe, a, extending from the'top of thelstove toa room-above-the room in which the stove is located, so thatv the fuell may be suppliedto. the comthe grate about haltlway tothe center or apex, the :test or central part of the grate being made close or described.

The feed-pipem is provided with a castfmetal flange4 or flaring ring, p, at its -lofwer end.

'lhe center orapex of the grate extends Aup into the ring or open bottom 4of .the vsupply-pipe, but between the pipe or ring and the grate is espace, j, through,v

which the fuel can pass from.; the supplyfpip'e down upon the gratefbars,'the space over which bars; and

between l'the supply-.pipe and the cylinder-plates.` c, l constitutes the combustion-chamber, the volatile productsof combustion passing up through said chamberf into and oli' through aline-pipe, q, leading'therelljo'm.l

The ash-pit chamber is provided withtwo doors, r r,

upon opposite sides of it, and the lire-.poter combusl j tion-chamber with twoopposite or dranght-doors,"s s, y all or either of which doors may be opened for greater.

the grate,

or lesser supply of air, eitherabove or below and uponone or more sides thereof.

The under side of'theriml o'r perimeter-of the grate is made or provided with gear-teeth t, and on one side of the cylinder is a horizontal shaft, u, jonrnaledin. vo ne of the platesfc and in a bearing,z, within the cyl'- inder. 'flhis shaft bears ai gearp'inion, c, which mesh-v es into the gear-teeth 't, and rotation ofthe shaft, by

means of a crankfhandle, z, rotates the grate upon the' spindiet, and causes theashes to be sifted -through the grate-bars down into the ashfpit, from which they f may be removed at either ash-pit door. Y

lThe grate, besides resting atits edge upon the ,f lgear pinion o', also rests upon frictionrolls yA at opposite sides of the ash-pit, Ithese rolls preventing the grate l from tipping or binding againstthe innersnrfuce of the stoveplates c, and facilitates rotation by the hand-actuated shaft and pinion.

- Thefeed-pipe orrese'rvor m may be kept charged i with fuel, the simple'rotatiou Aof the' grate being suiils cient to keep the grate at all'times Supplied with fuel underwfull ignition.

Theiconstructionoi the stove,t enables the waste barhof tanfyards'saw-dust of saw-mills, tine shaving's of planing-mills, and other tine waste which apcumulatesin manufacturing.establishments, to be utilizedl central post or. spindle t, friction-rolls y, anddrlvingpinion e, for` supporting and rotating the giateLwhen constructedand arranged substantially as shown and 'LYMAN Lrronrrnnn.

llVitnessesv:V Y j ILA. Jonsson, Cass. Ansus. il

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Cooperative ClassificationF24B1/024