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Publication numberUS112952 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1871
Publication numberUS 112952 A, US 112952A, US-A-112952, US112952 A, US112952A
InventorsS. Niswasder
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Improvement in ankle-braces
US 112952 A
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tnii titz rAcoB s. Nrswnnnnafor ,oAxLAN1 cALrronNIA.`

Letters Patent No. 112,952, dated'March 21, 1871.


The Schedule referred to ln these Letters Patent and making part of the lame.

To all whom it may concern Beit known that I, JACOB S. NISWANDER, of Oakland, c ounty of Alameda, State of California, have invented an Improved Ankle-Brace; and I do hereby declare the following description and accom- -panying drawing are sufficient to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which it most nearly appertains to make and use my said invention `or improvements without further invention or experiment.

My invention .relates to a brace or supporter for weak, sprained, or diseased ankles, and is alsoapplicable for the cure of club or misshapeu feet; and

Itcousistsl of properly-,formed metal plates, made to fit' the foot, ankle, and Aleg, and united by a concave or cup-joint, which titsover the ankle-joint.

The instrument is to be laced upon the ankle and foot, either next to the skin or outside of the stocking, and will be completely hidden by the boot or shoe.

In order to explain inyinvention so that others will understand its construction and application, reference is hadtothe accompanying drawing forming a part of this speciication,'in whichl 'A represents a stirrup, which is made of any suitable sheet metal.

This stirrup isy made to t'under the heel of the wearer, or a little forward of the heel, as most c ouvenient, curving up on the inside of the foot, as shownl at b.

The portion c upon thel outside of the foot extends up'to the'ankle-joint, where it is united to another curved plate, D, hy a concave or cup-joint :it e.

The plate D is properly shaped to it the leg above the ankle, and may extend any desired distance toward the knee.v The joint is made suliciently cup-shaped or concave to h't over the knuckle or projecting round bone on the out-'sident' the ankle, andthe two parts are united by a bolt or' rivet, i,.which allows the upper` holiowjplate "Il a back-andfforth movement suliicient to permit the ankle-joint to move freely while the wearer is. walking.

Holes z' orv slots i' are made along and around the rims of the two plates, through which the laciugs 'can be passed in order to secure the instrument. to the leg.

This instrument -can be either worn next tothe skinor ou the outside of the stocking.-

The stirrup is placed'under the heel or foot, and the side plates extend up the'leg and are laced firmly to it.v l

If desired, these plates may extend up on bot-h sides l of the ankle, and be secured together by means of lacing, as above mentioned. The boot or shoe of the wearer will-then entirely conceal the brace. v Y

As an linstrument for surgical assistance in reducing sprains and supporting and strengthening weak 6r broken ankles, this instrument will be found of great value, and, being convenient to put on, and not nncomfor'table to be worn,it will be used by many persons who require suchassistance, but will not use the' ordinary splints on account of their ungaiuly appear By extending the foot-plate -or stirrup along the bottom and' sides'of the foot an excellent device will be provided for training and keeping club or reel feet in place.

f 'Having thusv described my invention,


Gno. H. STRONG, .tf L. Boone.

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