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Publication numberUS1130571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1915
Filing dateJul 22, 1914
Priority dateJul 22, 1914
Publication numberUS 1130571 A, US 1130571A, US-A-1130571, US1130571 A, US1130571A
InventorsMax M Cohn
Original AssigneeMax M Cohn
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Loose-leaf-dispensing device.
US 1130571 A
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Patented M2112, 1915.


IIIIIIIIIII N FILED JULY 22, I914. 1,130,571. Patented Mar. 2, 1915.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 2, 1915 clude the provision of a carton which is particularly constructed to serve as a container and wrapper for a stack of interfolded sheets of paper owels or the like; and to operate either as a holder and dispenser itself, or as an adjunct to' a separate dispensing device;

the provision of such a d spensing device to act as a receptacle for the carton, with mclosed towels, from which the towels may be withdrawn as used: and of means on the holder for supporting the interfolded sheets within the carton, when this is in position within the holder. and which will also prevent the lowermost interlolded sheets in the carton from becoming jammed or wedged.

Further object will hereinafter appear.

The invention consistsof the parts and the construction and combination of parts as hereinafter more fully described and claimed. halting referenm to the accompany ing drawings. in whirl" Figure 1 is a perspective of a carton show ing the meth d of folding the sheets. Fig. 2 is a perspet-the of thrfront of a full container. Fig. 3 is a rear view of the container empt y.

A represents :1 carton adapted to contain a stack of paper towels, which are so interfolded, with relati n to each other, that the 'vithdrav-nl of out: towel will withdraw a portion of the next towel, thus forming a t nge." hold wherewith to grasp and withdraw each towel in uccession. The carton consists of a single sheet of cardboard folded to form a hack section 2, short u turned front bottom station 3 and a foldab 0 front top ilnp section l; sufficient space being provided litZtWQMLlllE fiap and-bottom section to form what might he called a dischar e slot 5, through which the interfolded towe s may b6 withdrawn, one at a time. The'carton proper is provided as a holder for the towels and also serves as a wrapper in which the towels may be shipped from the dealer carton, but preferab y as shown in Figs. 3

and 41; that is, end! paper towel or sheet is Folded adjacent to its center, as shown at 6, so that the sheet is divided into two portions of unequal length, as indicated at 7 and 8. The longer section 7 is then folded in an opposite direction to sheet 8, near the outer end, to form a short and fold and finger-hold 9. The sheets thus folded into sec tions 7, 8 and 9 are then interlea tedin such summer that the short section 8 of one sheet will always he interposed between the long section 7 of the two succeodingsheets.

The sheets when thus interfolded may be pulled out from under the stack, one by one, and will, when reitiov'ed, always free the large section 7 of the following sheet, or,-

in other Words, pull it out to a position where it'mqy be easily grasped.

In practice, the folding and interleaving is done by machinery, not here shown, in

which the paper is 'fed in continuous sheets from two rolls and cut alternately and inter folded. They are then stacked, not in a square column. hut diamond shaped, and/insertedinto the carton: the diamond shape of the package bringing the interfolded leaves into Vertical position so they stand parallel with the front wall 4 of the carton with the lip '9 of a sheet protruding through the slot 5.

The filled carton .with its sheets is held in position by passing a paper hand 10 around it. and posting the ends together: awhile the carton A may he used as a dispenser,

still most people prefer a permanent fixtureopen-at the hack except for a pnir of rear.

curved guides 14. Guides 14 are secur 'ed et their upper ends to a cross rod 16 and hnye their lower ends curved, as at 17, and ex tended inwardly to join the fi'ont section at an acute angle below slot 12; this distance from the lower edge of slot 12 to thepoiut of juncture of the guides with the front bein equal approximately to the length of ap 3 of the carton A. A rod 19 similar to rod 16 is provided at the lower end of the casing at the back, on which is slidably mounted the clips 20 by which the casing may be secured to a suitable support. The slidable mounting of the clips 20 permits them to be moved along the rods to a position where they may be brought into register with the studding iii a wall or like support. I

A casing constructed as shown is cheap to manufacture and light in weight. As the top, bottom and rear side; of the casing are entirely open, it can, therefore, be secured to practically any kind of a support, and in any place within easy reach of a wash-stand, and by reason of the small amount of material used in manufacture and its simplicity in construction may practically be given away to users of cartonwrapped towels.

In practice, when loading the holder, the band 10 is removed and the free end 9 of a towel made to project through the carton slot 5. The carton is then dropped into the holder just described; the curved section 17 of the rear guides causing the back section 2 of the carton to assume the same curvature as the uides, so that the towel lip 9 is automatica ly fed through the slot 12. By reason 0f the peculiar diamond shape of the stock and carton, all the towels assume a substantially vertical position parallel with the front 11 of the holder. To keep the carton front from slippin down as the towels are used up, andpart y or wholly closing the slot 12, I. employ suitable means, as a pair of spring arms or fingers 22 which exert sufficient pressure on the top-of the carton to force it backward against the rear guides 14. In order to prevent the lowermost towels from becoming wedged and pinched at the sharp angle formed at the point I intersecting of the back 2 and front 3 of the carton, when the latter is dropped into the holder, I preferably make one or more notches 23 in the lower edge of the carton to-exp se the bottom edges of the lowermost and forwardmpst towels, and provide. the brackets 24 on the front section of the holder, which brackets fit into notches 23 .and serve to support said front bottom towels from dropping into where they might have a tendency to become jammed or pinched.

The provision of the carton is of great im portance' as it permits the holder to be refilled quickly without any trouble or inconveni'en'ce. 'It furthermore prevents all lia bility of disarranging the interleaved towel sections and also nsures delivery of a given quantity.

The special fixture is important because into a vertical position, while the interme diate section of towels are permitted to as some a more or less diagonal position. They will thus not only occupy a much narrower space, but the weight of the entire stack is practically all taken up by the upper end of the curved guides, as indicated by arrow 0, leaving the lowermost towels free to be drawn out without laceration or being severed.

Having thus described my invention what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent 'is 1. A paper towel dispenser and holder for cartons including acase having a pair of spaced uides at its rear which guides have curved lower ends, and a pair of spring fingers connected to the case at the top thereof and having free. portions alined with the space between the guides adapted to engage and press the front of the carton against said guides.

A paper towel dispenser and holder for cartons including a case having apair of spaced (guides at its rear which guides have curve lower ends, and a pair of spring fingers connected to the case at the top thereof and having free portions alined with the space between the guides adapted to engage and press the front of the carton against said guides, and a carton engaging bracket at the front lower end of the casin adapted to be received in a notch provided therefor in the carton.

3. A paper towel dispenser and holder for cartons includin a case having rear guiding means for t e carton rear, and means to engage the top portion of the carton to force same against said guiding means to thereby assume the greater part of the weight of the carton.

4. A paper towel dispenser and holder for cartons including a case having a withdrawal slot and a projection below the slot engage the towels to hold the latter abovethe carton bottom.

6. A dispensing device including a case having sides and an open back, a rod connected to the sides and extending across the 7. A paper towel dispenser and holder for cartons includ drawal slot, ease to engage the towels above the carton ing a case having a Wlthand means at the base of the within the carton to support bottom.

8. A paper towel dispenser and holder for cartons including a case having a Withdrawal slot, in to engage with eans at the base of the case in the carton and to support the towels above the carton bottom, and means adapted to frictionally engage the top of the carton to assume the greater part 16 of the weight of the carton.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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