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Publication numberUS1131135 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1915
Filing dateSep 5, 1912
Priority dateSep 5, 1912
Publication numberUS 1131135 A, US 1131135A, US-A-1131135, US1131135 A, US1131135A
InventorsEdwin V Hudson
Original AssigneeEdwin V Hudson
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US 1131135 A
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Patented Mar. 9, 1915.




1,131,135.. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Mar, 9 1915,.

- Application filed September 5, 1912. Serial No. 718,779.

To allwliom it may concern: 1 tending triangular flaps 9 and u on the Be it known that I, EDWIN V. HUDSON, other side of the front and rear ap's ina citizen of the United States of America, Wardly extending triangular flaps 10. The residing at Wilkinsburg, in the county of Y triangular flaps 9 and 10 provide two pair Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have of end flaps which are indicated by the refinvented certain new and useful Improveerence character 7. The end flaps of one'60 ments in Envelops, of which the following pair extending between the end flaps of the is a specification, reference being had thereother pair. The front flap 1 has projecting in to the accompanying drawing. therefrom a sealing flap 3, the latter being This invention relates to envelops, and provided with an opening l-which is adapt I has special referenceto that type of envelop ed to register with an o' ening 5 in the back commonly styled a safety envelop and flap 2. The end ,flaps are provided with used for transmitting valuable papers and openings 11 which register with the openother matter by mail, express and messenings 4 and 5. u p gers. The fastener used for closing the envelop The primary object of my invention is to comprises an inner member and an outer provide a one piece envelop blank that can member, illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5. The be easily and quickly folded to form an in inner member 5 is in the forrrl of a'flat diskclosure having the folded sections thereof 12 provided with a coneentricshank l3 havconnected in a manner that prevents the ening a semi spherical slitted compressible velop from being rifled or surreptitiously head 14. This member is placed in the enopened.

A further object of this invention is to provide a simple, durable and inexpensive envelop of the above type that has a novel fastening device for retaining the envelop in a closed position.

With the above and other objects in an,

the invention resides in a novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter specifically described and then claimed.

Reference will now be had wherein Figure l is a plan of a blank piece of material from which the envelop is made. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the blank folded to form an open envelop. Fig. 3 is an enlarged cross. sectional )view of a portion of the envelop closed. Fig. 4 illustrates detailed views of an inner fastener member, and ig. 5 illustrates detailed views of an outer fastener member. I

An envelop in accordance with this inventionjs formed from a substantially rectangulai-. piece of suit: )le material capable of being folded and fwhich is first folded upon the dotted lines 6 and then further folded upon the dotted lines 8. The folding of the material/upon the dotted lines 6 and Sprovide. a rectangular front and rear flap 1 and 2 respectively. Thefolding upon the dotted lines 8 provide at one sideof the to the drawing,

front and rear 1 and 2 inwardly ere velop and/the head and shank thereof'forced the openings 5 and 11 of the en tlHOYll gl f velo body and after the valuable matter has/been placed in the envelop, the flap 3 's'closed and forced over the head 14 of the "inner fastener members.

The outer member is designated 15 and is in the form of a button having a concentric socket 16 provided with an annular shoulder 17. The outer member is forced over the head of the inner member and the head. 14 is compressed as it passes into the socket, but assumes its natural or extended position when seated within the socket and is prevented from becoming accidentally displaced or tampered with by reason of said head enga the socket.

The safety envelop is closed in a manner that prevents the. contents of the envelop from being removed without detection, and the outer fastener member is susceptible to any desired ornamentation, for instance by the monogram of a person using the envelop.

lVhat I claim is A safety envelop comprising longitudinal, front and rear flaps and a series of triangular end flaps, projecting toward each other, and the inner terminus of the first mentioned cud flaps extending between the two opposing flaps of the other pairs, a sealing flap formed integral with the front flap, an inner fastening member extending ging the annular shoulder 17 of through the ends of the end flap, the rear In testimony wh reof I afiix my signature flap and through and projecting from said in the presence of two witnesses.

sealing flap, and an outer fastening member T arranged upon the projecting end of the LDXVIN HUDSON 5 fastening member so that the sealing flap, Witnesses:

end flap and the rear flaps are secured 'to- 7 MAX H. SRoLovrrz,


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U.S. Classification229/77, 229/87.5, 229/72, 229/67.1, 229/67.4, 383/5
Cooperative ClassificationB65D27/24