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Publication numberUS1132132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1915
Filing dateApr 11, 1913
Publication numberUS 1132132 A, US 1132132A, US-A-1132132, US1132132 A, US1132132A
InventorsHans Christian Tysse
Original AssigneeAlfred C Christenson, Hans Christian Tysse
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US 1132132 A
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Patented Man-16, 1915.




Specification of Letters Patent. y Patented Dial.v 16, nu,

applicati@ inea spin n, 191s.- seriai No. 760,405.

is a specification. I

This invention relates to boots and shoes generally, and niore particularly to the inner sole therefor.

The primary object of tlie invention contemplates the provision of a metallic intermediate sole adapted to he arrangedbetween the outer and inner soles of a boot or slice to produce a chamber therebetween, whichc'lianibcr materially adds to the comfort, caro and proper conditioning of the foot of the nearer and prevents the )eiietration of dainpness and cold into the shoe inteiior,

thereby preventing rheumatisin, gout, colds plates the provision of 'ei-ence will be had to and various ailments commonly occurring by reason of the inellicient sole now forming a part of the ordina-ry shoe or boot.

A\ further object of the invention coiiteinmeans including an intermediate metallic sole whereby tlie iiiiier or foot engaging soie is yieldably supported, the said .metallic sole being preferably composed of any suitable resilient orspring-like material.

'l he above and aclcl'iti iiial objects are ac coinplislied by such means as are illustrated in their preferred embodiment in the accompaiiyiiigT dra\\'ings, described in tliefollowing specification and then more particularly pointed out in the claims ivliicli are appended hereto and'foim a part of this application.

In describing my invention in detail refthe accompanying drawings wherein like ch racters denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several view sfand in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a shoe, partly broken a'way illustrating the application of the invention; Fig. 2 'is a longitudinal sectional view of a shoe, the inner sole.

wherein my l invention the numeral 1 designates a shoe o the usual outer type having forming a part 2 and heel 3 the ordinary leather' sole Improvements iii Cusliion-Innersoles, of which the following thereof. Arranged upon the top of the sole 2 and conforming with the outline of the upper face thereof, I provide an interinc- ,diete inetalliic sole or strip 4 the saine being preferably composed of any suitable resilient orv spring wire curled or waved for the purpose of creating a resilient or spring-like tread over which the inner sole 5 is disposed, the said inner sole being composed of anv suitable material such as leather, felt or the like. In the preferred form the wires ofthe intermediate sole Ll extend diagonally of the slice sole and in transverserelation with respect to one another and an. outer wire strand is provided to which th'transversely extending strands are securedtliesaid outer strand encircling the entire intermediate sole. The sole however may be composed of a single strand of wire curved or curled as above set forth and bent or twisted to create a resilient tread adapted to conform to the curvature or outline of the shoe within which -it is arranged. By the provision of the intermediate sole between the inner sole 5 and the outer' sole 2 a chamber is formed, which chamber will prevent dampness, coldv or heat from entering the shoe interior and thereby materially decrease the cases of rheuinatism, gout, colds or .other ailments resulting from various causes brought about by the unsatisfactory manner in which shoe soles are at present constructed. V

Vhile I have shown the intermediate and A inner soles as forming a' partof the shoe, the saine being connected thereto through the medium of nails 6, such connection mayA howeverfbe eliminated and the inner and interi/nediate'soles detachably arranged upon the interior of the shoe so as to permit removal thereof shouldoccasion demand. The provision of the intermediate sole also cren ates a cushion or resilient support for the inner sole thus adding materially to the .comfort of the shoe when worn. 1

lIt ivill be seen from the above, taken in connection with the accon'ipanying'drawings that an airchamber is formed between the inner and outer soles of the' shoe, which chamber prevents the penetration of dampness, etc., into the interior ofthe shoe; thatl by twisting and curling the wire strand sulfieient thickness is produced by the intermediate sole to create the the said inner and outer soles; and that by the provision of a detachable tread or inner desired space between description, as the preferred embodiment, is

the most eflicient and practical; yet realizing` that the conditions concurrent with the adoption ofniy device Will necessarily vary, I desire to emphasize the fact that various minor changes in details of construction,

A proportion and arrangement of parts may lbe resorted to, when required, Without sacriicing any of the advantages of my invention, as delined in the appended claims.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1 In a shoe, the combination of an outer sole', an intermediate sole arranged thereupon, the said intermediate sole comprising a plurality of independent resilient Wire strands extending transversely of the sole, each strand being coiled to form a yieldable .springy,support, and an inner sole supported by the said intermediate sole in spaced relation to the said outer sole, as and for the purpose set forth. i y T2. In a shoe, the combination of an outer sole, an intermediate sole arranged thereupon, the said intermediate solocomprising a plurality of independent resilient Wire strands extending transversely of. the sole, each strand beingcoiled t0 form a yieldable springy support, a securing strand, the said securing strand being'coiled throughout its entire length and engaging the ends of said transverse strands to secure the latter againstdisplacement, and an inner sole supported by` the said intermediate, sole in spaced relation to the said outer sole, as and for the purpose set/forth.


In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in presence of ltwo witnesses.



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