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Publication numberUS1133571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1915
Filing dateNov 20, 1914
Publication numberUS 1133571 A, US 1133571A, US-A-1133571, US1133571 A, US1133571A
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Cleaning attachment for firearms.
US 1133571 A
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Patented Mar. 30, 1915.


i 55 a a v 1 D represents my tubular guide, one end of of Maiden, in the county of Middlesex and State of Massachusetts, have invented anew and useful CleaningAttachm'ent for Firemm :mam,trauma;weavers;5

To all 3 1:}: Be it knownthat I, LADOLPH O. NIEDNER;

arms,of which the following is a specificand especially the barrels, of bolt-operated firearms. l a i a An attempt to clean the boreofthebarrel from the muzzle tend is very'likely to seriously harm said interior, andespecially the rifling while before myl invention anyattempt to'clean from the chamber endof the barrel in bolt-operated firearms has been cleaning-material can not beheld so as to a be properly engaged'vby the cleaning rod with the result that the swab slips out of po-' 1 sition and is not carried into the barrel by the cleaning-rod except peatedand painstakingefforts.

p fssibly after fre- My invention is a device for overcomin these ob ect10ns and conslsts m a member "which guides the swab to the boreof they barrel and which has an entrance readily accessiblefor insertion of the swab and cleaning rod in proper relative position. i A feature of said member is its construci tion adapting it for use withstandard types out below. a t a l V l In the drawings :fgFigurel is a longitudt V 40 i firearm of the boltoperated type, the fireof bolt-operated rifles and another feature I p p guide rod is of substantially the same d ameter as the bore of the barrel but it might be is the means for holdingit in place while in Other inventional features will bepointed nal section illustrating myattachment in a arm being broken away and partly illustrated in dotted lines; Fig. 2 is a plan of the structure of Fig. 1 with the exception of the portion in dotted lines; and Fig. 3 illustrates the attachment by itself. a

a v I have illustrated myfattachmentin use in abolt-operated Springfield rifle although, of

course, it may be used with many other types firearm. Barrel A has bore a, cartridge chamber a, ramp a andrec'eiver housing a which servesas an inner bearing for-the ordinary "bolt. VB is the outer bearing for said bolt and has'theordinary interior cy;

lindrical portioni i i amiirnc'nnnnr on fi ment;

of Letters ratent.

Myinvention relates: to devices for" use in cleaning the bores of'the barrels of firearms are in alvertical positionso that lugd 'passthrough bearing B as can bedonewithwhich is preferablyibeveled at 1 in alinement with said bore and in'adj acency to thefbreech end of. {said bore, said end *extending preferably to said bore jibut in} any case *so near as to insure proper passagekof the cleaning rod E and is adjacent to the boreofthe barrel and then a positioning i end c l is readily accessible for cleaning swab F and cleaning rod E. While V antennae 1915; App licatioii' filed November 20,1914, seaaiaavsmn. i W

swab F from u de DfQ Qre a;" The other enddf; ofsaid igu deis so far exposed with relation top i ,L

Guide D has an en 5 larged cyllndrlcalqportion d to fit within a l i th? the guide is being inserted lugs 03 audio? may , theord inary typefof said bearing. VVhen fully inserted the knobd until the horizontal position,

guid'e 1may ]be rotated by the portion B serving as a bearingforportion d In this horizon a tal position lugs 03 and d4 are-adaptedto engage bearing B very much as the locking means on theordinary bolt engage said bearing, lugd being adapted to holdguide D locked against outward movement and lug' cl holding it against inward movement.

It will be observedthat the bore of the lugsfal amid are in a t of slightly different diameter and ineither, i

a case the swab will pass freely back and forth forth in the barrel, any suitable head onthe 3 i for firearms of p i the receiver in alinement withthe breechend of" the bore of the barrel and to guide the cleaning rod and swab'to and from the latter and provided with means to cooperate with the outer bolt-bearing for holding said tubular member in place whilein use.

2. Acleaning attachment for firearms con sisting' of a tubular member adapted to be inserted within the ireceiver :alinement withthe breech end of the bore of the barrel.

and to guide the cleaning rodand swab to and from the latter; said, member -hayingfl 'means adapted by grotative movement ofsaid. member to interlock with the receiver bolt. Ineinber andahayingfalug'to engage aidjbearingizto prevent outward movement to hold said member in place While use.

' i 3. A device for usein cleaning'thebore off a bolt-operated rifle comprising a removable member'with a tubular bore, one portion of said member being exteriorlycylindrical to;

engage the outer bearing for the bolt mem ber,'and said meinber havirigl'ocking means- ,to' engage the outer bearing for said bolt and thereby hold one end of said member in adjacency to the bore of the rifle? and the other end in a readily accessible position.

0615105101 this iate'nt may be obtained tor V I 1,133,571 l 1 sisting of a tubular guide ha -inga cylindri- 4; A dealingattachmehtfarjfitarms concal" portion-t6 fit the outer bearingfor the.

ofsaid guide, and having another lug With a knob to serve the; double purpose-of means to; prevent i'inward movement of the guide and. to rotate the guide into and out of locked position. 3 i i Y -A'DOLPHUO. NIEDNER. Witnessesq ia f GEORGE A; ROCKWELL,


five cents each, by addressing the Cominissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G."

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U.S. Classification42/95, 15/104.165, 42/90
Cooperative ClassificationF41A29/02
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