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Publication numberUS113402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 4, 1871
Publication numberUS 113402 A, US 113402A, US-A-113402, US113402 A, US113402A
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Benjamin p
US 113402 A
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anni didn.

BENJAMIN P. CRANDALL, Jn., or' wiLLrAnsBnRe, New Yoan.

Letters Patent No. 113,402, dated April 4, 1871.


vTo all whomjt may concern:

. and I d o hereby declare 'the following to `be `a ful-l',

clear, and eXact'descript-ion of the Yconstruction of the same sufficient to .enable any one skilled'` Vin the art to'which'my invention appeitains to make, construct, and use the same, reference being. had to the accompanying d rawiug'rnaking a part of this specilcation, in whichl Figure 1 is a perspective view of a childs` carriage with my improvements attached, while Figure 2 is a view of the' toy-box detached from the carriage. Y My invention is designed'as an improvement upon that class of vehicles known as childrens carriages or perambulators; and to this end It consists in the combination of a' toy-box arranged upon the body or seat of such carriages o r 'perambulators, soas to afford a receptacle for toys, &0., for the diversion of children, and at the' Sametime prevent their falling forward out. of the` seat. 4

It further consists in the peculiar construction of the springs which support the body-of a childls carriage or perambulator, all of which will hereinafter be more fully set forth.

A in the drawing may represent the toy-box,'made `of wood, sheet metal, or other suitable material, and which, in the present instance, is'located in front of,

. but `somewhat above, the seat, so as to 'permit the occnpants feet to extend downwardly and rest npon a.

i bottom board or boards.

This toyTbox may be made of any suitable form lupon'its inside or outsidersurfaces, the 'front portionV B being curved or bent, and its ends united to the l.brace G, which extends across from side'to side of the body orseat in front of the child, a bottom, D, being securely fastened to the parts B and O, soas to form a receptacle for toys or other' articles, and prevent their falling outwhen 4the carriage is being moved from point to point.

'lhe brace C is' formed at each end lwith* eyes or siots a a, which engage with suitable pins or standards l b-upon the body or scat of the carriage, and thus are firmly retained in place.

A nut or pin may be used uponthe standard, at or near its top, to retain the "brace C on the body or seat.

One endof the brace O of the toy-box Ymay be hingedto the body or seat, and the other end provided with a suitable fastening, so as to engage withl a catch upon the other side of the body or seat, thus `permitting lthe toy-box to beswung around, as shown The Schedulerefen'ed to ln these Letters Patent and making part o the same.u

in dotted lines, g. l, so as to allow a child to readily take orbe placediu the seat.

' The brace C can be lined with leather oir-other fabric Yupon the side next to the `childs seat, and the space between the two materials be stut'ed with hair or suitable wadding,so as to prevent injury to the child should it fall forward, and at the same time add -to its `neat appearance. i

Thus it will be seen that, by the attachment of this toy-box, a receptacle is furnished to receive toys, 86e., calculated to' divert children, and 'also that the slender strap heretofore used to prevent children falling forward is dispensed' with.

' Profile heads of animals may be attached to or formed with the toy-box, as designated by the letter d, vgs. 1 and 2'.

lt is understood that the toy-box can readily be made' from a single piece of wood os metal, it it he desired. l F Fis the bodyor seat mounted upon and secured to the handles G, which are securely attached to springs C C'.

The springs C Gf are so constructed as to be speciall y -adapted to childrens carriages, inasmuch as they are formed with a bend or twist at their front ends, where an eye, h, is formed,.which admitsof the spring being placed upon the journal portion ot' the axle in such a-'manner that, whenthe wheel is secured in position, the spring is retained upon the journal and does not interfere with vthe free revolution of the wheels. -Thus all bolts and clips are vdispensed with in securing the front portion of the spring to the axle.

The rear ends of the springs C O are bent or curved, so as to pass around the axle and be secured thereto, a suicient bend being given to produce such elasticity as will. prevent the inside of the upper portion of the spring coming in contact with the rear axle, so as to prevent jarring of the carriage w-henrough places are crossed.

It may also be stated that this toy-box can be atf tached to the body or seat of a sleigh in a manner similar to that above described.

Having tlus described my invention,

What I claim as new, and desire to secureby Letters Patent, is-

A. rtoy-box combined and'arranged with the bodyror seat of a childs carriageor perarnbulator, substantially as described, for the purpose set forth. j

'lo the above I have signed my name this 3d day of August, 1870.


WM. T. COOKE, Tnoams A. Saumon, JOHN M. STEARNS.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47D1/008