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Publication numberUS1136598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1915
Filing dateDec 4, 1913
Priority dateDec 4, 1913
Publication numberUS 1136598 A, US 1136598A, US-A-1136598, US1136598 A, US1136598A
InventorsClarke S Gould
Original AssigneeClarke S Gould
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Book carrier and cover.
US 1136598 A
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Patented Apr. 20, 1915.

I Application filed December 4,1913. Serial No. 804,770.

citizen of the United States,


T all whom it ma concern:

Be it known t at I, CLARKE S. Gonna,

Norwood, county of Norfolk, State of Messachusetts, have invented an Improyement in Book Carriers and Covers, of which the following descriptiom'in' connection w1th the accompanying drawing,

like parts,

"book carriers and covers and com rises 4 means for protecting the covers of and ' vide a book carrier and ooks while they are being read and also means for conveniently supporting and carrying the book when traveling.

"One of the objects of the invention is to provide a detachable cover and carrier for a book whereby any book of ordinary size may be covered and carried, and another eas ly substituted therefor.

Another object of the invention is to provide a flexible cover and carrier of the character above described which may be conveniently folded and thereby placed in a ocket or handbag.

Another 0 ject of the invention is to procover of the class described with a convenient pocket for the reception of a bookmark, railroad ticket, or

-- similar articles.

Another object of-the invention is to provide a book carrier and cover of the charac- .ter above described with handle portions ,which are ada ted to be folded within the covers of the ookout of the wayof the reader or to be folded between the pages to filing! the spot at which the reader closed the Other objects of the invention will more fully appear from the following description accompanying drawings and will be more articularly pointed out inv the appende claims.

In the draWings, Figure 1 is a perspective view'of a book carrier and cover embodying my invention applied to a book, and, F1g. 2

. tion 1,

- is a vertical sectional .view of a book carrierand cover embodying my invention applied to an open book.

tion illustrated in the book carrier and cover having a body por- 1preferably of llexible' material such assoft ather, canvas, or the like of a form substantially corresponding to the 'gontour residing at is a specification,- like. characters on the drawing representing adapted to be able manner.

The preferred embodiment of the inv en-T drawings comprises a noon CARRIER Ann covnn.

Patented Apr. 20, 1915.

of the covers A. B. of having extensions 2 preferably integral with said body portion having apertures 3 adapted to form handles for supporting the book when the same is in closed position. The extensions 2 are preferably from opposite an opened book, and

ends of the body portion whereby when the book is closed together -to form a pair of handles which that the handle "members may extend from other edges of the body portion than those illustrated herein but in the preferred form of the invention two handle extensions are provided ,of the character indicated.

In order to retain the covers of the book in the carrier, pocket members 4 are provided which are and ends of the body portion by lines of stitching 5, 6, 7 but these members may, of course be secured thereto in any other suit-- The ed member is left free so thatthe book covr may be readily inserted into the pocket. In the preferred embodiment of the invention disclosed herein the pockets to receive the book covers are shown as extending across said body'portion. It is however sufficient if the pockets inclose the corners of the cov ers of the book in any other manner. The pocket member 4 preferably is providedwith an integral extension 9 corresponding to the form of the extension 2 from the body portion and is preferably secured to said extension by lines of stitching which may be arranged parallel tothe edges of the extension and of the aperture or may be arranged in anydesired ornamentalmanner.

It 1s frequently convenient for the reader of a book to have a bookmark to be inserted between the pages when the book is closed and it is desirable and also frequently happens that a reader who is traveling carries a ticket in his book, I have therefore provided the book carrier and cover with means adapted to receive a bookmark or ticket, such means compxrising a supplementary receptacle or poc et 10. This receptacle 10 pref erably comprises a ijece of leather or canvas secured by lines o stitching, 11, 12, 13 to the'side of the pocket member 4 within the preferably secured to the edges ge 8 of each pocket zines, pamphlets,

- forretaining the book cover'in the car ier.-

While I' have described my preferred edge of the body member so that when the book is being carried the fingers of the hand which pass through the apertures 3 in the extension will form a closure and prevent the ticket from falling out. A creased line leis preferably provided at the junction of the body portion of the coverand the extension which forms the handle thus provid- I ing a hinge about which the handle portions may be folded.

When the book is in use the handle portions may be folded inwardly against the insides of the covers thereby giving the book the appearance of one having merely a pro tective cover thereupon, or one ofthe handles may be folded between the pages to mark the place at which the reader closed the book.

. It is to be understood that the preferred embodiment of the invention disclosed here-' in is illustrative merely but is not restrictive r and that the handlesmay be placed in other convenient positions,

than a single supplementary pocket, that the that there may be more pockets for the covers of the book may be of different form or configuration or that other.

suitable means may be used for securing'the covers of the book to the carrier. It is alsb to 'be understood that if; desired the body. portion may be madevof rigid material such as cardboard connected by a flexible back in order that the same may suitably support books having flexible covers-such asmaga-. or the like, and that th'e carrier covers may be made of any desirable size and of any suitable material, 'Addi.- tional means may also if desired be sup lied form of invention-as a detachable carrier and cover for a book it will be obvious that the same may be permanently attached'to the book cover, or the cover itself maybe and'members secured to said 7 adjacent its opposite ends to form pockets provided with marginal. apertured extensions adapted to be used as handles.

Having fully described my invention what I claimas new and desire to secure by .tensions corresponding to" the. extensions from said edge portion,- and secured thereto to form handles for conveniently carrying said book.

2. A book carrier and cover comprising a flexible body vportion of a formsubst'ancorresponding to the. contour: of the covers of an open book. and having-integral .tially apertured extensions from opposit'edges,

adapted to receive the edges of the covers of a book, and having integral apertured exody' portion tensions corresponding to the extensions.

from said edge portion, and. securedthereto r 1 to form handles for conveniently carrying abook, and a crease at the base of each extensionwhereby said extensions are adapted to be folded inwardly when the book is in ulse 05' to mark the page at which .a book is Q )ose ,v

In s mony whereof I have vsigh name tothis -specification in thepresence of two subscribingwi-tnesses, 4

CLARK witnesi eSfl H :1 h,


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