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Publication numberUS1137069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1915
Filing dateSep 8, 1914
Priority dateSep 8, 1914
Publication numberUS 1137069 A, US 1137069A, US-A-1137069, US1137069 A, US1137069A
InventorsDuncan Buchanan Mcintyre
Original AssigneeDuncan Buchanan Mcintyre
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Pipe and cable hanger.
US 1137069 A
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1 ,1 37,069. Patented Apr. 27, 1915.

mawaaj 1' n; th

teins." t i TO'aZZ, whomjit mag comma,- i i Be it knownvthat 1, Dniw'oAN BUCHANAN H McINT-imnla subject offth King "or Great Britain, and reside ntof theci'ty of -Monftr'eal, Province 0f: Quebec, Dominion "of (lanada, have invented certainjnewiand useful Improvements in Pipe and Cable ;Hang

ers; and I do hereby declare'thatthe fol a lowing isafull,clea r, and "exact description invention 'relates to hangers or brackets for pipes orlcables; for j instance hangers for 'suppOrtin'geIectric cables of under; ground systems, the particularapplicationof; i theinvention to be described and illustrated being hangers for; supportin'g electric'cables manholes of said underground sys- An'object of the invention is to provide a' v v 'hanger'which is formed of sections which I may be readilyconnected together or disconnected to increase orreducetheextent or a 5 capacity ofthe hanger as required.-

Further objects withfthe above, and additional features will, be, hereinafter more if I fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claims, A

For full comprehens on,

this specification, Hin' ,iwhich similar refera enoe characters indicate the sameparts and v 'wherein; I

Figure 11s a Vertical section of-a manhole, of an underground conduit system'andillustrating my. improvedhanger in use; Fig, 2.

is a vertical section taken at right angles to N Fig. 1; Fig; 3 is a side elevation *of" the, bracket; and Fig.4 is a perspective viewiof the same.

My improved casting or press forging-,fconsists of an an gular member having a preferablyflat back portion 2 forwa'rdly from which afportion 3 supported;

,I have providedmeans whereby two'or more of the brackets may be} detachably' con 5 nected to formarack and the means shown in the drawings consist of a T-f'orm ei'zten v asintrauterine Y Specification of fitters-rar st however; of my invention reference should be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part 1 of hanger" which may be formed in. anysuitableemanner such as by ie HEA fiss e mm 1 sioni6 at; one end, preferably the j t'op, ioffthe, 1 a

back pair of forwardly 'e'xteding i ex-q memb nce f e lyt bl n s td bifHigJthecross piece to a forwardly offset position with relation to the tba'ck'Q forfaf p 1 rpesete' e 'p s ly d cr be l h! I onehanger is tofbeconneet'ed to' anotherfthe g shank 6 *f-'ofthefextension 6"of onef ofiysuch" l hangers is; placed between the lugs} ioff anlugs 7iat the bottom, the shank 6 off-t other, thecross-piecelof the extension 6 rest' ing' i pon the lu'gs" and sufficient Spacebeing 1:: "left betweenthe bottom fgth c sup-port;- i

3 and the lugs to Enable th ext "Heretofore a slotted frame embedded ,usedlto securethe cable hangers to thelatw T ,teriit being'necessary tohave the frame of sufficient length to "accommodate-the ;-in'axi I mumnumberof hangers that maybe re; 4, quired in the manhole but as shown particu w larly in Figsrl and2-the useof theslotted" 1 a frame isavoided, the top hangerbeingsup- I Ported, by the singlebolt 5 embedded in the wall A 'of' the manhole, and the hanger extended for the reception of the full number of cables by linkingother hangers "to the first, it being preferred. that each hanger should form the support of one belowit but if desired additional bolts maybe passed f throughlthe holes 4 of more than one, of. the

hangers as an additional support for the rack;

hung on the latter but any desired bolt or pin may 'be-employed such as an expansion; boltandsleev e As shown in the, drawings-the plurality of hangersjoffthe; rack are in substantial i l 7 vertical: alinement with their backs 2: flat againstithe wall-0r other support, thisposi-I a o tion, which insures a solid support; for the e- V .e hangers, being secured by the" above de- 1 scribedfforward ofiset location of the T- "for'mextensions which enable such exten? sions being placed; between thelugsi i'nnd p against the outer faceof thefbacks'without holding thehanger out from the walllTlie lugs ,7 are extendedupwardly to formfd'e-f 7 -pressionspreventingthe acci'dentaloutward-" a c disconnectionof one hanger fromthe other, I 4 I The shelf cable supporting portion 8' of thehange'r may be of any desired Wldt one hanger can be readily connected ordis connected Without theuse of tools, the com- I plete hanger or rack can? be quicklygand easily set up andextended or reduced as requirements demand. f 4 What 'Iclaim is as follows? 1. Ahan'ger consisting of a fiat back'por- 7 tion and-3a shelf portion extending out war'dly from theback, such; back portion having ahole therethrough, an extension of T-form atone end of the back anda pair of, spaced l ngs at the opposite end of'the back. a

2. In combination, a wall a bolt em,- bedded in the Wall at one end, and a hanger consisting [of an angulan bracket having a hole'therethrough for the reception of'the bolt, an extension of T-for nat one end of the bracket, a pair of spaced lugs at the op:-

posite end of the bracketand second substantial ly similar angular bracket, the T form,,extension of snchsecond braoket be- Gjopies of this patent maybe obtained nine cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,-

,W sn .ns q; D-G- a a ing -located "between i and sli page by the i h lugs of the first bracket. V l

. In combination,;a all, a bolt extend -n ing ont iron; the Wall, abracket consisting ofa back portion having a hole therethrough, hung upon the bolt and lying flat against t-he Wall, a shelflportion extending ontwardly froln thej back, a pair of out-f Wardly extending spaced'lugs at the b ottoin of said back anda second bracketconsistin'g of a back in alinemen't with ithe-first back I and lying fiat against the all, a shelf poio te d ng. rd y tem t esi c d back, an outwardly extending T-forin eX- tension atthe top of said second back and located betweenand resting upon the lugsof asupported.

the first bracket whereby such second bracket- In' testimony ttfliereof, I have signed my name to time speclfication, in the presenceof two subscribing witnesses.

"Witnesses CH S ,MASSON,

seats (Q K NG- .DIUNGAN' new 'MQI T R

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