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Publication numberUS1137349 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1915
Publication numberUS 1137349 A, US 1137349A, US-A-1137349, US1137349 A, US1137349A
InventorsE. Patterson
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US 1137349 A
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APPLICATION nuzo mu. 2-7, m4.

1,137,349. Patented Apr. 27, 1915'.




To all whom it may concern Beit knownthat I, FRANcrsE. PATTER- sov,a citizen of the United StateS, and a resident of Wilmington, in the county of "New Castle and'Sta-te of Delaware, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Exercising-Machines, of whichthe following is a specification.

Myinvention relates to improvements in exercising machines and more particularly player should grasp the grip of the club at' its upper end with the left hand, the little finger of the right hand, which is placed below the left, overlapping the forefinger of the left andiin making the backward swing, both'hands are raised, the left in control,

approximately, to the level of thev right.

shoulder. l The stroke delivered from this position s a sweeping one and at its finish both hands are raised above the left shoulder.

In lifting the club to beginthe backward swing the two extensors carpi radialis', long and short, passing from lower part of upper arm to elbow and wrist,'on thumb side, are brought. into playand when the club is fully raised the lefthand is, as before stated, approximately atv the level of the right shoulder. The club is now swept downward and the triceps extensor, the muscles of the shoulder group, of the shoulder girdle group and. the lower back muscles are brought into f play, and at the instant contact of the club head with the ball, a snappy or whipping torsional motion is given, to the stroke by the use of the extensor carpi ulnaris, passing from elbow to wrist on little finger side. The stroke is then practicallycompleted but there is an after swing due to'the momentum acquired and during such swing restraining muscles, are brought intoplay.

The object of this invention is to provide an exercising device adaptable to the various peculiar movements of a golf stroke and use- I Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Apr. 2'7, 1915. Application filed January 27,1914. Serial No. 814,609. 7

fill in developing and strengthening the particularmuscles used in the game of golf.

to exerand fur- Y The purpose of my invention is cise and develop the above muscles, ther, by means of a grip that canonly be grasped conveniently in one position, my 1nvention is intended to instruct the operator in the proper method' ofgrasping the club to obtain the best results in practice, and to bring the aforesaid muscles into play.

In the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification, and in which similar letters of reference indicate similar parts throughout the several views: Figurel, is a diagrammatic view of my apparatus apranged to exercise and developthe muscles used in lifting the club preparatory to making the swinging stroke: Fig. 2, a similar view showing the arrangement of the'apparatus for exercising and developing the muscles used In making the first; or downward part of the swinging stroke: Fig.3, a similar view showing the arrangement of the apparatus for exercising the muscles brought into play at the moment the ball is struck by the club: Fig. a front elevation of a spring actuated drum for taking up the slack of the cord: Fig. 5, a section of the drum on line C'D Fig. 5, and Fig. 6 a section on line A-B of Fig. 4: Fig. .7, a top view of molded grip adapted to be grasped by the hand of the exerciser, and Fig. 8, a view of this grip as grasped by the left hand.

{Thisigolfers exercising device comprises in its essential features a flexible member under tension and having one end free and a golf club grip connected inalinement with the free end of said flexible member. The flexible member is extensible by any suitable means, the means shown for this purpose be ing a, mechanical tension device with which one end of said flexible member is connected. The flexible member is preferably a cord.

1 In the embodiment herein illustrated, 1 is a cord, 2 a pulley around which said cord passes, and 3 a rotatable retractive carrying means for one end of the cordwhich permits it to be extended when its free end is drawn upon and whichgathers it up iinmediately when tension upon its outerendis relieved." For my. purposes this cord'carrying means should exert a substantially uniformpull upon the cord at all times, that is to say the pull exerted upon the cord by this retractive device should be substantially'the same when r the cord is fully wound upon the spool and when partly or fully withdrawntherefrom. To this end the spool 5 is carried loosely upon a shaft 6, which is carried in any con-.

venient manner, and a coil spring'Z'is fastened at one end'to this shaft and at the substantially uniform .retractive pull upon "the spool as the latter is'revolved and the cord drawn ofl. This is. important in that i The object of-my invention' is to reproduce as nearly moved in any direction as desired, This 'cord between the grip and spool, w around the pulley 2 or more adjustments which V p as may be the efiectof swinging a golf club. In the embodiment shown-theconstruction of the spring to effect thesubstantially uniform retractile pull thereof is a gradual increas's'inthickness of said spring from its in'ner end attached to the shaft 6 to its outer end attached to the barrel 5, as shown in Fig. 5.

Thegrip 8 has substantially the form of a golf club grip and one end thereof is'connected with the free end of the cord 1 and the; other end is whereby it may be grasped by the hand and passes whichis capable of two permit the operator to describe, with the shaft of the grip,

' two or more segments of the curve described hand as before by theshaft of the golf club in making the actual strok The greater the number of adjustments the more nearly do the segments approach the actual curve and in this manner the muscles used in making the actual stroke are successively brought into play. Three adjustments, or positions of pulley 2, are shown in Figs. 1, spectively. v

Tobecome an expert player the upper end of the golf club should be grasped, if the player is a right-handed one, with the left hand, the stroke is delivered-with the left arm, and the right hand, which merely guides the club, grasps it just below the left described. It is most important that the left hand grasp the club properly and in order that my apparatus may instruct in this and at the same time develop the correct muscles, 1 model the grip so that the operator cannot wellv grasp it in any but the approved manner. Upon its top the grip has a depression A which fits the thumb, and upon its sides and bottom depressions B for the fingers and for the palm of the hand. These are shown in Fig. 7 and are, in fact, facsimiles of the impression formed in soft material by the hand of'an expert golfer.

In Fig. 8 the. grip is shown grasped properly '7 by the left hand free from any connection,

2 and 3 re- The grip 8 being 'attachedfto the cord 1 and this cord passing around-pulley? and being attached to the tension device the apparatus is in readiness to beused; As 'I have stated before the stroke is a swinging one. This stroke for tion may movement, third an upward movement. In the downward and horizontal movements certain musclesof the armand back are brought into play, andupon the upward stroke,"muscles of the forearinand wrist are used. v Thesehave been before enumerated purposes of descripj g be divided into three parts, first a "downward movement, second a"'l10 I1ZOI1t8,l

and on account of them theapparatus may be arranged, by shifting the pulley 2,.so as to exercise any of them which is doneby pulling uponthe cord through the grip 8..

Having thus described my invention I claim as new and Patent:

1'. A golfers exercising device comprising a flexible member under tension and having a free end, and a golf grip having one end free and the other 7 2. A golfers exercising device comprising a flexible member under uniform tension and having a free end,and a golf club grip having one end free and the otherend connected with the free end of said flexible member."

3. A golfers exercising device comprising a tensional holding device, aflexible member connectedtherewith and having one end free, and a'golf club grip connected'with the free end'of said flexible member in alinement therewith. j

l. A golfers exercising device comprising desire to secure by fLetters end connected with the s 'free end of said flexible member.

a. ten'sional holding device adjustable into different positions for the successive segments representlng a golf club swing, a

flexible member connected therewith and grip having substantially the form of a golf club grip, said grip having one end free andthe other connected with they free end of FRANCIS n. PATTERSON." 3

said cord.

Witnesses GHF. HOLMES, V


Copies ofthis patentmay be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. G. V

end free, va

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U.S. Classification482/127, 473/229, 473/203
International ClassificationA63B69/36, A63B21/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63B21/153, A63B69/36
European ClassificationA63B21/15F4