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Publication numberUS1137389 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1915
Filing dateJan 29, 1913
Priority dateJan 29, 1913
Publication numberUS 1137389 A, US 1137389A, US-A-1137389, US1137389 A, US1137389A
InventorsLacey H Evans
Original AssigneeLacey H Evans
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Vertical file.
US 1137389 A
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1,137,389. Patented Apr. 27, 1915.

Fig. 2


45 1 supports 4.4 and screwed into the rods LACEY H. EVANS, or LANSDOW'NE BOROUGH, PENNSYLVANIA.


To' dll whom it may concern Be it known that I, LAGEY EvANs, a citizen of the United States, residing at No; 101 East Stewart avenue, in the borough of; Lansdowne, inthe county of Delaware" and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vertical Files, of which the following -;is a specification. g p

' This invention relates to improvements in"- vertical files.

object of my improvements is toifp'rovide a file in which phonograph disk records,

or other articles may be conveniently and compactly stored each in its own vertical 7 compartment to preservethe'rec'ord from and'replacedwith facility. I V

. -..A; still further object of my invention is to provide a file for the storage' of phono'-. 1

abraslon. p

I Another object of myinvention is the provision of means whereby the stored articles may be selectively withdrawn from the file graph disk records or other articles that venient receptacle which will protect stored'artioles from dust, etc.

:With these and other objects in view, the

can be put in a cabinet, case'o'rjother conthe invention consists in the novel construction, combinations and arrangement of parts, as

V will be hereinafter described with reference to the accompanyingdrawings.

In the said drawings Figure l'isa front elevational view of the invention and-Fig. 2 a vertical cross sectional view of the same taken on theline aa of Fig. 1.

Similar numerals. refer'to similar parts in both views.

The vertical file may consist ofithe parti tions 11 which are supported at the rear by the two rods 2-2 passing through holes .in the partitions which are separated by the rings3-3. The ends of the rods 22 are fastened to the end supports 44 by means of the screws 55 passing through said i 2-2at such location as to suspend the partitions 1- 1-"above and clear of the strips 6-6. These-strips 6-6 on which the stored articles rest, are fastened at their ends to the end supports 44 by means of screws 7-7 passing through the end supports 44 and said strips are spaced so that the disks of predetermined size will bear only on their inside edges. The supports 4-4 may be copies of this patent may be obtained for .'-Specifi'cation of Letters Patent. Patented Apr, 27 1915, Application filed January 29, 1913; 1 Serial No. 744,945.

-on the tabs-8'8 which may be parts of the partitions and formed by cutting away a portion of the upper part of each partition.

,They are arranged in convenient series one tab below the other on successive partitions so that all may be easily seen. These'tabs I 8-8 "maybe attached to the partitions 1- 1 instead of being a part ofv them and they may project beyond the main part of the partitionsor they maybe omitted, in which case the index characters may be marked on the corner of thepartitions'. I

It is to be noted that the partitions 11 swing on vertical axes passing through the centers of rods 2-2; that the stored articles rest between the partitions and on the inside I edges of the strips 66 which prevent the disks from rolling; and that the stored ar- 'ticles may slide laterally on these strips 66. It is further noted that the stored articles are normally hidden from view although Placing the finger on the index character representing the desired stored article,'the partition is pushed aside enough to get several fingers between the partitions when both the partitions and the other stored articles can easily be moved enough to grasp the desired stored articlef The article is returned in the same manner.

Having thus described my invention what I- claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent of the United States is A vertical file consisting of end supports; horizontal parallel strips extending between the lower portions of said supports; horizontal parallel rods extending in a vertical plane between the end supports at the back of the file; with vertical partitions mounted on said rods and'free to swing on vertical axes. V o

In testimony whereof I have afiixed my signature in presence of two witnesses.

' LACEY I-I.-EVANS. Witnesses:

. H. J. How,


five cents each; by addressing the Gommissioner oi Batents; Washington,l .0.{ v a

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U.S. Classification312/9.56, 211/40
Cooperative ClassificationA47B81/067