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Publication numberUS1137859 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1915
Filing dateApr 24, 1913
Priority dateApr 24, 1913
Publication numberUS 1137859 A, US 1137859A, US-A-1137859, US1137859 A, US1137859A
InventorsWillis K Hodgman
Original AssigneeHuber Hodgman Printing Press Company
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Rotary printing-press.
US 1137859 A
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TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS, A. COE- ;sorarir rientrino-sienes.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patentedlifay el, wird.;

Application filed pril 2d, 1913. Serial No. 763214.

Be it known that l, lViiLLrs K. HoDsMAiy,

La citizen of the United States, and a resident of Taunton, in the county of Bristol -and State of Massachusetts, have invented an improvement in Rotary Printing Presses,

of 'which the follwing description, in con-v nection with the accompanying drawings, is 'a speciiication, like characters on the drawings representing like parts.

Thisv inventionv relates to rotaryr printing presses.v c i 'In order that the principle vthereof may 'I be lreadily understood, l havedisposed a sin- 'gie embodiment thereof in the accompanying Figure l is a longitudinal vertical section of a rotary printing press embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a sido elevation showing the gearing preferably employed for driving the cylinders; and Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section u onthe 'line 3-3 .of Figi 2.

@ne o the primary objects of the invention is the provision of a rotary printing .press which will print atleast one, and preferably more than"one,'sheet at each revoluliver the printed sheets directly from the V v impression Acylinder 'printed side up. ,f

- Another4 object is to provide a printing .press ir which the delivery mechanism shall be located above thefeeding mechanism and lon the'same side of the impression cylinder.

- lf desired, nay/,invention may beeinbodied in av rotary. printing press of that type* whereinv an impression cylinder is. provided,

'i and which heretofore has required a single? 1 revolution 4for each printing operation. in

accordance with the preferred embodiment of my invention lIv,'insuch case, provide the impression'cylinder with a plurality of impression surfaces so that a plurality ofl sheets are printed at each revolution of said iml pression cylinder. 45'

ln accomplishing the objects of my invention and in accordance with the preferred embodiment thereof, I increase the diameter of the impression cylinder and equip it with a plurality of impression surfaces, each of which is adapted to print iny turn from the sameform or design.

Referring more particularly to the draw'- ings wherein l have represented one embodiment of my invention, the impression cylinder is represented at l. lt is here shown as equipped with two impression surfaces 2, 3,

tion one, or any suitable greater number of impression surfaces may be provided. These impression surfaces are primarily intended to print in turn from the 'same form or design, and each of tlieni is provided with the usual grippers d, which in turn receive the sheets from the grippers of the feeding cylinder. Y

l have represented my invention as applied to a two-color offset press, wherein the printing plates are preferably of sheet metal,

such as aluminum, and are carried by suit upon every sheet as presented to them by the i impression cylinder l. The construction and arrangement of parts is such that each offset or printing cylinder in turn registers with every impression surface of the impression cylinder. iis'herein shown, each offset or printingcylinder is provided with at least one printing surface arranged to register with every impression surface of the impression cylinder during'. each revolution of the impression cylinder.

`While l have illustrated my invention as embodied in a. two color, odset press, it will be readily understood that by removing the offset cylinders'and moving the printing'cylinders into contact with the impression cylinder, a printing press is obtained wherein the printing takes place direct from the printing cylindersand that such modified formy of press is within the scope of my invention. ,Obviously the invention is appli- .but obviously within the scope of my invenand its single set ofgrippers 13 are saisir-S l what l will for convenience term the rear` near the lower side of the latter and at.

print one .or more colors, according to Whether it be a single or multi-color press, from the same forni oi forms, upon every sheet in perfect register with the sheet, and

so that the subsequent colors or printiiigs` mayregister with the previous printingsand the sheet, it is of great-importance tliat every sheet betreated as nearly'alilie as possible. Therefore, I provide a single instrumentality 'or setv of instrumentalities for taking everysheet from the feed board or sheet feeding-machine. To that end, l have herein disclosed asingle set of y grippers upon the feeding cylinder, whereby cach and every sheet is taken bysaid set of grippei'sfioin the feed board and presented to the impression cylinder.

Any suitable delivery mechanism may be employed. ln the present embodiment of the invention, l have represented delivery ltapes 'lef and' cri-acting strippers' l5 positioiied above the feeding cylinder l1, and at tlie'same side of the press as the feeding cy-ln inder, whereby the printed sheets are de.-

live'red above the feeding cylinder 'and to the rear of the press printed side up, so. that the fi'eshlyprinted matter does vnot' .come in contact `with any obiect @Wing .to the described increase in the. diameter of the impression cylinder l, there is provided siillicient `oom between the feed 'board 12 and th delivery tapes le for feeding tlie'l sheets to the feeding cylinder.

While the invention is particularly yadapted to presses wherein the impression is taken by means of a rubber blanketnot requiring any malice-ready, it can be used 4in a lettery other. The feeding cylinder and the impression cylinder, however, are never separated, but move together, the described separation being necessary only between the impression cylinder l. and the offset cylinders 9 and l0, and the said offset cylinders and the printing cylinders 5, 6. v

.l have represented the feeding cylinder l andthe offset cylinders as each equipped with split gears 17, 18, andthe printing. cyl-- indersasy equipped with. the corresponding circumfei'entially adjustable gears 19. lThe said gears are circuinferentially movable relative to each other and tothe cylinders in order that the cylinders may be moved relatively to each other to obtain registry, Iand the' gears may be moved to' take up any back-lash or looseness in/the gearing.

It will be evident from the foregoing description that I have `provided a 'rotary printing press wliereih two or more sheets may be printed at each revolution of the impression cylinder or wherein a single sheet vmay be printed at each revolution thereof, and that the printed sheets are delivered printed side upattl'ie same sideof l theI press as the feeding mechanism'.v It will be understood that in the preferred embodi- 1 ment of the Ainvention the surface speed is not increased.

impression cylinder l is rotated at a sniiiciently slower speed than heretofore to compensate for-its increased diameter.

Having thus described one illustrativeidescriptive sense and not for purposes ofv limitation, the scope ofthe invention being set forth in the following claims.

1. iA rotary printing press comprising in combination, an impression. cylinder provided witha plurality of impression surfaces; a coperatingfeeding cylinder at the rear of the press yand contacting with the lower portion 'of said impression cylinder, said parts being constructed andarranged lo effect the feeding of-a sheet to each impression surface duringa single revolution of the impression cylinder, said feeding cylindcr having a single set of grippers for all the sheets.; a coperating delivery mechanism at the rear' of the press to receive sheets priiitcd-sidc-up from the top of said impression cylinder; and one or niore offset or printing cylinders each provided with a printingsurfac'e arranged to coperate with the said impression cylinder andpeach Said surfacethereof int'urxito register with ever)Y i impression surface of l'said impression cylin-- Ader duringeach revolution of said impres.

sion cylinder; 'i

2. A rotary printing press comprising in combination, van iiripression cylinder provided Witli a plurality of impression siii'- faces; a coperating feeding cylinder at one side' of the press, said parts' being con- Structed and arranged to veffect the feeding of a sheet to each impression` surface during a single revolution of the impression cylfinder, said feeding cylinder having a 'single I rlhe odset cylinders 9, 10 determine the surface speed, and hencetheiio iis

vset ofgrippers for-all thesheets; 'printed sheet delivery mechanism at the same side of the press-and positioned above said feeds.v

printing cylinders each profvicloci with e, printing surface arranges, to cooperate vviibh said impression cylincler eecliv Seid surece l'iereoli in turn to iegiser ivili every impr yssion surface of seid .impression cylin- -cier cinriiig erich revol'i'uion of sai-icl impression cylindern e. rotary printing press comprising in con'iioinatioro en impression lcylinder "proviclecl with a, plurality of impression snreces; e cooeretinc feeding cylinder ed; elle roer oit the press and contacting wich the low r portion of seid impression cylinder, seid parte loi-Ing; consifrucefl enel orrnneafl to effect ilie ileccii of slice'a -o each impression surface filming; e single'revolntion of the impression cylinder, said feeding cylinder having' e si. gie set of grippers for all the sheets, deliv ry ltenes ai; ille rear of ehe p ross and cooperating with the upper portion of seid impression cylinder; and one or more offset or orinting cylinders each proviiled with e printing' surface arranged lo coperate with 'the seid impression, cylinder and. each said surace thereof in turn io register with every impression surface of seicl im pression cylinder (lering each revolution oi sziifl impression cylinder.

e. e rotary pri' Ling press, comprising in comhinniom en impression cylinder proviclefl with e plurality of impression snrfeces; e leeclingg eylinfler, seid paris being construciecl 'final' orrm'igecl to effe 'he fecciinf.; of sheet to impression surface curing o, revolucion oi aheimpression cylinclev., seid ifeeiling cylinder having' e single sei; oi ggi'p'pers 'for all the shees, end ii copemzing feo-l boer-ffl, und delivery choniem et ehe seme side of lie press the feeding cylinder :inni 'positioned inhereehiiive; and one or more oilset or 'priming' .vlincleis each provided with :i printing sul rz'nnjircfl to copereie with the said iin-- pi ixssion cylinder and eecl'i seicl surfeee thereof in linrn so regisier with every impression surface of scifi impression cylinler during each revolution oii'seil impression cylincler. l

V. rotary priming 'press comprising' in comisinntiom en impression cylinder proviiled 'wish n plurality of impression surleces; :i leerling cylinder., seid parts heine' constructed 21ml arranged so eil'eci: lie icefiing of :i sheet to eich impression surface during; :i single revolution of Jche impression cylinder, said 'feeding cylinder having' ii single set oi' slippers for all the sheets, clev livery mechanism at the seme side oi Jche press es 'he feeding cylinvler and oosi'iionecl ihereshove, mil adopted lo receive slieeis from lie impression cylinder printeil-sicle up; and one or 'more o'ls'el; or prinlvinnj cylinflers eech` provided with e' printing snr- 'lnce arranged To coperoie Wih the siiici 'impression en@ each saisi surface hereoil in tern feo regiscer Wiih every im pression surface of seid impression cylinder during' lezich revolution of seid impression cylinder. .i

6, A ro'iery printing press comprising in comhineioo., an impression cylinder proi'iclel 'with e plurality or' impression snrfeces; feeding mechanism, said parts being construceil enel arrangeil to efiec the {ecclins; of sheet to each impression surface during' s single revolution of the impression cylinder, said feeding mechanism being provided with e single set of feeding instrumenielities for all sheets, delivery mechanism et the seme side of the press as seiii feeding mechanism., the letter being adapted' ing oi? e sheerl to each impression surface during s single revolution of the impression cylinderi seiflA feeding cylincler having e single ses of grippers for all she sheets; e delivery mechanism et the rear 'of the press to receive sheets printed-side-up from the iop of seid. impression cylinfler; one or more priming; cylinders et the front of the press;

snel :in offset cylinder eog'iereing with 'each @rinsing cylincl'er each oilsot cylinder being prei/ideal With e.. priming surface arranged lo coperaie Wih 1the said impression cylinder and each soiclprinting surface thereof regisiering with every impression. surface of the said impression cylinder during erich revolution ol seid impression cylinder.

8. A rotary two color oset printing press comprising kin combination, en impression cylinder provided with a plurality of impression surfaces; e. feeding cylinder et the rear of the press end contacting' With the lov/cr portion of said impression cylinder, said parte being constructed and. arranged to elliect yche feeding oi' a sheel'l to each iinpres-- sion surface during o, single revolution of 'che impression cylinder, seid feeding' cylinder having e single set of ,e'rippersor all lie sheets; n Clelivery mechanism at the rem' ol' "che press 'io receive sheets printed-sicle-np from the iop of seid impression cylinder; rive printing cylinders ai the3 liront of ihe press; 'emi jorovidecl with e printing surece errenged to cooperate with sivo ollsee cyl1n .95A of saidimpression cylinder, saicl parts being' constrncecl and arranged to effect the eetl-` `61ers each cooperating with its printing' CyL in'cer and each Said-printing Surface thereof the said impression cylinder and registering with every impression surface of the said .5 impression cylinder duri-ng each revolution of said inmression` cyliider.

name tol this spccation, iii the presence of two subscribing Witpefsses. y I


Witnesses: Y


lntestmony Wherreof, hairs signed' my NOBLE W., ASHLEY,`

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