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Publication numberUS1138547 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1915
Filing dateApr 14, 1914
Publication numberUS 1138547 A, US 1138547A, US-A-1138547, US1138547 A, US1138547A
InventorsR. G. Kroh
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Cold-storage-well system.
US 1138547 A
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F. M. DUNN & R. G. KROH.


1,138,547, Patented May 4, 1915.


Q r x 13117222272,




s .TE sTArrnsrATENToFF cE.


Be fit known that we, FRANK M. DUNN and Roman Gr. Knorncitizens of the United States, residing at'Newton, in the county of Jasper and State of Ohio, have invented new and useful Improvements in Cold- Storage-VVell Systems, of which the follow; ing aspecification. g

This invention is ;an improved well cold storage system for utilizing the comparatively low temperature of a, well to keep food and other pe'rishable products. in acool and sanitary condition and forfstoring the same for use, the invention consisting in the construction, combination and. arrangement of devices hereinafterde'scribedand claimed.

One object of our invention is to provide an improved apparatus of this kind which I 1 is partly an elevation and partly a vertical sectional view of a well cold storage system constructed inaccordance with our invention and in use in connection with an ordinary dug well. Fig. 2 is a similar View on a plane at right angles to that of Fig. 1. Figs. 3 and 4 are detail views. Fig- 5 is a detail sectional view of a portion of one of the guides and of one wall of the well house walls.

In accordance with our invention we provide a suitable base or platform 1 which is placed over the mouth of the well and on which is a well house 2 of suitable size,

shape, and construction. The well house is here shown as of oblong rectangular form and as provided with a gable roof 3. The

- front wall 4 of the well house is provided with a door 5 which is hinged at one side as at 6. On the inner side of the door, at its upper end is a keeper 7 A locking bolt 8 is arranged on the inner side of the front 7 wall 4, above the door opening, and is normally projected by means of a spring 9 for COLD STORAGE-WELL SYSTEM.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 4, 1915 Application filed April 14, 1914. Serial No. 831,821.

engagement with the keeper 7. This latch bolt has a knob 10 for operating it to release the keeper and door. Ventilating openings 11 are in the upper portions of the frontand rear walls and are provided with screens 12 to exclude insects.

I A shaft 13 extends transversely across the well house at a suitableelevated point and at a suitable distance from its rear end, is mounted in bearings14 in the side walls of the well house and is provided at its center with a sprocket wheel 15 and at one end with a crank 16. Said shaft is also provided with a ratchet wheel 17 which is normally engaged by a gravitating pawl 18, the said pawl beingpivoted as-at 19 and a stop 20 being provided to limit the extent of movement of the pawl, A s orocket wheel 21 has its axle mounted in a forked hanger 22 which depends from the ridge of the roof, the said wheel being mounted substantially midway between the front and rear sides of the well'house.

A safe or cage 23 is arranged for vertical movement in the well and is moimted between a pair of vertical guides 24. These guides are in practice preferably made of iron pipe, such as gas or water pipe and are provided at their upper ends with elbows 25 and which have screw plugs 26 at their upper ends. Bolts 26 engage the screw plugs and cooperate therewith for connecting the said elbows to the side walls of the well house. The lower ends of said guides are provided with elbows 27 and are connected together by a cross bar 28, which is also preferably a piece of pipe or tubing. The guides are also connected to the guide walls of the well house and suitably spaced therefrom, by means of bolts 30, the heads of the bolts being on the outer sides of the walls of the well house and thebolts being provided with adjusting and clamping nuts 31 on the outer sides of said walls, washers 32 being interposed between the walls and the said nuts. These bolts and the screw studs enable the guides to be adjusted so that they may be arranged in exact perpendicular position.-

The safe or cage 23 has semi-circular clips 33 on its side walls at its lower end which engage the guides and is also provided on its side walls, at its top, with two pairs of lugs 34 which engage opposite sides of the guides and which clear the bolts that connect the guides to the side walls so that the safe or cage is permitted to be freely raised and lowered. The cage is preferably made of sheet metal or other material which admits of the cage being readily cleaned and kept in sanitary condition and the safe or cage has a hinged front door 35 which is provided with screened ventilating openings 36 and also has a knob 37. A staple shaped keeper 38 projects from the front wall of the safe or cage to pass through a slot 39 in the free side of the door and a pin 40 is connected to the door by a chain and may be engaged with said keeper to secure the door when in closed position.

A chain 41 is connected to the top of the safe or cage and passes overthe sprocket wheels 21 and 15, a counterweight 42 being attached to the other end of said chain." The safe or cage may be readily raised and lowered by turning the shaft 13, as will be understood, and when in raised position is held in such position by the engagement of the pawl with the sprocket wheel 17.

On the upper side of the cage is a tappet 43 which when the safe is raised from the well and in the well house engages the knob of the locking bolt and releases the latter from the keeper of the well house door, thus adapting the door of the well house to be readily opened to afford access to the safe. When the well house door is closed and the safe or cage lowered in the well to keep the articles therein cool, the spring actuated bolt reengages the keeper of the well house door Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of.

Washington, D.- C.

' In apparatus of the class described a structure at the mouth of a well, tubular guides extending down into the well and having elbows at their .upper ends, screw plugs in the upper ends of the elbows',bolts extending through the walls of the structure and engaging said screw plugs, adjusting bolts also connectin'gthe, tubular guidesto the walls of the structure, a cross b'ar connecting the lower ends of the guides, a safe arranged be tween and slidably connected to the guides for vertical movement, and means to raise and lower the safe.

In testimony whereof we afiix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.






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U.S. Classification62/260, 187/408
Cooperative ClassificationF25D1/02
European ClassificationF25D1/02