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Publication numberUS1138768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1915
Publication numberUS 1138768 A, US 1138768A, US-A-1138768, US1138768 A, US1138768A
InventorsAlbert C Mcfarland
Original AssigneeAlbert C Mcfarland
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Pocket key-case.
US 1138768 A
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'osrris r ars 'soorm'r reassess.

1 Speeificatiou of Letters ear/em.

Paterited ma as, seas,

s immer filed seer/ ,18, was. fisx'telli'o. 839,271.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, ALBERT O. MGFAR- LAND, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago,.in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Pocket Key- Cases, ofwhich the following is a full, clear, conclse, and exact description, reference be mg had ,to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specificati'ora.

My invention relates to improvements pocket key case.

Au objectof the invention is, to provide a case suitable for holding a bunch of keys, which may be cheaply manufactured, which inclo-ses the keys, which permits of the removal of the key ring with the keys Whenever it is desired to add more keys to the;

key ring, auc which may be conveniently opened to permit the use of the keys carried therein.

1n the drawings forming a part of this" specification, Figure l is a plan View ofmy improved key case, and showing the same which the portions 13 and 14; form the case A proper, and 15 is a flap. The case is provided with a post orstud for the key ring, which, as shown, comprises a stud or pintle 16 permanently attached to the portion 14; by means ofsuitablefwashers'17-17 The 'post 16 is rounded at its free end, as indicated at 18, and is also grooved as indicated at 19. The case 10 is provided with a snap fastener 20 located on the opposite side of the line 11' to that on which the post 16 is located, the fastener 20 being permanently secured to the portion 15, as clearly indikeep while thecase is being carried in the users cated in Fig. 3, and adapted to snap over the rim nded head 18 of the post. Said fastener, 20 3s provided with arih 21 (see Fig. 3) which engages with a yielding pressure in the groove 19, in a well lmown manner.

1 In using my device, the key ring 22 is placed over the post 16, and the fastener 20 snapped thereon, as shown in Fig. 2. To the key ring with itslkeys in place pocket, the drip 15 is folded over the portion 13, and detachably held in place by means of cooperating snap fasteners 23-24e 1 From the foregoing description, it will be seen that the keys and key ring are completely enveloped by the case, thus minimiziug Wear of the users pockets in which the keys are ordinarily carried. 7 The ring and keys are substantially permanently attached to the case, but may he removed at any time when desired-to add additional keys to the ring, or take 'ofi' keys not used. By unfastelling the flap, the keys are always readily accessible, and can. he swung out of the case about the post as a pivot.

I claim- 1. key case comprising a single piece of foldahle material having a post permanently" attached thereto, said material being provided with a snap fastener attached thereto at a point spaced from the post, said fastoner cooperating with the end of the post to detachahly 'hold a keyring or the like on said post. 7

2. A key case comprisinga piece of material provided with; portions forming the case proper and a flap, a post attached to one portion of saidn'iaterial, a snap fastener 00- operable with said post and attached to the material'at a point spaced from the post, the material being foldable about a line 10- sated between the post and said fastener, and means for detachably holding said flap in closed position.



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U.S. Classification206/37.1, 70/456.00R, D03/212, 206/37.8
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/323