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Publication numberUS1139353 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1915
Filing dateJul 31, 1911
Priority dateJul 31, 1911
Publication numberUS 1139353 A, US 1139353A, US-A-1139353, US1139353 A, US1139353A
InventorsCarleton Ellis
Original AssigneeChadeloid Chemical Co
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Finish-remover-applying device.
US 1139353 A
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faffente May H, M15

To all' @1J/710m. may] @neeffie W Be it lmewn anni UARLETON @Lm-S? e citizen of he Unite@ aes, new residing ab New Jersey, ,have certain new lisefu 'inventions Reamng to Finish-Removezpplyng; fevces5 ef-wheh @bhe e lowing is e, spediz@ teken m @ennea- 'dion with h@ :me T1 dxewing, immng para ofi' the This n'venion remes espeeay te per@ able self-contained dem-:tes im* applying emanan fm'ey.

l'l. he ferm of dem e Somewhat dmgmn "Le for large sizes capale of 11,7 or gelbes Gi re Lier' qud @he tank 9, which 'he sejed r-emferced, may

peciali; sutaY v"mining for si be 'mined (if suitabe mntee, such as "1. preferably! povced with place me with u me meer com@ ontcler, county of Essex, all of.

nilogen or the ke. eenmiuei' l may be commeted in any desired wey as by a; suitabe sex-ev: connection with he gas p'esure pipe e and it is desxabe in-Lei'j'eee i thi: connecen e. suiuble jpresg ,ure 1 N' ,Ive 2 Whie. may be of 'the regulang check valve 30 meinnu :fa su "teniiay gr/essere beyond the mve. fso, i' desired, u. smabe pessme adjustng Valve me be used m eemxeeiien with this ges This' press ,we pibe so e stl furfher reguv (5 COR/'812 ,s may be su@ ei imm time time the zguc-rf cempermen; ichreugh A suitable oee ing 3G heyen wh 'h fraai-,f be secm'ef dese@ by a Suitabe c. Bl fhich niej; have a threaded er e5' Y .mbe engagement hee with. :it also esmbe for same purwsee te have a supplemented pessure fegun-ing e1' reef de ice eonneete. wfh this liquor eempnrmeni,7 s eh :1S le safety valve weich may have its discharge Spf-ning ee opemng Wih e suitable hole in ehe cover 'This may of eomse be used if; relieve the' @essere in the l'ql: f cemparmenfo befexe 'ef'lg he Same with Equo?, The pneu;m" 3 vmware ef the ner gas upon h upper Sulmee of 511e liquor reners nen-i- {fumezxbe m neuw-explosive the gseeus comen-es this quo compartment which is e? eeerse moet imperant in connection with time ing @mention and this carbem neve; varnish 0i" ether liquer; Si

sired description. VThe remover, for easinple, may thus oe 'readily and quickly applied Elder the desired pressure to such parts as n Abe conveniently reached andtben the portable selfroontained tank may 'be' moved",

along on the transporting devices connected therewith so as to cover other Work. 0f

tainer is undesiiah y low, the container may be readily .disconnected and replaced by 'a fresh gas container inserted through the door l2 With-'slightependiture ofthe Work# mans time and eortt Another form or portable tank better adapted for smaller sizes 1s indicated in Figs. 2 and 3 in which the tenir lrney he given a cylindrical torni and c oustruota-d of 'llie intermediate partition ysepariuces the liquor messes tition forming a lower liquor compartment eating with said gas container compartment,

fifa filling aperture and closing device therefor t f'fjconununicating with said liquor' compartcourse, Whcntlie as. pressure in the cenment, a delivery pipe and valved connections with, applying devicesycommuniceting with said liquor compartment, a as pressurepipe communicating `with said iquor compartfandan upper gas container compartment,' :t i lunged cover and a container doorcounnunil` 'y ment, an automatic pressure regulating valve and a manual pressure adyustmg valve concompartinent below from the gas' container compartment-1l above the cover 37 of which may be movably securedin any desirfl Way as y the hinges rlfhe hinged door` 1% may be Iprovided substantially in line with the rear end of the gas container l so that the lcmitainer may more conveniently be con lnected to the coupling devicesand deliver the pneumatic pressure through the gas pressure pipe 4e so as to act upon the top of the liquor 8 in thecornpartment below. Ihls ges pressure pipe may be provided lvith a suitable pressurer regulating lvalve 2 and v pressure adjusting valve 3 3 with which the" adjusting handle 8 may be detachably connected so as to support the indicator 18 in. cooperation with the scale 19 which may be' A conveniently read through the aperture 24 in top of the tank. The remover or other liquor may when desired be supplied to the lling aperture 25- Wliich may be closed invany desired Way and in the normal operation of the device this liquoris forced by the pneumatic pressure oi the inert infiammability suppressing gas .preferably though not necessarily used 1n Ithis connection up through the delivery pipe 'i' and connected hose or lexible connection 2l so as to be delivered in the desired amounts and at the proper pressure to the applying device 22 of any desireddcscription. In this casealso the supply of gas may be readily renewed at any time by disconnecting the empty container 1 and replacing it with asimilar lled standard container containing liqueiied carbon-dioxid, for instance, which has desirable iniiammability suppressing action a portable tank .provided with transferring ulating nected with said gas pressure pipe and locatedin said gas containerV compartment, an adwsting handle to manually operate said pressure adjustingvalve from outside said tank and an indicator cooperating with said 'adjusting' valve, a safety and discharge valve communicating witlisaidli uor compartment and an interchangeable gas container.

removably connected to said,gas pressure pipe to supply carbon dioxid to said liquor compartment and pneumatically force the liquor therefrom while suppressing infiam-1 mobilityL 2. ln tnisli remover applying devices, a

portable tank provided with wheeled trans-l ferring devices and .comprising a liquor compartment and a gas container compartment, means to supply liquor to said liquor compartmentvalved delivery devices communicating with said liquor compartment, a gas pressure pipe `cominunicatl'n with said liquor compartment and a pressure reg# valve connected witlisaid gas pressure pipe, a safety ad discharge valve communcating said liquor lcompartment and an inte d able gas container removably connected to said gas pressure pipe to supply inert inilanimability suppressing gas to saidliquor compartment and pneu' matically force the' liquor therefrom while suppressing inilaxnxnability.

v 3. ln finish remover applying'devices, a portable tank provided -with wheeled transferring devices and comprising a liquor :compartment and a gas container compartment, means to supply liquor to said liquor compartment, valved delivery devices communicating with said liquor compartment, a gas pressure pipe communicating with said liquor compartment and an automatic pressure regulating valve connected with said gas pressure "pipe and an interchangeable gasy dontainer removably connected to said gas pressure pipe 'to supply inert infiamma bility suppressing gas to said' liquor conipartment and .neumatically force" the liquor therefrom Whi e suppressing inilam'niaoility.V

4. In nish remover applying devices, a

' portableftank provided withv Wheeled transier-ring devices and provided with an internal partition forming a lower liquor compartment and an upper gas container com message@ pariment, a hinged cover and a container door eemmunieatng with 'sain gas container compartment, a lmg sperureend eosmg device theret'or eommmueatmg with Saul heuer com zutmembq a deliverw ine and' l Y ,L

valved eenneetions with agplyng 'devia/es Communicating 'Wih said liquor eompazment, a p'essure pipe communicating W-h saidvlquor compartmem, auomatie pressure regulating Valve am a manual pressure adjusting mve conected 'wh said gas pressure. pipe and oeated in said gas container compartment, an adjusting hande to manually operate said pressure adjusting valve from outside said tank and in aindL catol eoperatlng with an zerehangeabe' hlgh pressurev gas coname remevably connected to' sind gas pres sure plpe to supply gas to smc?, lquef comF partment and pneumatlcaly 'torce the hquor heefrem.


`Wtnessesz RUTH E. Emis,

Tmonom ELLIS.

le' said adjusting valve, a safety-and slseharge valve conlmuf 'meeting with said liquor eompaz'tmen'em

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