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Publication numberUS1139723 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1915
Filing dateJul 31, 1914
Priority dateJul 31, 1914
Publication numberUS 1139723 A, US 1139723A, US-A-1139723, US1139723 A, US1139723A
InventorsElmer A Rich Jr
Original AssigneeElmer A Rich Jr
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Illuminated sign.
US 1139723 A
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Patented May18, 1915.,


nnumlnarnn SIGN.

direct its rays of light to the edge of a plate or other mass of transparent or pellucid material.

The principal object of the invention is to" provide a simple, practical'and inexpensive-- construction of sign of the class specified.

Otherobjects of the invention are to se- .cure effectiveness and efficiency, and to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance, to'avoid any possibility of confiagration or fire damage, to provide simple and practical means for supporting the sign, and to secure the foregoing and other desirable results in a simple and expeditious manner.

In carrying out the invention in the way herein set forth, I provide a simple fire.

proof structure,'preferably metallic, capable of serving as a holder for the display portion of the sign, and also capable of holding a suitable lighting or illuminating device;

and I also provide a display portion in the form of a simple plate or piece of glass or other suitable transparent or pellucid mate-. rial, which plate or piece is suitably secured to one edge or part of the holding member and extends therefrom, the piece or plate of glass or other material being preferably supported entirely at said edge and having its other edges free from any frame or inclosure.

The holding member is preferably made in the form of a metallic tube having a suit able aperture along one longitudinal edge or surface, into which the edge of the display portion of the sign may be inserted, said metallic tube being also adapted to -inclose a lighting or illuminating device. .A tubular. shield is confined within said metallic tubing and provided with an open side adjacent said plate, said shield and tubular Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed July 31, 1914. Serial No. 854,212.

Patented May 18, was.

ing apertures.

In the accompanyingdrawings Figure 1 1s a view partly in elevation and partly in vertical section of a sign embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a cross section taken on line 22 in Fig. 1. b'llhe sign shown in the drawings prefera .7

member being provided with non-registerof other suitable material. This tubular member may be left open at its ends, in which case I preferably provide caps 2 and 3 adapted to cover and close said ends. A longitudinally extending aperture is formed along the under edge or surface of this tubula r member 1, and is preferably provided with downwardly extending lips orflanges 44s, as best shown in Fig. 2. The display comprises a tubular member 1 desirably made of metal, although it can be made portion 5 of the sign is desirably in the form of a plate or piece of glass ,or other suitable material, and fits between the flanges 4-4,

so that the upper edge of said plate 5 is ex posed to the interior of the tubular memberl. The plate 5 is conveniently secured in position by screws 6-6 passing through it and through the flanges 4-4. The plate 5 as stated, may be a plate of glass or other suitable material, either transparent or pellucid, and is provided with some suitable display matter which the sign is to bear. In the drawings I show the word Acme applied to the plate 5, being preferably ground or sand blasted on the side of said plate 5.

Within the tube 1 is a lighting or illuminating device 7, conveniently in the form of a long lncandescent 'or other light bulb.

. This may be held at one end of a socket-8, from which a cord 9 containing suitable conductors is extended. The socket 8 is preferably secured firmly to the cap 2. Within thetubular member l I preferably arrange a member or shield 10, conveniently in the form of a long tubular device made I of metal or other suitable material and havmg a portion of its length cut away, as

shown in Fig. 2 to form an open space 11 ad jacent to the upper edge of the plate 5. In this waythe upper part of the electric light bulb 7 is shielded or covered, whereasthe lower part is left free to direct its rays into the-upper edge of the plate 5 The member 10 is desirably provided with apertures 12,-1.2and the tube 1 with apertures 14-14,- which aredesirably out of register with the apertures 1212, whereby suitable venti1a-' tion and outlet for heated air is,provided without permitting the escape of any ofthe Holding or supporting rings T light above. 15-15 are desirably attached to the ends of the tubular member 1, whereby the sign may be suspended on suitable supporting devices. Thus it will be seen that the construction is especially simple and inexpensive and at the same time practical, durable and eflective. The light from the bulb 7 is directed down into and through the plate 5 and forms ahighly effective sign, efliciently displaying the word Acme or other matter which may be provided. It will also be seen that the plate 5 may be detaehedby removing the screws 6--6 and another plate put in its place, such other plate having, if desired, different display matter. Thus the sign may be used interchangeably for different purposes or different displays.

7 It will be understood that changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention as set' apertures.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 23d day of July A. D., 1914.

ELMER A. RICH, JR I Witn'esses:


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