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Publication numberUS1140026 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1915
Filing dateFeb 27, 1915
Priority dateFeb 27, 1915
Publication numberUS 1140026 A, US 1140026A, US-A-1140026, US1140026 A, US1140026A
InventorsJohn Elser
Original AssigneeWelsbach Light Co
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By-pass gas-cock.
US 1140026 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)


BY-PASS GAS COCK. APPLICATION FILED FEB. 27. 1915. 1,140,026. Patented May18, 1915.



Specification of Letters Patent.

3 Application filed February 27, 1915. Serial No. 10,933. a

description, ;reference being had to the ac-- companying drawing, forming part ofthis specification, in which- Figures 1 and 2 are end and side elevations, illustrating the preferred form of gas cook embodying my invention; Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view of the same; and Figs. 4:, Sand 6 are detail views hereinafter more fully described.

My invention has relation to bypass gas cocks of the one-chain type, and is designed to provide a gas cock ofthis type having means of simple, novel and efiicient character for holding thecock plug in position when the actuating lever moves back to its normal position after each pulling operation. v

Referring to the accompanying drawings,

7 my invention, the numeral 2 designates a or projections 10, adaptedto engage the gas pipe having a valve fitting 3, in which is mounted a valve plug 4:, which is of the usual rotary type, with a gas port 5 therethrough.

I 6 is an indicator, which is rigidly secured to the outer projecting end of the stem 7 of this plug.

8 is an actuating lever which is mounted to rotate on the stem 7, and is formed about its axis of rotation with an outwardly directed clutch portion 9, having clutch teeth stems 6 of the indicator 6.

11 is a spring interposed between the lever 8 and the fitting 3, and normally holding the lever outwardly in position to cause its engagement with the indicator. One end of this spring is connected to the lever 3, as indicated at 12, and the'other end is fastened to a pin or projection 1 1 on the fitting 3. The springiis wound in such a direction as to have its tension increased when the lever 8 is pulled downwardly.

The numeral 13 designates a small auxiliary spring wound about the inner end portion of the stem 7 and having a free end extending upwardly and secured to the projecting pin 14, which also acts as a stop to limit the upward movement of theactuating lever 8. Thisspring 13 is wound in the reverse direction to the spring 11. 15 designates-a flexible pull device of any euitabge character, which is attached to the ever V rrE srATns rrs o.


[16 designates the bypass or pilot light" connection which 'enterslthe valve fitting 3,

- above the turning plug in the usual manner.

' The operation will be readily understood A downward pull on the connection 15 moves the lever Sin a downward direction, thereby causing twoof its clutch teeth to engage and operate the indicator, the spring 11 being meanwhile placed under increased tension. As soon as the pull chain is released, the spring 11 acts to immediately return the lever 8 to its normal position. During this return movement, however, the valve plug remains stationary, owing to the increased friction of the spring 13, which winds upon the stem 17 during the return movement of the'lever 8, to a suficient extent to act as abrake. In this manner, the valve or cock plug is always turned in one direction only by the operation of the pull connection, .and is always lefteither in its fully open or fully closed position. 7 The de, vice forms a very simple and effective one for the purpose.

I claim:

1. A gas cook having a rotating valve to normal position after each operation, and

a braking device arranged to prevent backward movement of the plug and being inoperative in the other direction, substantially as described."

2. A'gas cock comprising a rotary valve plug, a clutch lever. for actuating the plug in one direction, a spring for returning the lever to normal position after operation, and a braking device connected to the valve plug and arranged to be put under increased tension by any reverse movement of the plug, substantially as described. j

3. A gas cook comprising a rotary valve plug, a clutch lever for actuating the plug, a spring for returning the lever to normal position aftereach operation, and a braking spring coiled upon the stem of the plug in a reverse direction to the first named spring and in engagement With the periphery thereof, said spring being inoperative When the plug is rotated in one direction and adapted to clamp the plug and restrain it from movement in the other direction, substantially as described.

4. A gas cock having a rotary valve plug, a device for turning said plug in one direction, a spring for returning said device to normal position after each operation, and another and reversely operating springin engagement With the periphery thereof for preventing reversemoveme'nt of the plug, substantially as described.

5. A gas cock having a rotating valve plug, a clutch lever loosely mounted on the stem of said plug and having an operating connection therewith in one direction of movement, a spring for returning the lever to normal position after each operation, and a helical spring surrounding the stem of the plug,' one end 'of'said spring being secured against movement, said spring being arranged to permit the plug to move freely in one direction and to grip the plug and restrain it from movement in the other direction; substantially as described.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.



3 1J5. DEVI-IN? W. T M

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the f Commissioner oi Barents,

" 1 "We.shinliton;I);0.v

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U.S. Classification251/230, 251/77, 137/556.3, 251/279
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