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Publication numberUS114418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1871
Publication numberUS 114418 A, US 114418A, US-A-114418, US114418 A, US114418A
InventorsFrancis E. Dapron
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Improvement in toilet-cases
US 114418 A
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@sind didn.

renners E. nArnoN, or DAVENPORT, rowA.

Letters Patent No. 114,418,'datednay 2, 1871.

IMPRovEMEN'r IN ToiLzar-oAsEs.

The Schedule referred t6 in these Letters Pai-.ent and m'aking part of the lame,

To all whom t may concern Be 'it known lthat I, FRANCIS E. DAPRON, of Davenport, in the county of Scott and State of Iowa,have invented certain Improvements in Toilet Case, of

v which the following is a specification, reference being #had to the accompanyingr drawing.

My` invention relates tof a novel toilet-casein which a mirror, small closets, clothes-hooks, a towelrack, and a soap-dish are so combined and arranged as to form a very ornamental and useful case, which may be secured or suspended against the wall.

Figure l is a front view of my case,.and

Figure 2 is a side elevation ofthesame.

In constructing my case I provide a rect-angular body, consisting of two ornamental side boards, a, connected by horizontal top and bottom boards b and c, and a flat back, d, attached thereto.

Across the inside of this body I secure a horizontal shelf, e, and near each end of this shelf I secure an upright partition, f, reaching to the top I), so as to form a compartment or closet between each of these nprights and the adjoining side a. l

Across the middle of each of `these compartments I secure a horizontal shelf', h, which thus divides the compartment into two small pigeon-holes or closets, t t, which form very convenient receptacles for comb and brush, perfumery-bott-les, and other smalll toiletarticles.

-Between the upright partitions f I pivot a mirror, j, which may be tilted or tipped to any desired inclination.

' I also secure across the front of the body, againstisbed appearance, while at the same time the lower one also serves to conceal a soap-dish, t, which is placed loosely on the bottom piece or shelf c, as shown in figs. 1 and 2.

In the top b and shelf e, near the front edge, I form transverse grooves to receive the ends of two upright doors or slides, l, which are mounted therein for the purpose of closing the front of the holes or closets t.

The holes are opened by sliding the doors inward,

' as shown on the left hand in iig. l, and closed by sliding the doors outward across their front, as shown on the right inthe same ligure.

'To each side of the body I secure one or more -clothes or hat-hooks, mas shown in figs. l and 2, and in the side pieces a, below the shelf e, I form notches to4 receive the journals of a towel-roll, m, which is mounted within and across the body, as shown in tig. 1.

In this manner I produce a very cheap, compact,

and useful case, which can be suspended or fastened' against the wall, and which forms an ornament to the room.

The exposed edges of the sides, doors, shelves, Ste., may all be made of fanciful curved forms, and the Whole body may' be ornamented` by carving or paintlng.

Having thus described mv invention,

:A toilet-case, consisting of the body a d, having its upper portion provided with a series of compartments, t, and sliding doors l, and'its lower portion underneath said compartments with a towelroll, all constructed and arranged as herein described.


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